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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Explaining what is Reiki with Angels with Ellen Mahloy

Explaining what is Reiki with Angels with Ellen Mahloy

Ellen Mahloy is a psychic medium based in Virginia (USA) and founder of Reiki with Angels. In this interview for MysticMag, Ellen explains to us what exactly is Reiki with Angels, how she specialized in that healing modality and also how she gives classes for students all over the world.

Check out the interview below.

What is Reiki with Angels?

Reiki with Angels is a combination of Usui Reiki Therapy and working with the angelic realm, which is also known as psychic angel communication. I did not integrate the two practices until after I became psychic suddenly on February 23, 2003, which was a couple years after I took my first Reiki class.

Reiki is gaining popularity, but it still isn’t a mainstream item. How do you explain Reiki for someone that could be interested?

When people ask me what Reiki is, I reply, “It’s a Japanese form of laying on hands.” Often that explanation either intrigues people or it repels them. If it intrigues someone often a series of questions follow and I go along with wherever the conversation takes us. If the person was repelled, I change the subject.

Some of the questions people often ask me are: “What do angels look like?” “How do you use your body to send healing energy to someone?” “Can you feel the energy when it goes through you?” “Does it make you tired to send people healing energy?” “Can you perceive illness in people?” “How does this fit with Christianity/my religion?” “Can anyone do this?” “Have you ever healed anyone of an illness?”

And my answers are: “To me, angels look like renaissance pictures of angels with white gowns, halos, big white wings and so forth. But I’ve seen angels show up as orbs or streaks of light or in other forms.” “I pull the Reiki energy from a Divine doorway above my head. It goes through my body like water goes through a straw and I send it to a person or animal (or even a situation) by either laying hands on the person or animal or by beaming the Reiki energy toward them (even if it’s from halfway around the world).”

“Yes, I can usually feel the energy move through my body. It often feels hot, warm, cold or vibrational and occasionally it feels like nothing. Sometimes, I run hot in one hand and cold in the other.” “No, it does not make me tired to use my body as a conduit for healing energy. It does the opposite, it enlives me.” “Yes, I can perceive illness and injury psychically.”

“I’ve worked with and taught people from a wide range of religious backgrounds. If you want to know if Reiki is compatible with your religion, you’ll have to ask your minister, rabbi or swami.” “Most people can learn Reiki. And as when learning other skills, some people are challenged and some are gifted. People who are severely ill in mind, body or spirit do not make good conduits for others because the healing energy will flow through them and to where they need it, therefore decreasing the energy flow to the recipient.”

“Yes, I am known for healing people and animals of odd and/or challenging ailments and injuries which is why I’ve caught the attention of the medical community.”

What are the differences between Reiki with Angels and the more traditional form?

Reiki with Angels is unique in several ways. First, I did not receive my Reiki Master attunement from a living Reiki Master in the Usui lineage (which is controversial in traditional Reiki circles). I received it during an unexpected out-of-body experience, which I’ll explain below. Second, our attunement style was taught to me by the Archangel Raphael. Third, we can attune students over a distance. Fourth, the system does not have lots of Master-Teachers. In order for a healer of this modality to become a Master-Teacher they must be able to communicate clearly with Archangel Raphael and have a sacred contract to teach this system specifically.

Now, let’s go deeper into all this. The first thing a reader might need to know is what an attunement is. An attunement is the sacred ceremony performed by a Reiki Master to make a Reiki student an ideal conduit for healing energy.

My Reiki Master attunement was highly unusual. A few months after I became psychic suddenly, I felt guided to learn more about becoming a Reiki practitioner (for the prior two years, I’d mostly done Reiki sessions upon myself). One day, I was reading a Reiki book on my living room sofa. I put the book down to draw the distance healing symbol in my notebook to memorize it. When I finished I set my notebook down, picked the Reiki book back up, and when I flipped it over I locked eyes with a photo of Mikao Usui (the founder of Americanized-Japanese Reiki) and I was suddenly thrust out-of-body into what looked like the cosmos. I was shocked to see the enormous faces of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata in front of me and immediately many symbols flew toward me rapidly, then I was thrust back into my body.

The whole experience seemed to take only a few seconds. I had no idea that what occurred was a Reiki Master attunement until many months later when my first student asked me to attune her. I told her I could not do so because I was not a Reiki Master. Archangel Raphael told me I’d become one during that experience. He then taught me how to attune my student and that was the beginning of the Reiki with Angels modality.

You are also a teacher, with students all over the world. How is that experience for you?

I’m an extravert so working with lots of people from many different walks of life is fun for me. Initially, I wasn’t sure if teaching students virtually would be as effective as teaching them in-person, but it worked out very well for both the teachers and the students.

We have around 40 students per month now. Some are returning students and some are new students each month and we are going to expand our classes in 2023 to include an advanced psychic development class and some classes that drill down into specific areas of psychic development, such as: angel communication, psychic mediumship (talking to dead people), health/medical intuition, out-of-body travel, animal communication, connecting with the faery realm and more.

Can you present to us your teleclasses and what do you teach in them?

Most of what I teach via teleclass is psychic development. I find teleconference to be an ideal way to teach a large number of students from many locations easily and efficiently. Students can call in or use an app to join the classes.

Each class in a month is unique and the students don’t know the subject before they log in. I like that the students cannot see one another and therefore must rely upon their psychic senses to tap into the partner they get paired with to do exercises.

Do you have a special session that you always remember? It can be for a variety of reasons, like the results, energy presence etc.

Gosh there are so many. I’ve been doing sessions with clients since 2004 and I have lots of wild stories. Because I see so many guardian angels, one doesn’t usually stand out from the others. But once I had a client whose angel’s face was painted half white and half black. It was so weird, I didn’t even want to tell my client, but I did, and it turned out she sees angels too, and that’s how her angel looked.

Recently, I saw conjoined twin guardian angels for the first time. The most angels I’ve ever seen with one person was about 75. Normally, people have around 3 – 5 guardian angels and lightworkers have around 15 – 30 guardian angels (lightwork is the term for people who are here on Divine assignment).

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