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Written by Sarah Kirton Updated on August 03, 2023

Conversing with the Other Side - Emma Forest

Conversing with the Other Side - Emma Forest

MysticMag chats with Emma Forest from Readings with Emma, a gifted Psychic Medium from South Africa. From the moment of her birth, her life path number, 7, destined her for a profound connection with spirituality, mysticism, and psychic abilities. Emma’s early experiences included prophetic dreams, playful interactions with reflections from other dimensions, and encounters with Higher Beings and spirits. Initially considering these occurrences as ordinary, it was during a psychic tour in Egypt that she realized the uniqueness of her skills. In a safe and open space, Psychic Emma connects with clients’ guides and Higher Beings, offering insights, messages, and even connecting them with their departed loved ones.

How did your early experiences with prophetic dreams and encounters with Higher Beings shape your understanding of your psychic abilities and was there a particular moment or event that made you realize your gift was unique and set you on the path to becoming a Psychic Medium?

Up until the age of 25, I didn’t know that what was happening was psychic experiences. I didn’t think about it too much, it was my normal. My first memory was when I was around 4 years old when giant glowing Beings came to visit. They were talking about me and when I asked them why they were there, they encouraged me to go to sleep. There was a voice that used to speak to me as a child and to this day, I still receive guidance from this voice. What I know now as Clairvoyant visions, was considered by myself and others, as good luck, intuition, lucky guesses and a coincidence. In the past I would play with the energy in my hands and my friends said it felt nice. My energy / intention was always playful in a way that was enjoyable for all of us. I’ve always loved colours and found that certain colours carry messages and emotions or even a healing frequency. Touch is also colours, the moon has colours, most things do. I felt no desire to turn it into anything other than what it was. I wore the colours that I was drawn to and it helped me in my life. Some call this Synesthesia, in spirituality we call it the aura or energy field. It’s both for me.

I grew up very sheltered and didn’t know anything about Psychics, tarot cards, spiritual practices or meditation. I’ve always been agnostic and am into nature, hiking, dance classes, camping and traveling. This means that most of my friends growing up were like me, so we didn’t discuss things like religion or spiritual practices. I was 25 when I first told someone about my experiences in detail but only because she was telling me about her experiences. She encouraged me to participate in psychic workshops. I had my doubts about this psychic stuff at the first workshop I attended, but I saw people’s reactions when I shared and I realised my experiences weren’t normal like I had assumed. I attended a few more workshops.

In November 2009 when I was 29, I went to a third eye workshop in Egypt. That was an eye opener. Back then I still had some ideas that it was normal and easy for us all and through this experience, I realised that it was easy for me. We’d be walking in a temple and I’d point out something that I ‘saw’ and people would ask if I’d read the book. No book, just psychic. After a while people would approach me for guidance. ‘Why do I feel connected to this temple chamber?’ I easily guided them into remembering. No human had taught me, I sent a question out to the ether and the ether sent me the reply in a split second.

I believe that because I don’t read spiritual books and remain Agnostic, that this is what draws clients in from all walks of life. My clients have the freedom to belong to any religion or spiritual practice and I will walk with them in their ways without imposing mine. Clients have shown gratitude for my neutrality and maybe this is also what makes me unique as a Psychic. I don’t see the Higher Guidance or Beings as humanoids, I don’t personify, gender nor name them. I see them as frequencies of Light and they resonate with certain fractals or rays of colours. It’s an intelligent Light. What happens is that these rays of Light take shape around my clients, they become personified based on the belief systems of my clients. I have met the Gods, Prophets and Higher Beings of my clients and it’s fascinating! A lot of the time, I don’t even know who or what I’m seeing – but my clients do. I remember my one client happily exclaiming, “That’s my family’s God!”

What has shaped the style of my readings is my desire and curiosities to understand the human condition. My priority is helping people to figure out how to accomplish their goals, overcome their life concerns and more. Instead of studying spiritual books, I paid people (psychologists, life skills coaches etc) to essentially explain the human condition, this way I feel I provide a healing service that supports normal daily life. This knowledge helps me ask the right questions of the ether, it taught me how to open up the questions so that we can gain as much information as possible.

My website info is at the bottom of this article.

As a Psychic Medium, you connect with guides and Higher Beings to provide insight and guidance during readings. Can you tell us more about how this process works and how you establish a connection with these spiritual entities?

About 15 years ago, during a dream state, a young lady came to fetch me and took me to a lake. There were different types of giants sitting on the grass, under the trees, inside the temples. She led me to them and I asked them what they were doing. They explained that I could compare their experience to that of going to university. Instead of books and lecturers, all information is freely available in the ether. They explained how the ether works, how it’s important to be specific with the questions so that the answers are specific. How to keep expanding on questions until the path is clear. During a Psychic reading, I simply take a little breath and within a few seconds, I’m connected to the Ether. Some people have told me that I went to Lumeria, but I haven’t put a name to the experience. It’s simply the place where my style was explained in greater detail and guidance was offered so that I could expand and develop as a Psychic. It is interesting that seeing giants was my first psychic experience and that they’re the ones who continue with the lessons.

