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The Cosmic Mirror of Astrology Deborah Sipple

The Cosmic Mirror of Astrology Deborah Sipple

We had the pleasure in hearing from Deborah Sipple, Evolutionary Astrologer, whos love for astrology began more than 25 years ago.  In this interview she shares insights in her approach to astrology and how this can be a helpful tool for self-development.

How and when did you become interested in astrology?

Back in the mid 1970’s when I was in my early 20’s, I found Linda Goodman’s book “Sun Signs” on my Mother’s coffee table and began to read it. It was my first introduction to astrology beyond sun sign astrology in newspapers. That book was a whole new world and it hooked me! In reading sections that pertained to my Sun sign I felt seen. I was fascinated that there was a book so detailed where I saw much of myself in the descriptions that felt validating which I didn’t receive much of growing up. It was the first time I began to make a connection between what was out in the Cosmos and myself. Then I read the signs for people I knew and my fascination grew. I realized I had a way to more deeply understand those around me.

How would you describe your approach to astrology?

Evolutionary astrology which supports a person’s free will and the ability to make choices. With an acceptance of reincarnation, an understanding that we come into our lifetime with certain issues from past lives that tend to repeat in some manner in the current life and that there are choices, methods and paths that are the best resolve to the issues. That when we do the spiritual work, we can heal from the wounds we carry and experience transformation. We can evolve. We can release old patterns that don’t serve us and create new ones that are more authentic, fulfilling and joy filed.

The mirror of astrology is always there reflecting the pure potential available in ourselves and our world in any given moment and we are the key holders to that potential. And always within my approach to astrology is compassion, honesty and inclusiveness.

What are some of the ways that you have found astrology to be a helpful tool for you in your life?

Astrology has helped me to understand myself in a way that has awakened me, helped me to face many fears and find healing through going deep into my oldest wounds and coming out on the other side. In understanding my birthchart I have been able to more fully define and develop my gifts that I am here to be of service through.

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December of 2020 was a huge signal to claim more fully what I truly wanted to do with my life. The transits of Jupiter and Saturn continue to be powerful guides as I, like many others am creating a new life and future that is different than my past. And on a more day to day basis, the lunar cycles and Void of Course Moon help me to with the timing of certain events or plans for best results.

Astrology is an extremely complex system. What are some of the specialty areas of astrology that interest you?

Astrocartography which I first learned about many years ago when I moved to New Mexico and lived there for 18 years. Although I didn’t use astrocartography in planning where to move, it helped me to understand how the emphasis on certain aspects of my chart shifted after moving to a new location and the best way to manage the challenges of that shift as well as the gifts. Another area of interest is Medical astrology, which after some issues with my knee, I began to read about and found it very compelling.

Do you feel astrology is a helpful tool for self-development?

Absolutely! Understanding one’s birthchart is the most effective path to self-awareness that I know of and which I feel is a necessary foundation in personal growth. As we go through life, the cycles of the transiting and progressed planets within a birthchart are many of the main astrological influences that activate the potential within a person and their life. One example is a Saturn return where facing reality and stepping into a new level of maturity is possible with serious intention and commitment. Understanding and working with the timing of any significant planetary shifts is an incredibly reliable tool for deeper self-awareness and continued growth potential.

How do you see the practice of astrology evolving in the modern world?

Thankfully astrology is becoming much more accepted as a method of deep psychological and spiritual understanding of ourselves. With the internet and growing social media platforms, I feel that astrological information and service will continue to expand creating a larger presence where many more people, especially younger people will grow up more familiar and comfortable with the idea of astrology. This in turn will foster new generations of astrologers which we are already witnessing, and these younger astrologers are a big part of the shifting manner in which astrology is practiced. As the world has changed since the pandemic and in-person work is decreasing, I think that astrology work will continue to grow through remote readings, workshops and various streams of passive income; providing opportunities for more global connections that wouldn’t have been as easy to do before SaaS platforms such as Skype or Zoom existed.  It will be interesting to see what platforms come next.

The fact is we need astrology more than ever; to understand ourselves and to make sense of a world that is changing dramatically. There has been amazing technology created with astrology apps available for cell phones with basic information to more in depth astrological analysis. And these apps are growing every day. There are comprehensive and serious study courses and certification for every level and many types of astrology, making it more viable in psychology, finance, and other areas of expertise. All of the technology and rigorous study is necessary for growth in today’s world but one thing needs to remain constant for the practice of astrology to continue to evolve; the astrologer that with dedication, knowledge, heart and soul continues to hold the cosmic mirror in service to others.

Do you have any astrological wisdom that you feel is essential for us to know about right now?

We are in a time of radical change and uncertainty and although it is very challenging, we are being called to learn how to open our minds and hearts and embrace change; to learn to be more flexible. With everything that has happened in the last year and a half, we can’t go back to who we were and what we did in the exact same way. We have all been affected in varying degrees by our experiences. The transit of Uranus in Taurus continues to break down what we normally count on. Our inner and outer resources. We have been in this for a while now and will continue to feel some stress to let go of old ideas and structures concerning stability and security and fulfill the need to develop and rebuild something different; forward thinking and more relevant in our personal lives and the greater good.

The Jupiter/Saturn transit in Aquarius offers the potential for growth and the realization of a desired dream if we make the sustained effort with discipline and commitment. During this transit, we have been feeling the need to break out of some aspect of ourselves or life that no longer fits or represents who we are and get in touch with and claim our individuality as we also align with the greater needs of our community. A powerful process of transformation, of who we are, what we feel we are here to do and how we can contribute to others.

Make time for self-care, it’s more important than ever and allows you to then show up for the important people and responsibilities in your life. Trust that all of us here at this time are here for a reason. Work with the planetary energies consciously with intention. Remember that in the midst of all this change that feels chaotic at times, beauty still abounds. Joy and gratitude can be found in the tiniest moments.  Knowing where the outer planets are moving through your birthchart is the best way to understand where and how these planets are affecting your life.  With that knowledge you can feel more empowered and work more effectively with the planetary energies for better outcomes.

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