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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Crystal healing and personal growth with Ethan Lazzerini

Crystal healing and personal growth with Ethan Lazzerini

This week we talked with Ethan Lazzerini, author of three crystal healing books and working with crystals for more than two decades. Ethan spoke about the power of crystals, how they can help anyone to grow spiritually and mentally and his story helping people. Check it out!

Q: Please present yourself to our audience 

I’m a crystal author and blogger based in the UK. I’ve published three books about crystals and crystal healing. I work intuitively and practically with crystals in my life and share this with others. I’m focused on teaching others how to work with crystals in their everyday life. So they can work with crystals to support personal growth, intuition, manifesting, psychic protection and self-healing.

I first discovered the metaphysical side of crystals as a teenager but it wasn’t until many years later after an awakening experience that I began to sense their energy for myself. While meditating with the crystals I began to receive vivid images, impressions and messages of what they could help with.

Q: You mention that crystals are allies for personal development and spiritual growth. In which cases do you believe that a session works best? For people that need a change of scenery, counseling…

For me, crystal healing does not need to be about seeing a crystal healer, though that may be helpful for some people. I believe anyone can harness the energy of crystals for themselves and experience the benefits daily. Crystals are like allies because they can be carried or worn while you work on yourself, set intentions and move towards your destiny.

With an understanding of the chakra system, crystal properties and how to work with them, you can do this yourself. It’s the crystals that help shift the energy within your aura and chakras, which can cause the desired change within you and your life.

Q: Your book “Crystal Grids Power” is an Amazon Best Selling Book. To what do you attribute that success?

When I wrote Crystal Grids Power, there were only a few books on the subject. I wanted to write the sort of book I wish I had when I started making crystal grids. I think more and more people are interested in ancient symbols, sacred geometry, crystals and manifesting. Crystal grids turn that knowledge into something tangible that you can use and experiment with.

Although I felt guided to write the book and wanted it to be a success, you never really know what people will think till it’s out there. It was a “make or break” book for me at that time. I’m so grateful to everyone that has read it and told others about it. Things really changed for me after that.

Q: Do you have a special session that stuck up in your mind because of what the crystal showed up or the client’s reaction?

There was a reader that I believe was having trouble getting a loan she needed from her bank. Not knowing what else she could do she set up the prosperity crystal grid from my book. She told me that within one hour the no she previously received from her bank turned into a yes. Of course, things like this don’t normally happen so fast, but it was still an amazing story.

Q: You say in your website that you are looking to create online courses. Do you believe that what you do can be learned or you also need a gift?

I believe that anyone who is open to crystals can benefit from them. You don’t need to be psychic or even sense the energy of crystals for them to work. They are spiritual tools, so having some background on using them is always helpful. As many crystals clear negative energy and activate the chakras, it’s not uncommon for people to start to sense their energy over time.

I think everyone has their own special journey and relationship with crystals. Courses and books are just a guide to help you on that path and have your own experience.

Q: Please share with us a special message in these challenging times

I recommend that you have some kind of daily spiritual practise to help ground, calm and connect with your inner guide. Watch how much media you are consuming and how much energy you give to problems. Getting out into nature can give you a clearer perspective.

Last year I wrote a number of articles on crystals that can support you through challenging times. You can find them on my website under the free resources section if needed.

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