I heard that in one spiritual practice, they call this the Akashic records. The word akashic has its origins in Sanskrit and I believe it means ‘That which holds air’, so I think we’re doing something similar, just in different ways. In Hinduism, Akasha is one of the names of Lord Shiva and he is known as both a creator and destroyer. End of the old ways that no longer serve us and welcoming in the new ways. That’s how I understand it as a generilisation but I’m sure there’s many perspectives. In truth, when I reach out to the ether, I’m asking for suggestions to create change so I can see the link. Someone told me that science regards the ether as the medium for the transmission of electromagnetic waves so there’s that too. Scientific knowledge is always developing so I’m curious to know about their most recent discoveries!

I was 33 when I found out that all the people that I see that others can’t see, are deceased people walking with their loved ones. I see other things as well, but I’m being specific to deceased people at this moment. I had never questioned their existence, I simply accepted them. My clients were the ones to point out that I was speaking to their deceased loved ones and encouraged me to continue to speak to them. So that’s how I became a Medium, through popular demand. My curiosities and frequent questions from clients lead to my current formula: Where are you, who are you with, what’s it like, what was it like to pass over, are you at peace? If you visit, how can we tell? Do you send signs and what are they? Often the deceased loved ones will share fond memories and help my clients find closure. When I’m working, there’s boundaries at my office door. Only one loved one may walk through at a time, they need to communicate in a way that my client knows for sure who they are. They generally answer the questions mentioned above and then some. If they’ve wronged my client in some way, my boundary is that they’re not just allowed to say sorry, they must explain what they now understand and that they can see how it impacted my client with examples. And ‘I’m sorry’ can be empty, explain it to us so that my client can feel peace. If I don’t have these boundaries, it’s chaos. The room is full of people, they’re all speaking, throw in some animals, Higher Beings and lots of colours. It’s a lot hence the boundaries.

Making the decision to leave your job in the fashion industry and follow your truth as a Psychic Medium must have been a significant turning point in your life. Could you share the emotions and challenges you faced during this transition, and how your psychic abilities played a role in guiding you through it?

I was instructed by a Guide that I met in Egypt to quit my job. It surprised me because I had worked my way up the ladder over the 7 years I was there and was doing well. The Guide explained that it was a sinking ship and that I should encourage them to shut down their stores. I passed the message along with my letter of notice, they didn’t hear the message and went bankrupt within about 7 months. I think the only major challenge was my loss of identity as a fashion person. Life isn’t static and neither are our identities, so I adjusted but it was hard. I had just spent all my savings on the Egypt holiday but somehow my needs were always met. I would send a question to the Ether and they would offer suggestions and guidance. The trick here is to listen and do what they say. About 4 months after I left the fashion industry, my Egyption Guide came to me and said I had to go for a walk. He told me which roads to walk down and showed me the image so that I would know when I was there. He said there’d be 2 blonde ladies sitting at a round table outside their shop. They would offer me a job and I must accept. So I went there and accepted the job. I ended up working at the health shop for around 3 / 4 years part time (while also working as a Psychic Medium) and learnt a lot about natural medicine, the mind / body connection and where Western medicine has its place. To this day I still offer health scans as part of aura scanning, physical and mental concerns have symbols and colours. I’m not a medical professional so I don’t diagnose, but I do explain my observations and encourage my clients to seek further medical attention if needed.

About a year after I quit the fashion industry, I asked my Higher Guidance to be busier as a Psychic Medium and they crashed my website. After panicking for a while because it seemed like a bad thing, I eventually reached the point where I trusted the process. I rebuilt and launched my new website and business tripled within a few months.

When self employed, I do sometimes worry about the stability of my income. I put this concern and curiosity into the Ether and was guided to put out feelers for a part time admin job so that I could gain psychic knowledge about the flow of money. Within weeks I had a job and ended up becoming a bookkeeper. I worked part time over a 3ish year period while still working as a Psychic Medium. I had gained an understanding of the flow of money 2 years in but stayed longer because of the perks of that organisation. When I gave my notice, I gave the director a future prediction. I explained that of their 5 bank accounts, by December the most important one would have no money left and that because of this, no one would receive bonuses. The new bookkeeper confirmed this when December came around.

So that has been my experience since leaving. Trusting the process and doing the work to make sure that I remain receptive and available to the opportunities that come my way. If my Higher Guidance wants me to do something strange, I just do it and wait to see how it plays out. One of the instructions was to get a cat, I’m allergic so I started saving to buy a hypoallergenic cat. Then my Egyptian Guide came and told me to go to animal welfare. He took me to my cat and I buried my face into her fur to see what would happen. I had a moment of worry but she said ‘Ticklish isn’t allergic you know’ and she was right. She never responded to her given name, so I asked her what it was and she told me through a song. All quite bizarre because I didn’t want to have a pet, yet it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Always listen.

How does your creative side influence or complement your work as a Psychic Medium? Do you find any connections between creativity and intuition?

