Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On December 03, 2022

Healing through Light Language with Courtney Beck

Healing through Light Language with Courtney Beck

Courtney Beck is a precise Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Telepathic Psychic Medium, and Remote Viewer with the ability to see, hear, and feel specific information about love, relationships, career, past lives, and life paths.  As a tested and proven psychic with more than twenty-five years of experience as a professional psychic advisor, Courtney’s clients span the globe from all walks of life including actors, professional and Olympic athletes and coaches, attorneys and business people.  In this interview Courtney shares insights into her professional journey, what it means to be a Light Language Healer and advice in seeking soul purpose.

When did you first realize you have a psychic gift and what inspired you to continue on this path professionally?

I was always psychic as a child. I could feel the emotions of others and often predicted things before they happened. Later in my twenties I began a deep dive into my spiritual journey. I started having prophetic dreams and angelic visitations. It was around this time that I began channeling angels and speaking Light Language.

It was a really exciting and intense time. I’ve always loved connecting and communicating with the spirit world. It’s so incredible when you realize that we’re more than these temporary mortal bodies, and so much more is going on around us than meets the eye!

A few years later I got a psychic reading for myself. During my reading the psychic told me she saw me giving readings professionally, so I did some training with her. Everything kind of just evolved from there. I’ve always loved helping people and exploring spirituality, so working as a professional psychic was a really natural fit for me.

As a Light Language Healer, what exactly is Light Language and how does it work?

Light Language is a cosmically channeled language transmitted through the Higher Self. The languages consist of words, tones and movements that carry encoded information, or light codes, which hold certain vibrational frequencies.

These frequencies originate from Highly evolved Beings of love and light, such as angels and spirit guides.

The light code frequencies activate healing shifts within us to clear energetic blockages, old thought forms and limiting beliefs. They help balance and harmonize any energy which may be out of alignment within us.

Because Light Language bypasses the language centers in the brain, we simply receive the codes energetically and allow Infinite Intelligence to give us exactly what we need at the time.

What problems or situations does this generally address?

Light Languages addresses issues such as:

  • Activating awakening and assisting with the Ascension process
  • Clearing energetic ties or bonds with others
  • Lifting you into a higher vibrational state
  • Increasing intuition
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Aligning you with your Soul Purpose
  • Chakra and Aura clearing
  • Clearing limiting beliefs and thought forms
  • Clearing past trauma by releasing emotional blocks

Do you take any strain in performing these sessions?

It feels really good to channel Light Language because it’s high vibrational. So, in that sense, no I don’t take on any strain from channeling. Sometimes, as I am transmuting issues for my client during a session, I may feel the emotions that are being cleared as if they were my own. While that is happening I usually feel a heaviness as these emotions are cleared through me, but after the clearing I can feel a shift and lightness, and then I know the energies have been cleared.

Is there any method or practice that you personally use to ground yourself?

Yes, I have several practices I use to ground myself. Daily yoga and deep trance meditation are my primary grounding methods. I burn a lot of sage and palo santo which always grounds me immediately. I also use a visualization where I imagine huge tree roots growing from my root chakra straight down through to the earth’s core. Getting outside into nature is also an excellent way to ground yourself.

If someone was seeking their soul purpose, what advice do you have for them?

The first piece of advice I have is to meditate daily. Establishing a strong meditation practice is essential for growth and getting in touch with our Higher Selves. Making a connection with our guides and angels will help as well. And finally, seek guidance from an expert if you feel stuck or are not sure which direction to take. Finding a guide who has already made the journey, and has found and is living their soul purpose, will be invaluable to you.

Lastly, what do you hope people will take away from working with you?

My hope is that my clients come away from our sessions with clarity, direction and peace about their life and circumstances. I want them to feel lighter and more empowered. I want them to know they have the power to create the life they want which is in alignment with their true authenticity and soul purpose. I want them to have fun, and to feel uplifted and excited about the future!

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