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The power of crystals and Pellowah with Eunice Foster

The power of crystals and Pellowah with Eunice Foster

Eunice Foster is a Crystal Healer, Energy Trainer and also Pellowah Teacher based in the United Kingdom. The Pellowah part was one of the questions we had for Eunice and she will explain to us what it is and what are the benefits that patients will enjoy. Check out our interview with Eunice below.

How did you discover your gift?

I was about five years old when I realized that there was something different. I was standing at the gate at the bottom of our garden and looking out and I thought to myself “wow, Gosh, I’m here”. It was that realization that I woke up.

I felt like I was awake and I was very aware of everybody and everything around me, which was quite unusual for a five-year-old, so it was quite an experience. And from then on, I was able to kind of predict things, I knew when things were going to happen.

Then I can remember at the age of 10 painting this painting, over and over again, it was fields and hills, a farm and there was a river. And it wasn’t until I moved into this house here, 25 years ago, as I realized I had been painting at the age of 10, the view that I have now.

So I’ve always had this kind of ability to be able to see things. And then when things are okay and when they’re not. And so that’s how I started. I was very interested in reading people’s palms and from the age of 16 I was reading palms and tarot reading. So that’s what I did, but I actually became a nurse and I worked in the NHS for 38 years.

But during that time, I would work on wards and I was able to have a third kind of eye where I knew when people were going to have an episode such as a cardiac arrest or something. I could feel that something was going to happen.

I predicted my husband’s father was going to die three days before he died. And my husband was only 26 at the time. So it came as quite a shock because he had a heart attack. I’m afraid that the sisters and my mom had some abilities, although she didn’t use them.

As time moved on, I was getting more interested in crystals and that’s where I started off a few decades ago, collecting crystals and becoming really interested in the vibration of crystals and how they worked.

I was always interested in energy work. I could go into houses and become very uncomfortable when I knew there was something not quite right within the home. I’d got this sense that normal people wouldn’t even acknowledge, but I could walk in, I know, straight away there was something not right in the house.

So I started off with crystals and then I started a course in crystal healing. And I did that for three years, becoming an advanced crystal healer, which enables me to teach. I’ve actually run an angelic healing school and this has been accredited by the complementary medical association.

The courses I run are accredited. So I do teach crystal healing, but as time moved on, I realized there are these other modalities, so there’s lots of other ways of healing people.

Tell us more about Pellowah. What is it?

I was introduced in 2018 to Pellowah. A lady called Julie came to the UK from Australia and she was bringing Pellowah with her. She’d been taught to be a teacher and a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in doing a course?

I was one of the first two people in the UK to be attuned to this new modality called Pellowah, which is a wonderful energy. It’s fantastic. So I did that and then 12 months later I went to Australia to actually meet Kachina Mann and Kachina is the person who was the founder of Pellowah in Australia. I decided I wanted to be a teacher, so I was attuned by Kachina to become a teacher of Pellowah.

Radical changes give you clarity of the mind. It raises your consciousness. It makes you brave. It allows you to stand back from situations and not feel as though you have to be so emotionally involved in things, it allows you to actually stand back and see things from a different perspective, which is great. Especially if you’re a person who tends to worry a lot. What Pellowah does is it gives you that clarity and ability to be able to get on with your life and not worry so much.

I came back to the UK as a teacher and then we had COVID-19. It’s such a shame. I was one of two teachers in the UK able to teach people about Pellowah, but that was restricted for the past couple of years. I’m only just now managing to start off again and teach people to become practitioners of Pellowah.

Mental health struggles are more common these days. Do you have tips that anyone can use in a day-to-day basis, besides your treatments, that can reduce the impact of stressful routines?

Crystals. I love my crystals and actually I’ve put together some information for people about how to treat anxiety and depression using specific crystals. Sometimes what we don’t realize is because we work so much in front of computers, there are energies that are not good for human beings coming from, as you know, from any electrical equipment or anything like that.

So we can have crystals on our table. In front of your computer, you need a Tourmaline. It’s a black crystal, which absorbs all the negative energies. When I worked in the NHS I had a piece in front of my computer so that I wasn’t getting all those electric fields from the radiation and everything around.

But also I believe crystals are good for children. And I have grandchildren and I don’t stop them from touching crystals. I have an 11-year-old granddaughter now who loves it. They do help them with bullying at school with the anxieties of exams, things like that, you know, just any day-to-day things that they’re suffering at school.

Can you explain the angelic part, since you mention in your website that you work with Archangel Michael and Raphael in your healings?

Archangel Michael is, if you were ever to see him, if you ever had that lovely experience, which I’ve actually had, seeing Archangel Michael, he’s blue, he’s has this beautiful blue colour.

What he does is he protects you. He will protect you from harm. And so, with any healing that I do, I ask him to come in and help me with my healings. Archangel Raphael, he’s got a green collar, and he’s all about health and he will help you if you’ve got any health issues. By calling him, he will actually shield you and help with the healing process whatever symptoms you’ve got.

There are quite a number of archangels actually, and it depends on who comes in when I’m doing a healing. Sometimes they’ll come in, but I may have a shaman come in. It depends on what spirit guides are around at the time or are linked to your client. Because clients, well, every single person has a spirit guide who comes through with them at birth and stays with them throughout the life.

Can you please share a special message with our audience?

We should all now be sending those energies that we have out to Ukraine, to all those people, to those children. It’s dreadful, isn’t it? So just spend a little bit of time sitting in meditation and sending out positive energies to those in Ukraine. It’s really needed at this time.

If everybody did that globally, can you imagine all that positive energy being sent to Ukraine? I’m part of a drumming circle, and now we are drumming this weekend for 24 hours, and there’ll be thousands of us across the globe drumming for those in Ukraine. So, we need to be sending out positive energies to those people at this time.

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