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Trust in Your Intuition & using colour to heal - Fiona Radman

Trust in Your Intuition & using colour to heal - Fiona Radman

Fiona Radman is a world renowned Intuitive. MysticMag has the pleasure of learning some of her insights on intuition and how she goes about teaching us to trust in it. Fiona has been on her spiritual path for the last 25 years and now empowers clients through teaching them how to use their intuition and how to heal with an energy system called Colour Mirrors.

What are the fundamentals of teaching intuition?

First and foremost, I need to establish where my client is in terms of following their intuitive abilities and I typically use a scale from one to ten to do this – ten being very good. I ask them how they see themselves on this scale and, interestingly enough, most people always land somewhere between 4 and 8, and, in addition, have an intuition about their intuition. Nobody is unable to answer this question! The number one answer for why they are not following their intuition more is trust, or lack thereof.

One of the first tools when it comes to listening to intuition is knowing how intuition comes to you. More often than not, it is a sense one gets or a gut-feeling. For example, and any Estate Agent will confirm this, hardly anyone ends up buying the property they set out to buy – they end up buying something completely different because of walking into a space, loving the energy and feeling that it is the right choice. They intuitively know they have found their home.

So typically, we go through how people access their intuition; sense of knowing and gut-feeling. We then look at what is holding them back or why they are not trusting their intuition. One of the biggest hindrances is EGO. We live in a totally ego-driven society and this is unbelievably powerful. We are conditioned to be this way. So, for example, someone will take a job or promotion that gives them the prestige and standing that society congratulates, adulates and revels in, whilst their intuition is 60% telling them to turn down the job. Intuition Vs. Ego – unfortunately ego wins most of the time!

Helping people to deal with their ego voice is one of the most important (and biggest) parts of my teachings. One of the best tools, which was taught to me by my teacher, Sonia Choquette,
is to take control of your ego by pretending it’s a dog! Give it a name, and as soon as you feel it taking over, give it jobs to do. Who is in control, you or your ego? Also, your intuitive voice can be very quiet so it is helpful to acknowledge your intuitive sense during that split second, before your ego comes in and takes over. Teaching people about this split second is also another important lesson in my teachings.

Laughing as much as possible is a great tool to get rid of the ego. Once you have raised your vibration, you are able to master your ego. Often what is going on with your instant energy is a true reflection of your intuition. For example, if you feel your energy expand when you first hear about that job promotion, then your intuition is telling you to go for the job. If, on the other hand, you feel your energy contracting, then you can know for sure that it is the wrong decision.

I teach my clients all these tools to overcome the obstacles of not being able to hear their intuition.

Do you feel that most of us shun our intuition and pursue a more cerebral approach to life?

Yes – because the ego lives in the mind. Furthermore, we come from years and decades of teaching and education and we are conditioned to use our minds over our intuition.

What are the overwhelming benefits of being in touch with our intuition?

How happy do you want to be? How much do you want to reduce stress in your life? How do you want to deeply and profoundly connect with your soul and your soul path? How much do you want to feel deeply satisfied by being alive and knowing that you contribute to make a difference?

Intuition is an incredible gift that we have been given. Every single human being around the world understands intuition to a certain degree. The more that we can follow this and take control of our ego, the more power we have to change everything and anything and to find happiness.

How important is self-esteem in the intuitive process?

Trust and self-love is the name of the game. If you are not putting yourself first, then what energy are you contributing to the world? Intuitively, we need to look after ourselves first. If we are intuitively happy, and operating on a higher vibration, then how much more can we give those around us, in terms of love and happiness?

Intuition is what ultimately links us to the Divine. It is our extra-sensory perception and it guides us unerringly in the best possible direction. If we seriously follow our intuition we will end up on our soul path and soul purpose. Self-esteem comes down to an understanding and acceptance that if I look after my own personal energy and intuition, I will be able to make a real difference in this world. I can become a ‘leader’.

Can you describe to us “Colour Mirrors” and why did you choose to incorporate this into your work?

My work is based on combining the intuitive work and guidance with color mirrors. Training with color mirrors was part of my spiritual development and personal growth. I went on to train in many modalities but originally I was a knitwear designer. My dominant sense is therefore visual – images and color. Over the last few years, my soul kept nudging me to go back to Colour Mirrors. So I did! This is where I am supposed to be.

In a nutshell, Colour Mirrors was founded by a South African lady called Melissie Jolly in 2001. It uses coloured essential oils and essences as color therapy. The system is used globally by complementary health and professional practitioners, spiritual teachers and color therapists for personal and spiritual transformation for both their clients and themselves.

The first 36 bottles cover every issue or concern – negative or positive – that humans have in life. The next 15 bottles cover the human chakra system; the known colors of the rainbow, and the colors of ascension. The frequencies of our bodies are upgraded here and the color system reflects this. The next part of the system to be channeled are the Gaia bottles, the consciousness of the planet we live on. The feminine energy on this planet has been suppressed in favor of the masculine energies for thousands of years. The transition currently taking place on the planet is shifting this energy back to the Feminine and the Gaia bottles help people with this transition.

In response to an issue, I ask my client to pick a bottle. Their soul will guide them to choose a bottle. They will hold the bottle. The soul, body, mental, spiritual, emotional and physical will get what it needs from this bottle. The bottles are split into two colors – the top part is what is consciously in one’s mind, and the bottom part tends to be the unconscious.
The client may smell the contents of the bottle. During the session, it will become apparent what the person needs to do to shift. They may choose to buy the bottle and over two to three weeks they can do personal self-help therapy at home to work with the colors and bottle to make the changes needed. For a radical change and the fastest way of achieving this, is for the client to empty the entire contents of the bottle into a warm bath and bathe in its contents for about twenty minutes. All sorts of things can happen here – images, dreams, hallucinations, out of body experiences – it is completely variable.
There is also a set of essences to support physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

This is an energy system – it looks pretty but it packs a massive punch! It is up to the individual as to how much they want to change.

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Want to know more about Colour Mirrors, visit https://www.colourmirrors.com/

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