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Written by Sarah Kirton Updated on September 12, 2023

Communication and Compassion - Diana Delmonte

Communication and Compassion - Diana Delmonte

Diana Delmonte is a passionate advocate for the sentient beings that are animals. Her work centers around bridging the gap in communication between humans and animals while offering energy and vibrational healing to both. Diana specializes in interspecies communication, extending her services remotely to connect with animals worldwide. She facilitates profound one-on-one conversations between individuals and animals, whether in person or from a distance, fostering understanding and meaningful connections. MysticMag finds out more.

Can you explain how you first discovered your ability to communicate telepathically with animals, and what motivated you to pursue a career in interspecies communication and energy healing?

My cats motivated me to pursue an interspecies communication and energy healing career. Bubby taught me animal communication, and Bootsie’s death was the catalyst for taking energy healing publically. My start was gradual and slow.
In the 80s, I had heard of animal communicators and thought they were nuts. I was a visual artist and skeptic, and although I was open-minded, working part-time for ten years in a metaphysical bookstore of world religions, the subject of animal communication was off the top.
For thirty years, I was self-absorbed and consumed in art, exhibiting my work, collaborating with my partner, and hopping from gallery to gallery for art openings in Los Angeles. I lived with a musician who, like me, wanted no distractions, children, or responsibilities that might interfere with our work. Then, one day, Michael sabotaged my passion and commitment and brought a coal-black kitten home. Yudi Boo was my first. Soon afterward, we had a total of four. Fast forward maybe five years, I’d been writing for hours at my desk, nestled in cats, when my pen ran out of ink. With my mind still focused on writing, I strolled toward Michael’s music room, searching for another pen. I almost entered his room when these five words stopped me: Look out! I’M down here!
I looked down to find Bubby sprawled, as cats sprawl, across the door’s threshold with no intentions of moving out of the way. Bubby stopped me from trampling him. Convinced it was a weird coincidence, I dismissed the experience.
Then, a few months later, I was petting Bubby in the sunlight, wholly absorbed, stroking his body, when suddenly, an image of Bubby straining to pee popped into my mind. He had a history of life-threatening urinary blockages, but I dismissed the mental picture as a coincidence. Bubby had a full-blown blockage two days later, and I rushed him to the Vet for surgery. He had tried to tell me he needed help.
One more incident, where Yudi delivered a life-saving message in a dream about my other cat’s health, convinced me I was hearing my cats. I bought a book on the subject, practiced sending thoughts to my cats and later trained with three mentors. However, it wasn’t until a few years after that the tragic death of one of my very young cats changed the direction of my life. I stopped making art and became an interspecies communicator. I hadn’t listened to Ku Ku, my departed cat; now, I wanted to listen to animals to help them and their people understand their animal’s needs and feelings.
I learned different energy healing modalities to help my cats. In 2004, Bootsie wasn’t right and wasn’t getting better. He drooled constantly, and the Vet had misdiagnosed him for one year. In desperation to find answers, I asked the universe to step in and help me find the cause of Boostie’s drool. A lump under his jaw drew my hands to it like a magnet. Squamous cell carcinoma had spread across Bootsie’s throat, and soon, he was dying. I had called a
communicator to talk to him, as it’s difficult communicating with one’s animals when emotionally a mess. Bootsie told the communicator, “Tell Diana to take her healing hands out into the world.” And so, I did.

Your services include remote communication with animals from around the world. How does remote animal communication work, and what are some of the key benefits of this approach for both animals and their human companions?

Great question! Remote communication is no different from working with an animal in person. Whether an animal is two feet in front of you or across the world, the telepathic exchange of thoughts and emotions happens. Quantum Physics theories have proven that everything in the universe is comprised of atoms constantly in motion and communicating with one another. We’re always sending out vibes and information that others receive and feel. Just like when you talk with someone, you can process a lot about them, if they’re sincere, arrogant, confident, insecure in a flash.
Similarly, an animal’s thoughts are delivered quickly and inclusively. Emotions and feelings come wrapped in an image I might receive. “Every picture tells a story” holds in animal communication. So, this transference of thought—auditory, images in the mind, or feelings in the body—is possible across time and space. Thoughts have no boundaries.
Being able to stay in the comfort of your home during a healing is one benefit for the person. With a communication session, the person will see a change in their animals’ demeanors. As much as I love to be in the presence of an animal, it’s not always possible, as people are out of the state or country, or animals have gone missing or are departed. Sometimes, remote sessions are the only way to communicate. One advantage of remote sessions is that they free me from distractions and allow me to focus. An animal’s physical appearance can sometimes influence the mind, especially when doing body scans for pain or determining how strong their life force is. Sometimes, during a visit, it could take 20-30 minutes for the animal to settle down, or I have to stop a healing because the animal has to pee. A cat may leave the room, and I end up doing the session “remotely” with them from another part of the home.
What’s most interesting is that it doesn’t matter what an animal is doing at the time of the communication. It makes no difference if the animal is playing, out for a stroll, sleeping, or eating. We’re connecting from consciousness to consciousness, and consciousness pervades the universe. We’re all connected and communicating. I don’t know how it works on a quantum level; I know it works by the results. And, of course, the most miraculous advantage of remote sessions is that it allows us to expand our availability to everyone anywhere.

