Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On November 29, 2022

Relationship guidance and 2022 observations with Danielle Arias

Relationship guidance and 2022 observations with Danielle Arias

This week we interviewed Danielle Arias, an astrologer from New York City that manages the website StarsMoonandSun.com. We talked about relationship guidance, if there’s more chemistry in some sign pairings and also what 2022 holds for us. Check out this special interview for MysticMag below.

Please present yourself to our audience

Hello I am Danielle Arias, a Certified astrologer from New York City; I specialize in Predictive and Relational astrology. I currently manage the website StarsMoonandSun.com I believe astrology is the gateway toward understanding human behavior. I also believe it serves as a tool to help prepare us for what lies ahead.

How does your session work? What traits and behaviors are you more interested in when meeting a client?

The way a session usually goes for me I look at the clients Natal Chart and advise them what I see that I deem important or relevant via transit or in the birth chart.

I like to unpack what the chart is revealing to me prior to asking for the clients input; also, the more aware or conscious a client is, the more rewarding the session will be for them as well as myself. Though it may seem I am the astrologer, and the other person is coming to me for insight, the learning experience and exchange always goes both ways.

What do people look for in your sessions? Is it advice, predictions, confirmation about something?

I am known mostly for my predictions about divorces, so it is not uncommon for a client to seek relationship guidance from me when a connection has hit a challenging period. I also think they come to me for astrology insights as a predictive tool so they can prepare for the year ahead.

In your website there are a lot of posts focusing on famous couples and how they match with their signs. Do you believe certain combinations are made for success or the opposite?

It always depends on the entire birth charts of both parties; Sun sign compatibility is minute when looking at the context of entire compatibility. With that being said some signs do seem to lean toward eternal fascination with one another.

Gemini and Scorpio are a pairing I see repeatedly in long term coupling. The dynamic between the two is fascinating.

What do you see for 2022? Does it change much from sign to sign?

The fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be undergoing profound change in all areas of life; not only with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus -which also occurred all of 2021 but now the added element of four Eclipses entering fixed signs this year.

Eclipses act as catalysts for some of our most profound growth. Also in 2022 we will have the first ever Pluto Planetary Return In February here in the United States which I believe will transform our economy in a profound way.

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