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Helping people and spirit animals with Deena Janel

Helping people and spirit animals with Deena Janel

Born a natural clairvoyant, Deena Janel helps people with her many abilities, online and offline. Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Deena about her work, great online presence and spirit animals. Check out our interview!

What answers are people looking for these days? Do you notice more interest in personal topics, relationships, career..?

People are looking for a variety of answers. People who are intuitive or have a Keen psychics sense of intuition usually want to know if what they are feeling or thinking is correct about a situation, this is always very common. I also notice people are always looking for validation of the afterlife, as in messages from their loved ones on the other side. I also get a lot of questions concerning relationships and career. This usually happens when big change is in the making.

You have numerous abilities, a term that you mention on your website. Do you believe that someone can “learn the skills” or this is something you were born with?

I do have numerous abilities. First and foremost, I am a Medium. I use my gifts of the clair’s to bring through the messages from the souls that have left the physical body to go to the other side.

I have the following clairs: Clairvoyance (Seeing), Clairaudience (Hearing), Clairalience (Smelling), Clairgustance (Tasting), Clairsentience (Feeling), and Claircognizance (Knowing). My strongest clairs are clairvoyance and Clairaudience. Recently, Clairgustance has been coming into my readings more and more.

I believe everyone is born with these skills, but to various degrees.  Just like any other type of quality or skill a person can naturally be born with.  I also feel that someone can enhance and build these skills by practicing them and learning how to use them.

How can you build a relationship that is based on trust with your clients, especially when your reading is online?

As all relationships, that doesn’t happen right away. It is built. To build trust it takes time and I feel the evolution of trust online or in person isn’t any different. The relationships with your clients have to be constructed on honesty.  It’s done by advising the client exactly what Spirit is saying and not telling the client what they want to hear.

Also, you build trust by not pushing your clients to purchase more services.  When the reader tells the truth, is ethical, and is working with Spirit for the healing of their clients, trust is naturally established.   Unfortunately, there are so many readers out there that aren’t ethical and are working with Spirit for all the wrong reasons.  They give readings to their clients so they can continue to profit from them, by advising they need more readings or by producing fear.

If a client wants a service from me, I will tell them what I offer and they choose what they would like. When you act and serve Spirit from a place of honesty and doing what is best for your clients, trust is naturally built. This is why and how clients will keep returning back to you.

You have a great online presence, especially on Instagram. What is your goal when you post something on social media and your website?

Thank you, that is a beautiful compliment. Usually when I choose a post, I am guided by Spirit on the topic or subject. I start there. However, I have different goals for different days and such a wide variety of topics that I choose from.  Even though I have such a broad range of topics, one of my major goals is for people to know that they aren’t alone and they are being divinely guided through this crazy journey called life. While on this journey, it is important to keep a healthy mind, body and soul.  It is also important to know that Spirit is right there with you showing you signs and clues of where to go and what to do.   I also strive to be educational, uplifting, positive, and to post content to give people that little push they might need to persevere and be resilient. We all have those days when we need those reminders.

I found it very interesting your blog posts about spirit animals. Besides the cheetah, the beetle and the wolf, what other spirit animals are worth mentioning?

They all are worth mentioning! I love Spirit animals, they speak to my soul. If I were to give a shout out to some spirit animals it would definitely be the snake, lion, and the pig. The snake is beautiful because it shows up for a person during a time of transformation in one’s life, as they are starting to outgrow their current skin into something bigger and better. The snake denotes change and it also says not to fear change because there is no harm that is coming with the transition.  Some of us do try to stop change, but we just can’t. Life is a series of changes, so you have to learn to face it and flow with it, just like the snake moves.

The lion is strong and confident.  The lion shows that you should maintain balance in everything you do in life.  The lion is strong and confident, but shows you can also have those attributes without being loud and obnoxious.

The pig to me is one of good luck, abundance, and wealth. When Spirit gives me a pig for a person, I know that luck is coming for them and quickly. Also, overcoming hurdles and great progress in one’s life is what pig tells me.

Do you have a special message to our readers, especially in these difficult times?

Of course, I had to ask Spirit for this.

The first thing I hear is to trust. Spirit is asking for people to trust in them, their timing, and themselves.  Many people have been in a cycle of making HUGE life changes and they must continue to trust themselves, their decisions, their intuition, and the signs that Spirit has shown them along the way.

Spirit also wants people to remember that they are not on their journey alone and to stand strong in the face of fear. As people continue to make changes in their life, it is important for them to remember that Spirit is guiding them along that way. They are helping them pave the way to their future. It is imperative that people know that they will not fail, will not fall,  and they need to trust the process of becoming.

Spirit says they will always help those who ask for help and they want to  show you the way, but you must first ask.  Remember, Spirit will help when asked but it is also important to understand that the person who is asking for guidance also has a part in the equation as well. The person asking for assistance also needs to follow and act on the guidance given.

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