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The Message Medium: Providing Spirits Guidance For Your Life

The Message Medium: Providing Spirits Guidance For Your Life

Edward Dawson, The Message Medium is a highly gifted, ordained, professional, and certified Psychic, Seer, Prophet, Medium, Revelator, Oracle, and Shaman.  In this interview Edward shares his personal journey in pursuing his professional path and offers guidance in living your best life.

When did you first realize you have a psychic gift and what inspired you to continue this path professionally?

I first realized I had a psychic gift when I was a very young boy, I always had a very strong feeling that I did not belong here in this world and that this world was not my home. I found this out to be very true. This is where I believe Spirit gave me or opened up the ability for me to communicate, hear, see, feel and know spiritually.

As a young boy, I would be able to astral travel to the worlds of Spirit and interact with different planes of consciousness, speaking with all kinds of spiritual beings. My dreams at night would have information about people, situations and places that I had no prior knowledge of. As a young boy, spiritual beings, guardians and guides have always interacted with me, protected me, guided me and helped me make decisions for what would be best for my life. I have many stories of this. My life has always had one foot in this world and one foot in the world the Spirit.

What inspired me to continue this path as a professional Psychic is my strong desire to serve Spirit and humanity and to bring a greater awareness and knowledge of the Divine Spirit and the spirit world to this world. We are never alone, we are always watched over, guarded and guided whether we see it or don’t see it, feel it or don’t feel it, we are never alone in our temporary journey here in this world.

What is the most challenging part of being a psychic medium?

The most challenging part about being a psychic medium is the energies involved.

For me working with the Divine higher vibrational energies of higher spiritual beings feels like a calling home to me which makes it hard for me to stay grounded in this life. My yearning for my spiritual home aches deeply within my soul every day I live here in this world.

Then there are the dark, heavy, you could say evil energies that are extremely oppressive and dangerous, of which I dealt with when I was younger but no longer will directly deal with for personal reasons. At times even now, when I work with a client and help a client, Darkness comes and visits me, similar to a thug or like a bully, trying to strike fear and intimidate me to stop my work. I give them no place, and have my spirit guardian’s deal with them directly.

Then there are the misc. energies that my clients bring. These energies can vary wildly, from gentle to chaotic. So, due to this I have learned to have a spiritual filter system of my own particular spiritual guardians in place for my own wellbeing, health and safety.

Is there a certain area that you specialize in?

The certain area that I specialize in is communication from higher levels of consciousness and that is, Divine higher vibrational spiritual beings, guardians and guides. Back in the olden day’s people would have used the words: the Gods.

I am not a medium/in between for deceased humans, I can, and have done this work, but I don’t focus on it and I really don’t like the energies associated with deceased humans. What I am is – an in between/medium for: The Divine which are higher finer vibrational spiritual beings and their guidance for people in this world.

What do you find are the more popular aspects that people seek guidance with?

From what I have seen over my 30 years of doing this work, the most popular aspects that people seek guidance with are, their basic human needs: relationships, love/love life, job/career, their future. I like to remind my clients and everyone that they are more than their human selves and the needs of their human lives. Each person is also a divine spiritual being, and each person has a divine plan for their lives. In my readings for my clients I never want them to tell me what they want to know up front. I want them to keep their questions to themselves and wait and let me ask Spirit what the client needs to know. Then when the client hears what Spirit wants them to know, then the client can ask further questions if needed. Most of the time the questions the client had are already answered by Spirit. This increases Faith in a higher power/The Divine.

Have you found over recent years that a more diverse clientele has developed with an increased interest to access spiritual guidance and turn to mediums as a form of therapy?

Yes, and I deeply pray more gain this interest/desire. Most defiantly in the recent years my clients are seeking spiritual guidance and have turned to myself as an in-between/medium for them and the Divine. You see, your standard religions don’t offer a one on one personal experience of the Divine. When you seek your own way you learn to understand you’re a divine being and that you, yes you, can learn to understand and even to see, hear and learn to interact with the Divine, or minimally know that you are not alone and are being guided in your life, and in that, is: therapy, healing and personal empowerment. Like the old saying, give a man/woman a fish they eat for today, teach a man/woman to fish for themselves, they will eat daily. Well the same holds true for the self. Tell a man/woman they are Spirits/Gods children and let them possibly fumble around trying to be so, or teach them how to become Spirits/Gods children {their true selves} and they gain personal enlightenment and a deeper enriched life here in the physical world and with the Divine.

In your experience in working with people, what would you say is the number one thing that holds most people back from living the fulfilling life they would like to live?

The number one thing I see that holds most people back from living the fulfilling life they would like to live is: fear and prior choices. Fear of failure, lack, loss and criticism are most evident. To this I say: fear not, know that the Divine/the Gods/Spirit will and are walking with you. As a child takes their first baby steps the good parent guides them. If they fall then the good parent helps them up and encourages them to carry on, and so it is with the Divine and You.

Also, I see a lot of prior choices hold people back. To this I say, Divine timing. Trust the Divine. This is a very difficult subject for most humans to do, wait. We want things now. My work with the Divine helps my clients see clearer and understand this. I will give you an example: a client of mine, a woman, she is a high vibration spiritual being, and she has the destiny to bring changes to this word and to the lives of others. Her husband felt something special about her and she did as well, but not fully, but now she knows, but she is stuck in her human motherhood. So she must work with what she has to work with at this time and in the future when her time has less restrictions, she can fully step into her divine destiny if she desires too.

What is the one piece of advice you would like to share about intuition and spiritual guidance?

My one piece of advice I would like to share about intuition and spiritual guidance is: TRUST both. This energy of trust is a bond of love between YOU and the DIVINE. Nothing is more sacred.

Lastly, for people who come to you in hope for answers, or in search of closure, how often are you able to fill that void for them and what does it feel like?

Those that come to me in hope for answers to fill a void in themselves, never leave without an answer. The answer(s) may not always be what they desire to hear, but are what they need to hear. I always ask each of my clients if they are satisfied with their readings/messages. I rarely ever have a client not satisfied. If they are not satisfied and they can give me a good reason, I offer their money back. For me, it’s about service to Spirit and humanity.

What it feels like for me when I bring my clients the answers they seek or need, I can liken to: a cool gentle breeze on a hot summer day or a warm shower after a hard day’s work or perhaps the beauty of a sunset. These best describe what I feel.

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