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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On June 06, 2023

Create The Life You Want With Global Psychics

Create The Life You Want With Global Psychics

Danielle Daoust is a Psychic, Philosopher, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Owner/Operator of Global Psychics.  In this interview she shares insights on the founding of Global Psychics and talks about overcoming challenges to create the life you want.

What was the inspiration behind founding Global Psychics?

Global Psychics was started in response to an awakening that began in earnest in the 80’s, people becoming more aware of their spirituality and much more interested in psychic phenomena. Many people were having experiences that they didn’t understand and often frightened them… My guides led me to notice the shift in consciousness that was underway and advised me to be prepared to help wherever I could.. I wanted to be available to answer their questions, to help people understand what was happening to them. As my private practice grew, I recognized that the Internet would enable me to connect with a lot more people.

What sets Global Psychics aside from others?

We share what we know about being psychic and spirituality freely. On our web sites we provide a lot of information about developing intuition, as well as about spirituality and personal development at and We offer a range of readings that you won’t find on other web sites, like pre-birth planning, animal totem, life purpose and past life readings. We focus on email readings although we also offer phone readings. I think that the email readings are better value than phone readings… We have time to think about what we are seeing for the client, and they get a reading that they can refer back to and reread.

What do you love most about your profession?

I love being a guide, helping people feel better about themselves, helping people make decisions that benefit them…. I want to bring forward the magical side of life so that folks see and feel their power to create what they want in life.. and I am blessed to bring some comfort through connecting with the spirits of loved ones and pets who have passed on..

What are some of the more popular aspects that people seek guidance with and how can a psychic or medium assist with this?

Love and money are the two most common topics for readings, although we also have a real demand for our specialty readings… we can see ahead to help our clients make good choices….and we can see behind to see how our past choices and lives are influencing the present.

In your opinion, why do people lose hope in difficult situations; what insight are they missing?

People lose sight of the fact that All has purpose…. when we take time to identify and understand the why of a particular relationship or life event, we get the lesson and avoid a recurrence. Sometimes our wounds run deep, through past lives as well as this and it is difficult to break the old habits that keep getting us stuck.. Healing can be like peeling the layers of an onion….. just when you think you have reached a comfortable place, a new layer shows itself.
The same old problem will keep coming up until we break the habits that attract the energy to us. This can be very frustrating for us. A recurring problem suggests the need for deep work on both the physical and spiritual levels.

What is the most common issue that prevents people from living a fulfilling life?

The biggest obstacle for every person on the planet is the fear that freezes us in place…We are conditioned from early childhood to be afraid of many things, from traffic to strangers… But fear holds us back or distracts us from our goals…. it leads to the choice between fight or flight… the good news is that fear has purpose and can prevent us from jumping into a relationship or event that would in the end hurt us…. It is important to acknowledge our fears – and keep moving forward despite them….

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