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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On April 01, 2023

Where To From Here? with Jacob Cooper

Where To From Here? with Jacob Cooper

Jacob Cooper, LCSW, gives us a glimpse into his Near-Death Experience (NDE), his encounters with the spirit guides and how his life purpose developed within this angelic realm. 

Who is Jacob Cooper?

I am a spiritual being having a human experience, like everybody else. I am here to serve. I had a profound NDE at the age of three which was severely traumatic. I suffered from suffocation due to pertussis commonly referred to as whooping cough.

My dream and goal within the life I am living now, is to give back people their own breath, but not in a physical or medical sense. When people are out of sorts, out of hope, in acute grief for a loved one, or out of faith, my purpose is to empower and remind them that the breath of eternity inside of them is infinitely greater than any form of deprivation or suffocation they may feel on an emotional level in the world in front of them today. I try to empower people to remember who they truly are and what they are forever connected to.

My book, Life After Breath, is a transformative memoir of my own Near-Death Experience. 

Do you agree with the term ‘the afterlife’?

I would say we are forever connected to the afterlife. My NDE informed me of the continuum of what we are forever connected to. It is not somewhere that you strive to go to, it is literally right here in front of us. We are here to remind ourselves of where we come from and what we are always connected to. It is everywhere; it is in us, and all around us. Part of the problem is that we forget that we ARE love, and we have love around us yet we don’t know how to use that superpower. 

Please tell us about your NDE and how it affected your life?

I have learned that the brain is a filter of consciousness. My brain snapped in half due to the deprivation of oxygen, and God and Spirit came in. That literally happened to me. As a child, after my NDE, I was forever changed in the sense that I had a light from the other side inside my brain, and I was able to access the door to eternity and cross over to the other side. I was much more comfortable on the other side, up until a certain point when I was allowed to go no further. I had to learn how to be a spiritual being while living this human experience.

I experienced regular inter-dimensional communication as a child. Unfortunately, the western civilization that I grew up in, valued intellectual regurgitation over imagination, so I really had to bog down this experience and connection that I had, in order to fit in and do/be what I was asked to do/be. However, to survive and to thrive later on in my life I had to find ways to integrate it. It was through my NDE that I remembered that all wisdom, clarity and beauty is in our own backyards in the inner depths of our being. 

How is one able to connect fully with fellow humans when one has seen ‘more’?

The true master has a beginner’s mind. Every moment and every person that you encounter has a potential and beauty far greater than what meets the eye. My job is to try and listen, empower and to let go of judgment.

On a personal level, I make sure that I surround myself with like minded energy of those who are growth oriented and embody a value system based on the broader picture at hand. 

Which healing modality resonates with you the most, given your history?

Laughter! Simple as that. In my experience as a therapist and as a friend, laughter can be the most healing modality of them all. A heightened sense of joy is higher consciousness like clear skies are to the sun. Love has no place for negativity, and when you find yourself in that place of joy and high vibrational love, negativity cannot dwell, as taught in the Course in Miracles. 

On a practical basis, Reiki, hypnosis and therapy are all great healing modalities, but at the end of the day nothing beats getting people into that heightened state of joy and laughter.

Are most accounts of NDEs similar?

There are common characteristics and a uniformity. Although not all are the same, there is a profound awareness that one shouldn’t have, when the brain stops functioning and the heart stops beating. This really is what defines a NDE in a nutshell; consciousness which is not produced by the brain or through the body but rather consciousness flowing through it. 

What can one expect from working with Jacob?

I try to help people to step up on each rung of the ladder in their own time. This ladder is an infinite stepping stone from the heavens to the earth plane. Every lifetime, we hopefully ascend to a new echelon or plateau of the ladder. 

My whole life is to give back myself and what I try to do with what my angels, spirits, God and NDE have given me. I was able to look at despair in the face through my own suffocation, and see an infinite light behind it that was and remains always there. Everything else is just a temporary distraction. In the grander scheme of things, love and light is really the only thing that ever is and ever was. 

What is your mission on this Earth?

To help people find ways to balance the human part and the spiritual part, to not bypass the human part, but to go through that part as this is how you reach the doorways of expansiveness. Sometimes we become too complacent, and we get too caught up in the human experience. We forget that we are a soul in a body and not a body without a soul.

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