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Fifth Dimension Reiki; Reach New Levels of Consciousness

Fifth Dimension Reiki; Reach New Levels of Consciousness

We chat with Dianne Thomas from Fifth Dimension Reiki Classes and find out just how beneficial Reiki can be in one’s life. Dianne is a certified Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher and she and her husband opened a Reiki Healing Center in 2003 in South Carolina

What is 5D Reiki exactly? 

The energy of Reiki has been around as long as man has been on Earth. This energy has been supporting and sustaining man throughout his evolution. As man evolves in his consciousness, the higher levels of Reiki are revealed. It is as if Reiki pulls us forward toward our goal of being fully awakened, fully conscious beings. So, even though it has been around and called many different names throughout the history of man, it was discovered in Japan and was named Reiki. 

The practice of Reiki has also evolved throughout the last hundred and twenty years. The most recent increase in energy has been what we now call Holy Fire Reiki. With this Holy Fire Reiki, we are now ‘aware’ of how it is helping us to evolve. My personal experience with Reiki has led me on the path of discovery – discovery of my past, my true self and the ancient wisdom that is here for us all when we open our true eyes to see. I could see how the human was Awakening and creating a new paradigm which I call the 5th Dimension. So 5D Reiki is simply the energy that will take us to fully embody consciousness. Once again I say, Reiki has always been leading us down this path of evolution. Therefore using the term ‘5D Reiki’ is my way of making the student aware of how Reiki will open their consciousness.

What are the differences between the various Reiki modalities you teach? 

When one has chosen Reiki as a path to their Awakening, they start with levels 1 and 2 to learn how energy works and to be aligned with the energy within themselves. The master level introduces the Holy Fire energy which is a deeper commitment to the path of embodied consciousness. Karuna Reiki adds a more expansive energy, focusing on clearing the struggles of mankind through compassionate action. The Traveler’s Guide to the 5th Dimension is my way of offering the ancient wisdom I have been gifted and has created a community that supports and learns from each other. It is not a reiki class.

How did you first find Reiki and how did it change your life?

I found Reiki in the year 2000. I was going through a divorce and it was suggested that I get a treatment. The energy that I felt from that treatment was so powerful that I had to know more. I found Laurelle Gaia at reiki.org and immediately took her class. I felt like I had found a path that would lead me back to my true spirit, my Divine self – the part of me that I have been separated from for many lifetimes. I think this is what everyone is truly seeking; to be rejoined with our Divine self while still in human form and to have the experience of physical life and creation in every moment.

What made you want to teach Reiki in addition to treating people?

I think the best way to describe this is through the old adage “give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime”.  Everyone has the ability to channel Reiki. Teaching them how energy works and how life unfolds is the best gift I could give anyone.

What is the Traveler’s Guide to the 5th Dimension?

As stated earlier, this program is my way of putting the ancient wisdom I have been gifted with into a program that people can move through at their own pace while still having live interaction with me and others who are on this path. By providing the teachings through videos and the live Gathering through Zoom, like minded people from all over the world can join in with us. 

The offerings are posted monthly on the 22nd, and a week later we have a live Gathering on Zoom to discuss the concepts and other questions. I also included a way members can get it for free and even make money through “sharing the path”. Currently, we’re talking about patterns and shadows that prevent us from feeling love for ourselves.

Can anyone learn the art of Reiki and practice successfully?

Yes, I believe everyone is hardwired for Reiki. They just need to be plugged into the source. As far as the practice successfully questions, they can always give Reiki treatments to others and it will always work. It doesn’t necessarily work in the way we think it’s going to, so we have to get our expectations out of the way. Now, if by successful you mean having a business of giving Reiki treatments, this has a lot to do with their commitment and their intention. Also, what is ‘success’ for one person may not be for another. My personal focus was more on teaching and I feel that I have been very successful. That is based on how I have impacted others through my teachings. I have always kept my classes small so that I could give everyone the individual attention they needed. My bottom line doesn’t have dollar signs in front of it. My abundance always shows up.

Has the global pandemic had an impact on your business?

Yes, the pandemic has caused people to look at their lives and seek something more meaningful. It also caused the Reiki energy to intensify so it was even more impactful, both in the treatments and the classes. The ICRT quickly incorporated this with the necessary technology so classes could go online and reach more people than ever before. 

Does Reiki work when done remotely?

In my first Reiki class in 2001, I was taught how to send it distantly. I was amazed at the results. To me there is no difference between an in-person treatment and a distant treatment. They are both just as effective. Quantum physics is the science and many experiments have proven that it works. In 2020, the intensity of the energy turned many a doubter into a believer. 

Can Reiki be beneficial when used frequently, as part of a lifestyle?

Absolutely! Reiki is a loving energy and giving it to yourself on a daily basis is like wrapping yourself in a love blanket. This is why I’d rather people learn Reiki instead of just getting a Reiki treatment occasionally. It’s a lifetime investment in one’s well being. I give myself Reiki every night before I go to sleep. It puts one in a deep state of relaxation and it quiets the mind. For those who just choose to receive Reiki from a practitioner, they should go as a treat to themselves, not just when they have a physical issue. My favorite compliment from my one client was “I feel like I just got the best massage ever and you didn’t even touch me”.

Would you say Reiki can prevent illness and disease?

This could be a rather lengthy discussion. Based on the knowledge that all disease and illness comes from imbalances in our emotional state; and that Reiki energy brings our vibrational frequencies into balance and harmony, then yes, it can help. We cannot create something in our experience that we are not a vibrational match to. Holding a high vibration of love for ourselves will not create physical issues. However, there can be patterns and beliefs that we hold onto and Reiki can help in bringing those into our awareness. Reiki always honors our free will and it will not remove / resolve issues unless we are willing to release them. It is our willingness that can create resistance to healing.

How long does it take to become a Reiki master?

A Reiki master is one who has placed a deeper commitment to Reiki being a strong presence on their path. They are not spiritual Masters or leaders who are free of karma and are enlightened. It doesn’t mean they have mastered Reiki. .

The ICRT requires a 6-month period between the first 2 levels of Reiki and the Master Class. This time is needed for the energy to work with the student and for the student to practice with the energy to a level of confidence and experience. 

What can one expect of a Reiki session?

A professional session will last 30 minutes to an hour. They only need to remove their shoes and they will lie on a massage table face up. The practitioner uses either light touch or works in the aura above the person. The client may feel one or more of these sensations of heat, cold, tingling, zapping, and light pressure, as if someone was placing their hands on the person but there’s no one there. Some people are not sensitive to the energy and feel none of the latter. There is always a deep feeling of relaxation and most of my clients go into a deep sleep. After the session, they usually feel relaxed and centered. Some practitioners receive intuitive messages which they share but this is not necessarily a part of a Reiki session. 

A Reiki session is just the start of the energy working with the client. It’s like taking a Time release capsule and it continues to work for one to two weeks usually. Many clients have a strong thirst after a Reiki session, and this is a normal reaction. Reiki likes for us to be well hydrated. Sometimes the issue, whether it’s physical or emotional, seems to be stronger right after a session but then will subside. We call this ‘bringing it up for healing’.


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