In your work, you mention resolving behavior problems through telepathic communication. Could you share a specific example where you successfully helped an animal and their owner address and overcome a behavioral issue?

Sometimes, an animal has an issue, and the person can make a simple adjustment, and other times, most of the time, a perceived behavior problem is a mirror of the person, and resolving it can be more complicated and dependent upon the person’s willingness to address and make the needed changes. If the person refuses or cannot make those changes, the animal’s behavior won’t change. One cat who peed in the house told me, “There’s no smoking in the house! And we can’t jump on the counters anymore!” I asked the person if this made any sense. She said her boyfriend moved in with her, set new rules, didn’t want the cats on the counters, and was a smoker. The woman didn’t want him smoking in the home, and the cat was reacting to the tension this created. If the couple continued arguing, the cat would continue to pee.
Sometimes, I will hear a direct answer from an animal, as in the example above; other times, I’ll receive images and feelings and not know what they mean, as with this dog peeing in the hallway. I felt extreme sadness from the dog; she conveyed she was missing someone and showed me a closed door. I asked the person if someone left recently, if a door was closed, and why. I learned the person’s son had left for college, and the mom closed his door. The dog missed the young man. I explained to the dog where the boy went and when he’d return. The mom opened the door so the dog could enter and smell the boy’s belongings. The peeing immediately stopped.
A more complicated issue was with a dog named Dali, who had severe separation anxiety issues. He’d tear the house apart, even bit through his crate, and went berserk every time the person, Carol, left, even for an hour. Dali told me Carol took on too much, didn’t listen, and didn’t care for herself. Dali conveyed a feeling of being trapped and panicked, but I knew this went beyond Dali not wanting to be alone. After a long talk with Carol, she sought therapy and neurofeedback and found she had PTSD; her business had gone bankrupt, a long-term relationship had ended, she was heavily grieving the passing of her other dog, and now grieving, alone, and broke, she had to move. Jane was the one who was panicked and feeling trapped. After extensive work with Dali and Carol, his behavior changed. He stopped tearing the home apart and won many competitions.

End-of-life and in-spirit communication with animals can be emotionally challenging for their human caregivers. How do these sessions typically unfold, and how do they contribute to the healing and closure process for both the animal and their human companions?

Both end-of-life and in-spirit communication with animals can provide insight, closure, reassurance, and peace for the person and lift their grief.
End-of-life sessions allow animals to share their last requests, their messages for their people, and if they’re ready to go. These sessions also can allow an animal to pass peacefully once the person lightens up. I communicated with Cairen, a Russian Wolfhound who hadn’t walked or eaten for several days. His people intended to put him down the following day. Carian imparted messages for each family member, most of which were humorous and shifted the doom and gloom atmosphere to laughter. Cairen said he wasn’t ready to go and wanted his green ball. The people had hidden the ball in the back of their truck, assuming Cairen was too weak and old to play. After a healing session with Carian, he tried to stand on his three legs. His person helped him outside to pee, but the dog didn’t want to come back in. The person threw the green ball across the lawn, and Cairen chased it like a puppy, began eating, and enjoyed an additional three weeks. This time gave the people closure, a more positive outlook, and Cairen passed peacefully on his own.
Our thoughts can influence the dying process, and it’s essential to be as happy as possible and willing to let go. It’s natural to cry, but staying positive and supportive for their graduation to the beyond allows them to let go, too. Animals want us to be happy; they don’t want their deaths to destroy us. Our companions often hang on for us, so we must reassure them we’ll be OK. I take people through a surrendering letting go meditation and often see an animal pass shortly afterward. When the person has given their animals permission to go and is sincerely ready, the animal is ready.
In-spirit sessions provide the same peace and comfort for the person, as animals will tell me what their purpose was in their person’s life, who greeted them when they passed over and share things only their person would know. This information validates the presence of their animal. It helps the grieving process when the person knows their animals are happy and still with them. The person also feels supported as others may not understand the impact of an animal’s death, leaving the survivor alone with their grief.

