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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On April 01, 2023

Connect to Core Individuality and Soul Purpose - Eva Maria Hunt

Connect to Core Individuality and Soul Purpose - Eva Maria Hunt

Eva Maria Hunt from Spiritual Wonders is a multi-passionate creative, Reiki practitioner, Crystal Healer, Colour therapist, Qigong teacher, Law of Attraction & Consciousness coach, for 11 years, helping women connect with their Core Individuality and Soul Purpose to celebrate the brilliance of their True Self.

How profoundly do you believe us to be impacted by our upbringing?

I believe that as souls, we choose our parents, before incarnating on Earth. Our choice is based on the lessons we expect to learn in this lifetime. Therefore, our upbringing does have a huge impact on our life, because these lessons are unfolding and accompanying us for decades.
I was born to parents, who couldn’t see me for who I was. My dad brought me up, as if I was a boy. He was very strict with me and showing emotions wasn’t allowed at all. Being an empath, which I wasn’t aware of, as a child made it extremely difficult for me.
As a response, I have developed a strategy of pleasing others to get positive responses to my actions and forever hoping in return, one day, they will see me as the psychic, creative empath I am.
So I believe our upbringing is providing the possibility to work through our karmic patterns and heal at the deepest level, should we choose to do so.

What prompted the awakening of your spirituality and personal growth?

After changing countries twice and trying to settle down away from my native country, Hungary, I was pushing myself to my absolute limits to learn to live with my second language. It all became too much, I got depressed. Parallel to this, I was opening up to spirituality. I was drawn to study Reiki and this all led me to establish my business, Spiritual Wonders, in 2010 with the original mission of helping women come through depression.

How do you help others achieve wholeness?

I was a hands on healer and in person Law of Attraction Coach for almost a decade, when the Covid Pandemic hit. This is when I was forced to move online, which turned out to be a blessing. Swapping the local market to the international one by providing Online Coaching & healing sessions and online personal readings made my business blossom.
I also do general readings on You Tube Moon Goddess Oracle, The Soul Alchemist channel, serving 7800+ subscribers. I aim to create a personalised experience for my clients in whatever I do, combining different healing modalities.

In what way do you use your psychic abilities and do you feel that this enhances other healing modalities you may offer (Reiki, Qigong..)?

I use my psychic abilities to connect with my clients, uncover their blind spots In whatever area they are struggling with.
Yes, absolutely, being psychic, i.e. the ability to channel from the Divine enhances everything I do. During a Reiki session I receive guidance, often messages for the person I am working with. Qigong is an ancient self-healing art, which I decided to study and later on teach, so the healing doesn’t stop when my clients walk out of my door. When I do guided qigong meditations I am connecting with my client or a group of participants and ask for a channelled visualisation, which helps them all.
The third way I use my psychic abilities is channelling art. My artworks are emotionally moving, bold and vibrant.

In your experience, do you find that people are mostly unhappy with what they have, whether this be of material, emotional or any other nature?

Mostly and sadly yes, I do find that people aren’t grateful. They take what they have, including themselves for granted and just demand more and more. From the manifestation point of view this attitude is really working against them. Part of my mission is to help those who are open to change and to have a deep understanding of how the Law of attraction works. This way they can create abundance for themselves in alignment with the Universe.

In a small paragraph, how do we attain Divine Living?

Living with relish is the key to Divine Living. Enjoying what we do, being in the state of satisfaction. Relish is also an acronym for the 6-step process I am guiding my clients through to achieve that. Remembering who you are, Establishing new habits, Listening to your intuition, Identifying your passion, Struggling no more, Harvesting your innate power. It’s a 3 months intense learning and healing process with my VIP programme called Accelerate to Divine Living.
To reach more people with crucial information for their happiness and well-being, I am in the process of creating a membership site called The Healing Chamber. Here I give people access to powerful materials I have built up over the last 11 years, (whilst walking my own path and working with clients), on how they can FREE the real them, and finally be SEEN & HEARD for who they truly are, saying NO to pleasing others, NO to living someone else’s dreams, NO to being afraid of being rejected, and YES to LIVING THEIR PASSION and SHINING rather than hiding….

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Sarah is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. She resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, kite surfing, and playing guitar.