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Reaching Higher Vibrations - Gabrielle Anya Rafello

Reaching Higher Vibrations - Gabrielle Anya Rafello

Gabrielle Anya Rafello runs The Koorana Centre and Koorana Foundation in the UK . She uses vibrational medicine to facilitate positive changes within people and spaces and teaches her own healing modality known as Energy Harmonization both online and in person. She is also a professional mentor and facilitator.

What would be your definition of a holistic environment?

In my experience a holistic environment would incorporate several practices that help the space to feel naturally balanced, where the energy can flow. We are all affected by the energy of environments, whether we are aware of that or not. However, people who are sensitive in nature tend to pick up the ‘subtle’ energy in a space and would be most affected by any potential disharmony.
Practices I would recommend may include simple space clearing techniques, Feng Shui tools, and the use of living plants, crystals, sound therapy and room sprays to elevate the vibration of a space.
Vibrational medicine, in the form of dowsing, can be beneficial as well. The careful use of color will naturally enhance a space. I tend to feel that homes choose us. They often reflect what we are experiencing in our lives and experiences. We can learn to ‘tune’ into the energy of a space and find out what it needs to bring it back into balance.
I recommend invoking the Violet Flame as a simple but highly effective technique to clear negativity in any environment. Just holding the intention to anchor it into a space is enough for it to work and many people notice an immediate difference to the way a space feels.

Does your work focus primarily on HSPs and highly gifted people?

I do support many HSPs and empaths as both clients and students, and have done so for the past thirty years. Being an HSP myself, I find that I can relate to so many of the challenges they face in a world that can often feel overwhelming.
In my work I provide a wide range of tools and recommendations to support them. I love to hold space for families especially, running programmes like Crystal Calm and True Nature for children and teens is hugely rewarding and parents often say that their youngsters benefit so much from what I share.

What is vibrational medicine and how does it work its magic?

Vibrational medicine comes in many shapes and forms. As an example, many people I know love working with essences which hold the vibrational patterns of the flowers and crystals they are made from.
I became a professional dowser nearly seven years ago learning a method known as Quantum Psionics, which was channeled by Regia Prado in Brazil. It revolutionized my therapy practice and I saw literally hundreds of clients of all ages and from many different backgrounds.
Through my own system of Energy Harmonisation which I began to channel and teach in 2019, I combine the process of dowsing with color, crystals and powerful light codes, to not only measure the vibrational frequencies for people, animals and spaces, but also to send healing and help people to transform the way they feel. It can work in-person and by distance.
EH can be a great way to clear uncomfortable emotions and negative attachments. My system can support individuals in so many different areas, it’s truly unlimited! For example, clients ask for help with their relationships, career path and purpose, personal and spiritual development, and even with romance and to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. I use the system to work on home and work-space environments.
Animals can benefit hugely too. They can often be more accepting of healing as they don’t allow their mind to get in the way of experiencing the results. It really suits those who are HSPs and empaths, and I frequently work with parents, teachers and carers. The feedback has been amazing. Each treatment starts with measurements, which are taken again at the end. The difference in vibration and the way someone feels can be quite profound. That is where the magic happens!

When was the Koorana Centre established and what have been the most beautiful experiences you have encountered within?

I established the Koorana Centre in 2012 and the experiences I and others have had in that space have been amazing. ‘Koorana’ was a name given to me by Spirit just before it opened. It comes from the aboriginal people and means ‘to bring forward the children’. There was also a sun god known as Koorana in ancient Egypt and I know that energy is part of my lineage. During the opening event a friend of mine kindly came along to play the didgeridoo. I remember taking photos that were full of orbs! Sometimes the light flowing into the space has simply taken my breath away. There have been many occasions when I have been walking into my office and have needed to stop and acknowledge the presence of Spirit there.
Most people, when they arrive, talk about how special the energy feels and it has always been my intention they feel safe and at home in themselves. Over the course of ten years, as my own gifts have developed, I have witnessed many incredible things happen, too many to mention really, but one day I may write a book about that!

Is working with the Angels and Archangels beneficial for everybody and when would you suggest this healing modality be used?

100% beneficial. Working with Angels and Archangels has been a real privilege for me, and I simply love teaching and sharing treatments in Angelic Reiki. Two years ago, crystal healing and card reading were integrated into the modality in a fabulous workshop known as Metatron Methods and the Soul Midwifery system is perfect for healers who want to offer end of life care. Over the years I have seen so many students come into this space to learn this special modality. It really does attract many who support the younger generation and the star seeds who are really here to make a difference.
Quite a few couples approach me when they are hoping to start a family and I often work to clear spaces and help individuals to realign themselves before one of the new sensitive souls decides to incarnate. It’s wonderful to have conversations with these children before they arrive, they are often very excited to be joining their new parents and to be arriving on the earth at this powerful time of transition.

What can you tell us about your life journey?

It’s been varied! Looking back, I realize it was all perfectly planned. At the age of 16 I went to art college and my love of color and creativity began to emerge. I became an event organizer whilst working for two professional associations and several charities, and then had a ten-year career in retail, with three specialist shops. That is when my love of crystals truly began.
I became a therapist, then teacher, then specialist in vibrational medicine and one day I simply knew I would become the leader of a healing center and spiritual community. Despite some resistance at times on my part, which is a natural part of being human I feel, it has all flowed reasonably well and one life experience has led to another, it’s been like joining the dots.
I have always had a passion for supporting children and young people and created the Koorana Foundation in 2019. The time for that is now approaching and I am looking forward to seeing how it will develop. I am supported by a group of five other ladies and we are intending to make a wide range of resources available online to support parents, carers and teachers who want to make conscious choices and create environments where young people thrive.

Which aspects of your life transformed you the most into the person you are today?

I would say my relationships have allowed me to transform the most. I began to wake up when my children arrived many years ago. The Koorana Centre community has also taught me so much and I have held space for a large number of people there, and continue to expand that audience through my new community interest company known as ‘Koorana Wellbeing’.
I have always loved having the opportunity to speak in front of an audience and to connect people. I believe I am here to create networks of like-minded people. Through my own process of conscious awakening, I have learnt the most and Spirit has always taught me through the ‘experiences’ I have had. I talk about some of these experiences through my blog posts and maybe one day I will put all of those together in a book.

How do you proceed with your clients, generally speaking?

I always try to meet my clients exactly where they are. Some approach me as they are just waking up and others are well and truly on their ascension journey. I love all aspects of my work and in my role as a spiritual mentor I learn so much.
My Spirit team usually guides me clearly and shows me what each person needs. Sometimes I work with a client or student intensively for several months, then don’t see them for a while. They always know when to return and I trust that. Others just need one-off support.
Because I offer such a wide range of workshops, there are many students who have been training with me for 10-15 years and it’s lovely to watch them grow and evolve. I feel it’s important to keep things fluid.

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