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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On January 30, 2023

Tarot cards and what is expected for 2021 with Francesco Salomoni

Tarot cards and what is expected for 2021 with Francesco Salomoni

If you want to see what is in the cards for you, Francesco Salomoni is one of the best names in the business. With his website Tarot of New York and social media presence you can check out his awesome work and have a consultation. We talked with Francesco this week about his gift, what topics people want to know more and what 2021 can bring to us.

Please share with us your story and how you found out your gift.

The first encounter with anything supernatural happened when I was about 5 years old. I was sleeping at my grandparents house, a very old house in the countryside in Italy, and in the middle of the night I woke up and saw a woman floating next to my bed. I was really scared but later learned it was a person that worked in the house years before and helped the family. Since then I have a strong feeling whenever I walked into building and often can see scenes of previous events.

Tarot came into my life when I was 12. A family friend gifted me a deck of cards and I started playing around with it. I was also doing pretend readings with regular playing cards. It turned out that often those play readings were pretty accurate. I kept doing that for fun since then.

During a particularly difficult time in my life I used the tarot cards to guide me and find solutions. It was hard. I didn’t want to accept what they were telling me but once I did, everything went much better and I am very grateful for that.

I started doing part time readings professionally after work until I realized that I was feeling much more fulfilled and making a difference in people’s lives with tarot than with my regular job.

I felt called to do it full time but I wasn’t really sure I should do it so I asked my guides for a sign. The same day I was walking in Little Italy and stopped to admire a particular house. A man came out and asked me if I had rung the bell since his dog heard someone at the door. I said I did not. We started to talk and I found out he was a very famous psychic that had worked with many famous people from John Lennon to Andy Warhol and more. We still maintain a friendship and he has since retired but I am sure that was the sign I asked for. I am very happy with this choice.

Can you explain to us the power of the tarot cards and what can they show to you and your clients?

Tarot shows you the energy that is surrounding a particular situation. Sometimes they pinpoint exact people involved and how they play their part in the situation. This can help the querent see how things are going to develop if nothing is changed. Let’s remember that we have the power to make changes. If there is something we don’t like, we can act to create a change. Once we do that the tarot will reflect it in the next reading. Just like it happened to me.

I imagine that love and career are the “hot” topics. What do you normally advise and tell your clients regarding those subjects?

Love and career are the most asked topics. Sometimes people have very specific questions about a relationship or a career move and it is very interesting to see how much we can find out about it in a reading.

Most times we can see if it is a good idea to make a particular career move or if there is a better option and who or what might be in the way of achieving a particular goal. For love readings we can usually see if a partner is interested and committed or if they are emotionally unavailable or what is in the way of them expressing their love.

Sometimes I have to tell my clients that they are wasting their time waiting for a person to change and to pay attention to them, but many other times there are just simple misunderstandings that we can point out and help them get closer and in a happy relationship.

You have a great online presence, including social media (TikTok and Instagram). How did that start and what TikTok, for example, brings to your table?

I think it is important to have a social media presence. I believe that I can share small messages and guiding words to help people make sense of their day even if they are not ready to have a full reading about a situation. Sometimes my followers become clients because they see that they can connect with me and that is wonderful. Social media is a great way to connect with my audience and for them to see what I am about and if they can trust me as a reader.

You released a series of tarotscopes for each sign. Can you share with us a small sample for the month of May?

May is going to be a very interesting month. Usually I pull two cards for each sign but in this case we can see what is the general energy for the month. I pulled the Strength and the Page of Cups. I love this combination, it is definitely a positive one. We are going to be called to express our opinions more but also to listen carefully.

Love energy is on the rise and we can definitely enjoy new people and friends coming into our lives. We are getting in the full of Spring after all so this is definitely in tune with the season.

2021 is a challenging year for everyone. What do the cards show in general?

2021 is definitely a year of action. We have been sitting at home most of last year and it is time to think how to get productive again. There is a lot of fire energy coming for this year and we need to be ready to be active upon it and not just wait passively for things to happen. What I am getting from this year is a lot of opportunities are opening and we want to be ready to take advantage of them.

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