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Spiritual Healing with Dean Kingett

Spiritual Healing with Dean Kingett

Dean Kingett founder of Spiritualhart is a Grand Master Teacher, Healer and Author.  In this feature Dean shares insights into his journey in guiding people in their life challenges, self-care practices and tips on finding balance and maintaining positive energy.

When did your passion for helping others begin and what inspired you to guide people in their life challenges?

For me personally, my world changed and I started to see things differently to others when I was 12 years old. I remember it well as it was a Tuesday, and on a Tuesday night my Mam used to play darts for a local pub team. I had had R.E. that day at School and so whilst with my Dad I was asking him why did I have to learn all this boring stuff that I had no interest in? He said to me you may not like the subject Dean, but its part of your School education and so you must try to do your best. I was about to argue the point with him but then he told me all about the spirit world and I was hooked.

It totally resonated with me and made more sense than what School was trying to indoctrinate me into. My Dad told me he was a healer and that my Grandad was a psychic though I had no idea what that meant at that time until he went further into it. I was totally fascinated by this new knowledge he had opened to me, and the more he told me the more interested I became.

I had the knowledge and so R.E. became easier to stomach at School, but it was when I was 15 that things changed for me. My Nanna died after a few weeks in hospital and she was the first close family member to me to die. I was very close to my Nanna and even at 15 still enjoyed staying at her house overnight because she was funny and we always had a good laugh.

I remember my Dad coming home from the hospital one day and I was in the kitchen. He had quite a serious but soft face and I knew something wrong. He said, “Dean, I have some news for you”, and before he could finish I said, “Nanna’s died hasn’t she”?

His face changed to one of shock as he confirmed that she had, and I think he was quite taken aback that I was not phased by it. I said, “She’ll be alright, but how’s my Mam”? As I knew she was still at the hospital with her sisters. We chatted for a while about things but then I went out to play football. It had happened and there was nothing I could do about it, but I also understood that although her physical body may have passed on, her spirit, soul, energy or consciousness couldn’t die.

My Mam took my Nanna’s death really hard as it was her Mam, and the funeral was difficult for her. She did not attend the wake afterwards such was her remorse, but I did. I had a good time remembering my Nanna and the funny stories family and friends were telling about her. On returning home though and finding my Mam in bed grieving, I thought to myself, “Why aren’t I upset”?

I loved my Nanna and we were close, but yet I wasn’t affected in any way.

I went into my bedroom and I pulled out a huge photo album and began to leaf through the photographs of my Nanna in an attempt to make myself cry. I felt a bit disrespectful that my Mam was hurting so much and I was feeling nothing by the loss, but the photographs just made me smile as I remembered the good times.

Eventually I put the album back on the shelf and said, “I’ll miss you Nanna, but I know you are safe and will be with me”. It was like I could see her in my mind and sense her energy around me, though I had no idea what I was experiencing at the time. That time though is what started me on my path, as I started attending a spiritualist church with my Dad, and also meditating at home. My dad also started healing me so I could feel the energy.

What do you find are the more popular aspects that people seek guidance with?

I would say in the many years I have been working spiritually that psychics and mediums are still the most popular that people seek out. They want to mainly know about their love life or money, perhaps a new job. Healing doesn’t seem to get its credit and is mostly disbelieved, and I should know as it took me a few years to get established as a healer. Now I get recommended both nationally and internationally as my work has become popular through the years and the results and testimonies on my website speak for themselves.

Is there a certain area that you specialize in or feel most comfortable with?

I do not class myself as a psychic although I do pass information on to people to help them. I am more about the energy work. Healing and negative clearings are what I do mostly and what people seek from me. Getting rid of bad energy attachments or entities. The so called poltergeists etc. Its not a job for everyone I admit, and I have had some tough battles through the years, many of which I have wrote about in my books, “A Psychic Healing Journey”, one and two, and I am currently writing my third. What I understand though is I am not doing anything, I am just a channel or conduit that my guides work through to help others.

I cannot really do anything other then learn and research so that I know what I can ask my guides to do. So knowledge as they say really is power. This does not make me powerful, it makes me knowledgeable about things and how to use them. This as I said earlier is why most people do not know about it, because those who think they are in charge of the masses don’t want us to know it. They want it for their own means. It is though accessible to everyone, at least those who are interested in the truth of the Universe anyway.

I also enjoy teaching people about their capabilities either in my weekly psychic development classes or my weekly online class, as well as dispelling certain conformities that seem to surround spirituality. These supposed rules make no sense other then people wanting to put themselves on a pedestal as some super guru to be revered by people. It’s just a form of control to me and wanting to keep secrets to themselves instead of sharing it with everyone. That’s why the world is in such a poor state right now, because it is run by people who want power and greed over the population.

Being a Healer and having to consistently heal and help others, are there any non-negotiable practices you use personally to maintain your self-care?

I self heal daily and have done for years, which is why I never get ill. Aches and pains yes as I am getting older, and if I do something silly like try to pick something up that’s too heavy then more fool me. I am after all Human. Sickness, diarrohea, coughs, colds etc I haven’t had for years. Nor do I want them either. Also, the beauty of being a healer is the healing energy has to come through me first, which means I get healed whilst I am healing others. Its a double whammy really.

I do also go through a daily morning ritual before I start any energy work. This starts with a 30 minute yoga session, and whilst doing that I call upon all from the spirit world and multi-dimensional worlds that I need to help me through the day. I also put on my spiritual protection for me safety, especially if I am doing a negative clearing session as you never know what a person is carrying or hosting.

Property clearings are equally dangerous at times when portals, vortexes or gateways are left open for negative entities to come through. I never ever work without putting my protection on first.

Lastly, any tips to share with our readers on finding balance and maintaining positive energy?

Diet and keeping healthy is important as a healer if you want to be the best channel you can be for spirit to work through. This is why my personal choice was to turn vegetarian many years ago and then vegan.

Learning about negative and positive foods is worth looking into and I also have done a bio-resinance test in the past to see what was and wasn’t benefitting my body.

Keeping fit is also helpful not only because it makes you feel more energised, but also when you body is active it helps to fight against disease. Keeping yourself away from negative people and situations is also advisable, though this can be hard if your relations are the problem.

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