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Fearlessly Move Forward with Heather Prince

Fearlessly Move Forward with Heather Prince

Heather Prince known online as The Rootmaster is a Akashic record healer, life coach, author & founder of the FMF Method.  With a mindfulness based relationship approach, Heather works through time and space to bulldoze your relationship blocks, in the process empowering you and unlocking the goddess within.

Could you tell us a bit about your journey into energy healing and what inspired you to pursue this professionally?

When my school friend told me that her husband had been diagnosed with cancer, I felt powerless and went to see a healer who lived at the other end of my road.  She invited me to join her “circle” and send absent healing.  I wasn’t sure what that was but I went along anyway.   This led to me attending her development circles twice a week and training to become a healer. But unfortunately, my friend’s husband died at age 34 leaving her with 2 young boys. (She is now happily remarried).

I have 3 children and I mentioned in the circle that my youngest was different.  This led to my discovery that he was an Indigo Kid.  I took him to be assessed and was told he was dyslexic and learnt hands-on.  The lady asked if I wanted his Akashic Records cleared and as she was working, I intuitively linked in and knew that this was the work for me.

At the time I was running my own meditation group and I trained with her for 2 years to become a Spiritual Response Consultant. I also wrote my first book “I am indigo”

What healing modalities do you offer, and do you have a personal preference?

I clear the Akashic Records which includes clearing the 7 shadows we can inherit from our ancestors.  I also use Emotional Freedom Technique for anxiety and phobias, plus meditation & visualisation.

What are some of the more common aspects people approach you with and how can energy healing be beneficial?

I work with women with heartbreak.  Their self love is at a low level, alongside, self-esteem self-belief, self-confidence and self-respect.  I help clients with their self worth and trusting their intuition.

Being an Energy Healer and having to consistently heal and help others, are there any non-negotiable practices you use personally to maintain your self-care?

I lead by example.  Eating healthily.  Drinking enough.  8 hours sleep.  Reflexology.  Hot Crystal massage.  Walking my dogs daily.  Taking time out to spend with family and friends.

Lastly, any tips to share with our readers on finding balance and maintaining a positive energy?

Acknowledge and accept that the only control we have is over ourselves. Not over the weather or others.  It is okay to say No and put yourself first.  If you don’t put the oxygen mask on you first, you’re no help to others.  Spend quality time with loved ones, chores can wait until tomorrow.  Be mindful of your thoughts and be kind to yourself as if you are speaking to your best friend.

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