There’s a very strong connection for me. My psychic experiences are in colour and when I’m creating, it’s through the flow of colour. I don’t paint objects, but rather express emotion and energy. Sometimes something comes over me and the art flows in a way that I can’t recreate. So it goes on the wall and I admire it and refuse to sell it because people always want to buy the ones that were done in that energy space. My art is best viewed in certain lights, so I have lightbulbs that I control from my phone. I created colour sequences that draw out the energy and emotions. My friends’ favourite pieces are from my Amazon range. The energy that comes through has a positive impact on feelings and for some reason people sometimes smile when they focus on it. All colours have meaning and messages and that is what I paint.

Many people seek psychic readings for guidance on various aspects of life, such as work, love, family, and finding direction. What are some of the most memorable or rewarding moments you’ve experienced during your 15 years of working as a Psychic Medium?

A young man came for a reading and complained that the university wouldn’t allow him in. The Guidance came through that he had to get a Doctors note explaining his circumstances and rush to the Professor’s office before 3pm that very day to hand in that note with his application and petition. It was 12:20 pm so I basically booted him out of my office 20 minutes into the reading and told him to literally run and make sure he was outside the professor’s door BEFORE 3pm. He got a hold of me a few days later with an update. As he arrived at 2.50pm, the professor was on his way out and they bumped into each other. He handed over the paperwork and the professor was interested in the Doctor’s note and said he would reconsider. A few days later my client was accepted.

I gave a psychic reading to a lady who wanted some clarity in her work life. Something in my garden caught my attention so I looked out the window and saw a beautiful large (deceased) grey horse. It was a video call so she saw my facial expression while I was looking and asked what I saw. I described the horse and she became very emotional because that was her horse that had just passed over a few weeks before. I love connecting people with their pets, it’s so cute! The horse proceeded to list every thing she loved about being with my client, really specific sweet things. Not a dry eye in the house.

I have many clients asking if they’re doing something wrong because they can’t seem to connect spiritually. It brings me the greatest satisfaction to guide them in their journey. To show them how easy it is to be psychic if you’re being authentically you. Many clients seem puzzled when they realise how easy it is. They often expect it to be more complicated than it is. When I show them how to follow their path of resonance they get really excited. We do some practise runs and they freak themselves out because, ‘But how did I do that?’. It’s easy when we follow our unique truth. The books out there work for some, but not all. These are the people that are drawn to me and it’s a perfect fit.

I was sitting by a river and an older deceased gentleman got my attention. He begged me to go up to a young man and let him know that he was there. It can be awkward to walk up to a stranger and essentially say, ‘I see dead people’ but I went up to him anyway. I introduced myself and told the young man that a deceased man (description) asked me to share messages with him. The young man became very emotional and was receptive, he explained that the gentleman that I described was like a father figure to him and had passed recently. The older man shared personal messages that only the young man understood, I felt like the bridge between worlds, just passing messages along. He even recited the letter the young man had written him for his funeral. It was very moving.

One client asked why she’s still single. The Higher Guidance showed me that she doesn’t like to go out much / meet new people / try new things and prefers her own company at home alone. They showed that she only hangs out with specific people if she goes out and doesn’t engage with strangers, they also showed that she doesn’t like online dating. I shared their messages with humour and we both had a chuckle about things. They encouraged her to take up an activity that she liked without her friends. They specified that it had to be a mixed activity where interaction takes place. Every idea she had was shot down because they were for example: gyming alone, running alone, several activities that women do but not as many men and more. They kept suggesting a walking group and she shot it down because she wanted to do something with a higher fitness level. They explained that if she’s walking, she’ll actually talk to people and that’s how she’ll meet someone. She met someone, it was great!

A client asked for a psychic reading. A deceased lady walked into the room which surprised me because I wasn’t looking in that direction if that makes sense. She started talking about the baby. She explained how she rubs the baby’s chest and back and that’s why the baby sleeps so well, that she tickles and plays with the baby so that’s why she sometimes interacts happily with ‘nothing’. She told my client how she sometimes touches the top of her head to comfort her and that when she feels that tingle, she knows it’s her mom. My client confirmed all these things as being true and that 2 weeks after her mother passed, she found out that she was pregnant and was sad that her mother never met her baby. Turns out her mother has been by her side babysitting and sharing her love and support.

A lady hired me and asked for a health scan. The Higher Guidance showed me her torso, the colours implied great illness beyond repair and that it wasn’t going to get better. I pointed to the spot and asked if she was very sick there, she confirmed. The Guidance wanted her to hear a message that was very hard for me to deliver but I did it. They told her that she was holding on because her family wanted her to but that she was exhausted. They explained that it was ok to want to die and that if she chooses to continue on a path with no healing in sight, she should do so for her own reasons and not for the sake of her family. They told her that they would support her no matter what she chose to do and that it was ok to be exhausted and to want to stop fighting. I left that reading feeling quite uncomfortable as that was a hard message to deliver. Her family let me know that she died peacefully 3 days later. I was happy for her in a strange way, as when I had scanned her body, they showed me a glimpse of her discomfort, so I understood her choice. (Please note that I don’t do death predictions, this was a special case because the Higher Guidance insisted).

If you would like to find out more about Psychic Emma, visit https://www.happylight.co.za/

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