Energy and vibrational healing is a central part of your practice. Could you describe the principles behind this type of healing and how it can benefit both animals and humans, particularly in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being?

Energy healing benefits us on multiple levels. Physically, it can alleviate pain and many illnesses, although deep healing begins when the body is relaxed and receptive, and the person believes they can heal. When I can step out of the way as “the healer,” I become an empty
vessel for the universal life force to flow through. Receptivity, dropping expectations, remaining absent, believing, and allowing are essential for both parties.
Animals nearing death can benefit from energy healing as they relax and feel better emotionally and physically, like Cairen, who regained his appetite and ability to walk. A healing can’t reverse death, but a comeback can replenish strength and resilience and lessen pain, if not alleviate it, enhancing an animal’s quality of life for their remaining days. Energy healing has helped animals when the Vet could find nothing wrong and significantly improved the health of a cat with kidney disease, for example.
Emotionally, energy healing can balance the energy centers in the body that are blocked or unbalanced so the body’s natural energy can flow freely again. Eastern medicine believes two factors contributing to illness are energy blockages in the body and one’s emotions and thoughts. When relaxed during the healing session, repressed thoughts may arise, giving the person insights into the cause of their ailments. One person had physical issues in the lower abdomen, and her second chakra was blocked. The second chakra or energy center can be related to relationships with others. An image of a woman came to my mind, and the person later said she had long unresolved issues with her mother. With energy healing, I could clear out these energetic blockages. The person could begin to resolve these issues with her mom or within herself now that she knew the root cause.
A good example of emotional healing was with a dog who had nightmares at least once a week. Not spayed, Lucky was also having a pseudo-pregnancy. Her person explained that Lucky had taken several of her stuffed toys, placed them on the bed, and would not let anyone near them. She sat on them every night. Her teats were even filled with milk. When I visited Lucky, she seemed very depressed. After the healing session, explaining why she wouldn’t be able to bear children and extending my condolences, she was less depressed and stopped hoarding her toys on the bed.
I often use a pendulum to dowse the energy centers to determine the root emotional causes behind an illness or a behavior problem. The behavior is always a mirror when those off balanced energy centers of the person and the animal are identical. Emotional and physical healing are one: the body and mind aren’t separate.
For in-person healing sessions, I might use gongs and bells to balance the energy centers, and I recently introduced tuning forks with different vibrational frequencies for specific ailments. I incorporate EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, which involves tapping a few meridians on the body while repeating statements regarding the emotional causes behind the illness or an animal’s behavior issue. This practice is powerful as it clears out trauma, repressed thoughts, and fears on a cellular level. One dog, a Katrina (hurricane) survivor, was terrified of the breeze through the window. After tapping for thirty minutes, we opened the windows, and she didn’t flinch. EFT works well with separation anxiety and aggression. Often, with an animal behavior problem, I will also tap with the person, as they usually need some clearing.
Besides gongs and tuning forks, all of this can be done remotely, and like remote animal communication, it works the same way, and I do most of my healing sessions remotely. Setting one’s intention with focused clarity is a critical factor in healing, especially when doing remote sessions, but again, stepping out of the way is also key. I was sending energy healing to a woman in Hawaii, and she reported later that she felt warmth and movement in her abdomen area, where she was experiencing problems, but hadn’t told me beforehand! The energy knew where to go.
For spiritual well-being, I use this example of healing sessions done for my feral cat when she had an upper respiratory disease. I sent Louise remote healing three times a day, as I couldn’t get near her. She came to me every time I sent healing, nuzzled her face in my hair, knocked mine with hers, and gently caressed my hands. She purred, pushed against my chest, cuddled in my lap, stayed for the healing, and then left. Louise jumped on my lap each time I began sending healing and transformed into an affectionate, gentle dom (domestic). It was as if the healing energy helped drop her fear and take her from instinctual survival to a higher self of trust. Louise was healthy in three days, but then returned to her feral nature. Although Louise will always be wild at heart, she demonstrated love and gratitude and showed me that healing energy can work miracles.

If you would like to learn more about Diana Delmonte, visit https://www.dianadelmonte.com/

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.
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