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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Equine Rescue, Apache Teachings and Spirituality with Henry Levin (The Pinchas Foundation)

Equine Rescue, Apache Teachings and Spirituality with Henry Levin (The Pinchas Foundation)

This week Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Henry Levin, president of The Pinchas Foundation, a great initiative that uses the spiritual knowledge of the Apache to help people and also offer healing services for animals and equine rescue.  You can learn more about the foundation and Henry’s story in the interview below.

Please present yourself and The Pinchas Foundation to our audience

The Pinchas Foundation which I co-founded with my wife Audrey,

  • Provides training in spiritual healing and protection practices of the Apache people that have been used for centuries to help heal body, mind, and spirit,
  • Offers healing services to animals and people using these methods, and
  • Supports equine rescue efforts.

For me, Spiritual healing was something I could never have imagined pursuing.  For most of my life, I relied on “rational” thought, science, and in what my five senses told me.  I grew up in New York City, had a traditional high school and college education, and starting in the mid-1980s worked in business for over twenty years.

But in the early 1990’s, three months after Audrey and I married, I got sick.  For most of the next two decades, my health was up and down, but I never fully recovered.  Searching for answers, I saw many Western doctors and tried a series of alternative treatments, many which made some difference.  I am grateful for all the practitioners I saw, and I wish to be clear that I have extraordinary respect for Western medicine and all the approaches I tried.

But in the end, my health only made the biggest and quickest leap forward and I felt like I got my life back when my wife and I began to work with a woman, Ms. Beverly Chapman, who practices and teaches her Apache ancestors’ Spiritual healing ways for body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to physical health benefits, these methods have helped my family and me to:

  • Proceed in our lives with a much greater sense of direction, confidence, security, and well-being,
  • Navigate more effectively in all areas of our lives, and
  • Eliminate virtually all fighting in making decisions in our family.

As a result of our personal experiences and the healing we have seen other people (and animals) experience, Audrey and I became convinced of the power of Spiritual tools and started to study them.  And in 2019, in order to be of assistance to more people and animals, we established The Foundation and secured IRS approval for the organization to operate as a 501(c)3 non-profit.

How did you get in touch with the knowledge and teachings of the Apache people and other Native American practices?

Ms. Chapman, who I mentioned above, helped a couple of people we know.  Knowing how she helped them, I asked if she could help me.  She did, and over time we began to learn from her.

What are the spiritual healing and protection services that you offer?

The goal of Spiritual Healing is to help bring balance, healing, and joy to our bodies and the situations in our lives.

Some of the specific healing modalities I use (and teach) to assist those who may be struggling are:

  • Healing with color, light, and sound
  • Connecting with nature.
  • Working with stones, plants, oils, and herbs.
  • A variety of energy work including Reiki, which is a powerful method for channeling the universal healing energies.
  • For some, prayer.
  • Dream Interpretation.
  • Breathing, meditation, and visioning (or visualization) techniques.
  • Protection
  • Connecting with one’s spirit guides.
  • Life Purpose and other work that can resemble traditional coaching/counselling work.
  • A variety of teachings and tools from Kabbalah.

But really when I am honored with the opportunity to help somebody, I start by going into prayer, confirming if I am meant to work with the person, and then asking what is needed.  I will get information about what I need to do to help the person and as well what the person needs to do.

Protection work is hugely important in the Apache tradition.  As I think many believe, I believe that there are dark forces and energy that want to harm us and keep us from living the lives we are meant to live.  Protection work involves working to clear out these dark energies and then setting up spiritual shields and using other teachings to minimize the going-forward impact of these dark forces.

The reality though is that the battle between the forces of light and darkness is on-going, and so the protection process is on-going.

Can you explain to us your Healing with Color, Light, and Sound class?

Everything in the Universe has energy, and that includes colors, light, and sound.  And therefore, everything has the potential to impact us.  And that impact can range from extremely pleasant or useful to extremely unpleasant and everything in between.

Certainly, we’ve all been in spaces where we find the colors calming and spaces where the colors have a more energizing impact.  And the same goes with sound; just imagine the difference between jazz and heavy metal.

Like all of our classes, this class is a very practical how-to class on how to use specific colors, light, and sounds to address specific problems.  For example, if you have a headache or are having trouble sleeping, certain colors are better to wear or use for bedding.  And we discuss how certain sounds and music can be very powerful in bringing balance, peace, and healing.

The class also describes how to use specific colors, sounds, and light to help heal our energy centers (chakras).

I have found it very interesting the relation you made between equine rescue and spiritual healing. Can you elaborate and present your experience regarding this?

The bulk of the Foundation’s resources are dedicated to supporting equine rescue efforts.  For us, equine rescue and Spiritual Healing are connected in a few ways.  One, Ms. Chapman has dedicated much of her life work to equine rescue so that is how we were introduced to equine rescue work.

Two, interacting with horses has proven to be remarkably healing for many. And three, we believe that all people and our planet can only fully heal to the extent all people and all animals dependent on mankind are honored and treated with compassion.

You’ve made some very interesting posts on your Instagram. Focusing on the “Day After” one (about the American election) and the year that we lived in, what message do you have for our readers, around the world, that are facing some challenging moments?

I believe that kindness and love, including self-love, really are the most powerful weapons in overcoming challenges.  Therefore, I would say that the most important thing I would recommend is for all of us to try to keep raising the bar on being kind to ourselves and each other, knowing that none of us is perfect and that each of us has Creator’s light inside of us.  And it seems that one of the obstacles to doing this is fear because fear can move us into the mode of trying to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe as opposed to thinking about how we can all be safe together.

Therefore, I would also recommend that we work to reduce our fear, knowing that if we can truly come together and care for each other with mutual acceptance despite our differences and imperfections, there is no limit to the challenges we can overcome.


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