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Back to Basics - Regression and Past Life Regression with Doug Buckingham

Back to Basics - Regression and Past Life Regression with Doug Buckingham

Doug Buckingham shares his passion and insights for Hypnosis, Regression, Past Life Regression and all that encompasses his healing practices.
“I would call myself a Transformational Energy Worker, and my goal with all that I do is to help people improve the quality of their lives by using simple and effective transformational techniques in a grounded, helpful and beneficial way.”

From shipping to Hypnosis and Past Life Regression – What spurred on this life changing transformation?

I was always very open to the ‘esoteric’ world whether it be crystals, astrology and any other modality in the area. In fact, I would say that I always had more than a passing interest in this realm and I feel that it all culminated in 1999 when I went to Machu Picchu, Peru, and had a complete knowing that I had to change my life. I slowly disassembled my then current life and moved towards the direction I find myself in now.

What is a regression therapist exactly and what results can one expect to yield?

Regression is my main practice. The principle of regression is that everything started somewhere. Whatever patterns we may have, whether physical, psychological, emotional, related to work or relationship, it is all energetic in nature – in a regression session I use a light trance to get the client to go back to the start of that pattern, whether this be earlier in this current life, or in childhood, in the womb, or often even in past lives.

Often the subconscious buries difficult memories and when someone starts doing regression with a specific intention then these memories resurface, no matter where they originated. This memory or event is brought into awareness with the goal of reframing it. This can create an incredibly liberating emotional release. Sometimes, and often in the case of a childhood memory, we may have to reframe the event, as a child’s perception differs entirely to that of an adult – an apparent misconception or misperception in the eyes of that child can be observed. In general terms we are letting go of the energy of the event.

Do you work with other healing or energy modalities?

I go wherever the energy is which is why I also work both with regression and Past Life Regression. As I mentioned earlier, everything is energy. I work with a few energy healing modalities such as Sound Healing, Reiki and crystals – in fact whatever the client needs to gain resolution, and more often than not the client knows what they need. I believe that the solutions are found within the client, and all I need do is help them to get them out.

Do you believe ‘relationship with self’ to be the foundation of all other relationships we may have?

I think having a healthy relationship with self certainly facilitates a healthy relationship with everything else. I have a friend who says “There are no others, whatever we see in reality is simply a reflection of how we are and this, we are creating all the time”.

How we see ourselves determines a lot of factors in our lives and unconsciously we create our reality, although most of us do not take responsibility for this.

I would say that the biggest issue on this planet today is low self-esteem. We live in a world where social media has a huge influence on how we see ourselves and evaluate our body shapes for example. Other people’s opinions have taken up far too much space in our lives and can have detrimental effects. For those who have solid foundations in their own self-esteem, they will survive in this world. Self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves is vital to absolutely everything.

In a nutshell, how would you define your “transformational techniques” and are they sustainable for the man in the street?

The ‘lady’ in the street is, very generally speaking, more embracing of transformation and more in touch with processing her emotions than the man in the street. Women will therefore take the plunge and get the results.
The journey is all about empowerment and this is how I think about these techniques that I practice. When we understand that we are energy and that working with energy techniques can influence who we are, how we are and how we walk in the world – and we can practice this for a short time each day, it is incredibly empowering. The problem is that many people are unable to commit to themselves in order to do this, due to a lack of time and busy lifestyles. While I understand that people have mortgages to pay and jobs to fulfill, they are prioritizing those over who they really are.
Time commitment and committing to oneself in an authentic way is the biggest obstacle. Old spiritual teachers say Devotion is the important subject. Devotion to the path, yourself, and everything that extends in the non-physical beyond you.

What can you tell us about your book Gifts for Your Soul?

My book was released 4 or 5 years ago and is a combination of sustainable healing techniques for the lady in the street, and the occasional gentleman ;). It deals with meditation, energy management and about 17 simple basic tips or techniques that people can get to grips with and see whether they make a difference to themselves. The content is relatively simple in the book yet gives good enough foundations for a person to use the tip for themselves. If they become curious to find out more, then they can do that either on the internet or by contacting me. The idea behind the book was to make it easy for people to improve their lives in a simple and effective way.
If I can help one person with this book, then that to me is the greatest gift, and this book certainly was a gift to write! I also have an App called “Hypnosis for Transformation” on both Apple and Android that carries mp3 audios which provide a really useful accompaniment to many of the themes explored in the book.

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