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Restore Balance in Body and Mind with Infinity Works Healing

Restore Balance in Body and Mind with Infinity Works Healing

Adela Warner owner of Infinity Works Healing is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practioner who specializes in supporting clients heal the body and transform thoughts by enlivening energies to activate the body’s natural healing abilities.  Her integrative approach uses both ancient healing traditions and spiritual intuition to unlock the wisdom in the body’s energy systems to accelerate healing.  In this interview, Adela shares insights of her professional journey and tips on finding balance and maintaining positive energy.

Could you tell us a bit about your journey into energy healing and what inspired you to pursue this professionally?

I had a near-death experience and upon returning, I learned that I could leave my body and shine light. At this time I was also initiated into healing with masters that taught me how to work with my own energy and tap into the mastery of the Quantum Field to heal myself.

From here, it became clear my path was to help others. I have studied and trained multiple healing modalities, to work with the energetic blueprint of the body, learning where to discover and clear blocks, support the body’s innate ability to balance and heal.

What healing modalities do you offer, and do you have a personal preference?

I offer remote distance healing and virtual sessions. Distance healing is my favorite as I am able to connect in with clients and clear blocks, delete negative thought patterns and connect into the astral plane where I receive insights and downloads that can be shared with the client if they choose.

In these sessions, I am ever so reminded of the power of each individual and the spark of God that we are aligned with, whether we know it or not.

What are some of the more common aspects people approach you with and how can energy healing be beneficial?

In order to heal, you have to go into what you are holding on to to release. If you have monkey mind, or struggling emotionally, sessions will be beneficial. Physical symptoms are manifestations of our mental and emotional blocks.

I guide clients into embodiment more and more of their spirit, into their being. Strengthening any aspects of themselves that they are feeling out of, not fully embodied in, no being aware of, not claiming. Distance healing is an opportunity to connect in and strengthen whatever connection you need.

Being an Energy Healer and having to consistently heal and help others, are there any non-negotiable practices you use personally to maintain your self-care?

Breathing and living by the power of Love is my daily practice. Prayer. Meditation. Crystals. Sleep! Vegan.

Lastly, any tips to share with our readers on finding balance and maintaining positive energy?

99% or problems are coming from problems in the mind. The body’s innate ability to function is very well designed.

There can be various pulls on our mind. We don’t want to let go of the mind while it holds onto misinformation, old ideas, people’s stuff and there is a refusal to let go of it. Feel the refusal to let it go and move into self acceptance.

Even say out loud, ‘I refuse to let this go.’ Let go of your judgments about the refusal.

When you have enough self acceptance your problems will dissolve.

We are unlimited beings, many things are set up in 3D to experience limits. These are in place to help us remember that we are unlimited beings.

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