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The Big Purple Psychic & Holistic Fair - Dee Steed

The Big Purple Psychic & Holistic Fair - Dee Steed

Dee Steed from Purple Sky Events and organizer of The Big Purple Psychic & Holistic Fair for the past eleven years chats to us about mediumship and what we can expect from this amazing Fair.

How and why were you first drawn to mediumship?

I was interested in “psychic” things from a child as there were lots of occurrences from a young age, and family members with untapped psychic ability. My dad for instance would know when my aunt was visiting, my sister said things only our nan would have known (nan passed the year before my sister was born), and I saw my grandad once after he passed.
Events such as these encouraged my psychic interest. It was never a taboo subject in the family, it was simply that no one developed their abilities as we were too busy making ends meet.

Did your own practice of mediumship lead you to The Big Purple Psychic & Holistic Fair?

A mix really as my background is of event security, and I was involved in my husband’s work at events. Through a contact we took over a retro event, relaunched it as The Jukebox & Retro Fair and several years later started the Big Purple Psychic & Holistic Fair which is now in its 11th year.
I had been to spiritualist churches and sat in circle at Quest in Epsom beforehand so it seemed an obvious thing to merge the two things I am passionate about; events and psychic development.
Because of my previous church involvement I also aimed to start a professional and ethical fair with established church platform mediums such as Lesley Hoube and Pauline Walsh. I wanted to bring people together and increase awareness of spiritualism in a fun friendly way while maintaining the respect that mediumship requires.

What can you tell us about this fair in terms of location, timing, duration etc..?

We hold the fair three times a year in each venue. We have always held the Chessington School fair in February June and October and having taken the fair to Ardingly during covid, we are now holding the fair at the South of England Showground in March, July and November.

What kind of people can one expect to find trading at this fair?

We have a mix of clairvoyants, tarot readers, astrologists, aura photography, therapists, healers, and shopping which includes crystals, candles, jewelry, wax melts, cards, and witch crafts.
Each fair also has a demonstration of mediumship so anyone who has not had a reading before can see how mediums work. This also serves for people who may not be able to afford a reading – as we know if a message is meant to be delivered, Spirit will find a way!

Over the last 11 years of organizing this event, have you noticed a significant increase in popularity? Is society now leaning more towards a holistic way of life?

There has certainly been an upsurge in interest in psychic ability and so called “new age” things post covid. Although the fair has always been popular, during covid many people have had more time for themselves to self reflect and to learn things etc…so there are noticeably younger stallholders joining us.
I also co-run a shop in Stoneleigh, Surrey, called The Three Five and we have noticed that a lot more children are now interested in – and are quite knowledgeable about – crystals which is so wonderful to see.

Do you find that there is a genuine sense of community between psychics/mediums and holistic healers?

In the main yes there is, but like in all aspects of life ego rears its ugly head.
This had been apparent even in spiritualist churches sadly. But with regards to the fair, I find that it is only the people with the right energy for our fair who stay which proves interesting to see.
That doesn’t mean that the others are not right for other events, just not ours.
I always say any event is a team effort of organizers, stallholders and visitors. We all need each other. We are all so pleased to hear when people comment on the lovely atmosphere of the events and after so many stallholders having been with The Big Purple Psychic & Holistic Fair for 11 years we are like one big family.

Want to find out more about The Big Purple Psychic & Holistic Fair, visit http://psychicandholistic.co.uk/ or follow on https://www.facebook.com/Psychic-and-Holistic-576221772412447/

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