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Intuition IS Life - Emilah Dawn DeToro

Intuition IS Life - Emilah Dawn DeToro

MysticMag features ​​Emilah Dawn DeToro, a renowned Intuitive Life Coach. We chat with her and find out more about intuition and the role it plays in healing and in our life journey.

As an Intuitive Coach, how do you help heal your clients?

I help highly sensitive people (HSPs), empaths, seekers and introverts navigate career, relationship, and life transitions using the integration of coaching, intuitive readings, and Energy Body Alignment – a form of energy healing that came through me after a car accident in 2004.

Empaths and HSPs tend to be people-pleasers (often labeled codependent). Learning to engage their intuition, put themselves and their needs at the center of their lives, and trust themselves and the guidance they receive is life-changing.

The integration of Energy Body Alignments, intuitive readings, and coaching on intuitive/psychic development allows clients to transform their lives. They let go of belief systems and behaviors that no longer serve them and adopt new ones that do. This paves the way for them to step into lives they love and could often never imagine.

How would you define the frequency of Transformation and how does this resonate with you ?

I “carry the frequency of Transformation”, which to me means when I’m around, people sense something’s out of alignment (within themselves and/or in relationship with others). They feel the misalignment more acutely because my energy field raises their frequency so they can see what was there all along. My presence invites them into the process of personal development and spiritual growth. It nudges them towards clarity and out of denial.

I’m an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach because when people have this kind of awareness, they want to know how to fix it – how to transform their lives. Intuitive Life Coaching offers them the opportunity to find their way through using their own guidance while also having the support of someone who has navigated a lot of personal development and spiritual growth.

To easefully and confidently navigate the process of transformation, we need to be curious, willing to feel our feelings, develop our gifts, know and trust ourselves, and let go of anything that no longer serves us. This is personal development and spiritual growth. When all of these come together, we are living in the energy of transformation.

Sometimes we navigate transformation smoothly and other times chaotically. The key is that we are willing to look at ourselves, our habits, our psychology, our spiritual beliefs, and take the next indicated action towards a more aligned life.

What role does (should) intuition play in our lives?

Intuition is life. Intuition is how we can best navigate the world. It’s when we are in the flow, following our dharma. From that perspective, intuition is life. I don’t think the two can be separated.

Taking the time to know and understand how our own intuition works, learning to trust the guidance we receive, to discern the difference between intuition and ego, and allowing ourselves to be guided by curiosity rather than fear helps us step into the flow of life.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have difficult times, it simply means we learn to navigate those difficulties, uncertainty, and liminal space with more ease and confidence – with our intuition!

Do you work with any specific tools?

I have a huge toolbox! Energy Body Alignment, which is a form of coaching for the body, helps clients unravel behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve. It cleanses their energy field and helps them release and heal emotional and mental blockages.

I also engage with clients in Nonviolent Communication, somatic awareness practices, guided meditation, and breathing practices. I teach boundary setting since many empaths and HSP’s need support in this area. I work with Green Hope Farm flower essences to help clients gently move towards inner and outer soul alignment.

Finally, I offer clients a whole host of intuitive development practices to help them sharpen their own intuition and psychic abilities. And of course I incorporate coaching skills into my work so clients can learn to find their own way using self-inquiry and curiosity.

Do your clients walk away with the know-how to ‘never get stuck again’? Is this a life skill?

My clients walk away knowing how to get unstuck. I think this life skill is so important because we all come to places where we get stuck or find ourselves at a crossroads. Having the tools and willingness to step back into the flow is a first step to success.

It also helps to recognise that sometimes the bumps in the road don’t mean we are going in the wrong direction, they are just part of life. We can follow our soul’s calling, taking action in alignment with our soul, and still come up against challenges. The key is in how we navigate those bumps and challenges. Can we stay aligned with our soul, not take them personally, go with the flow, move through them, and integrate them with ease?

When clients do this, they get stuck less often and get unstuck more quickly. It may seem from the outside like they never get stuck, but they’ve simply learned to navigate the bumps more effectively.

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