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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On February 01, 2023

Awareness and Integration - Jacqueline Leonardini

Awareness and Integration - Jacqueline Leonardini

MysticMag has the pleasure of chatting with Jakki Leonardini, a passionate Energy Medicine Practitioner. Jakki shares her insights and experience as a holistic worker and reveals what is needed to grow, expand and evolve.

If you could describe in a small paragraph what our ‘Soul Journey’ is, what would it be?

I subscribe to the Earth School philosophy and I believe that we are eternal beings and Divine Energy at our core: We are love, truth and creativity. Our purpose is to come into this dimension in order to go through a set of experiences, to remember the light, embody that and grow. Our soul journey is for the purpose of our growth and expansion.
Part of the work that I do questions how we begin to view our journey or experience here on Earth as happening for that purpose rather than what is happening to us. It is important to meet ourselves and others with compassion as we grow, expand and evolve. When we are on the path of compassion we are on the path of the soul – this defines our Soul journey in my experience.

Intuition and clairvoyance – skill or gift?

I think it is both. Everyone has the gift of intuition and the ability to find answers within themselves. Clairvoyance is the ability to see the unseen but in a clear way. It is a skill to be clear and part of being able to receive clear messages comes from being in a place of embodied neutrality.
Stillness plays its role. If I stay here in this place of growth then my vision will expand, but if I am in the pain of something that is occurring right now, or in a state of confusion, then the messages will not be clear. I think the skill comes with practice and that Spirit speaks to us in ways that we understand. This is very personal and unique to each and everyone of us.
The more we interface with Spirit, the more the communication becomes more evident in the natural way in which we build that relationship. Nothing should come between us and our intuition or our relationship with Spirit. We need a direct line to the Divine, and to do this we need to attune to this perception of love. This to me is a practice, so as to remember.

What energy healing modalities do you offer your clients and what is your intention?

My intention is to always be a support, and to provide tools that I have used in my experience, and share information with my clients so they can become more attuned to their own knowing. I work with the chakra systems, the ethereal body, and I attune into the different frequencies of energy.
By inviting these energies in on behalf of my clients, and syncing up with them in this harmonic the healing begins to take place – tapping into light and earth energy and using it to help reveal where there is dis-ease within someone, then helping to shift and recenter my clients. Healing takes place once the shift occurs.
Another key part of working with clients is figuring out how to integrate this new awareness into their intention and action. How do we take this healing and attune every word, thought and action to what we now know?
The shadow is within all of us because the shadow has information, neither good or bad. We need to learn from this so as to evolve, grow and heal and this is where my work is mainly focused.

You and your partner Kasey Hendriks Crown co-founded WellSoul Workshops – what can you tell us about this wellness education company and what it has to offer?

Kasey is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist specializing in trauma, and I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner. We draw from both of our fields and have created what we call experiential workshops that are focused on bridging the spiritual and scientific gap in order to help people find their wellness. We are now going on to our sixth workshop.
It really revolves around healing wounds and trauma through Energy Medicine and enacting change and integration. Firstly, how can we find and understand our discomfort? How do we locate the root of the dis-ease? How can we reframe it in order to shift patterns that are creating disharmony in our experiences and our relationships to ultimately enact meaningful change?
We have a five pillar practice from where we offer our clients practical and grounded, cognitive energy healing tools. Our focus with our participants is to help them to identify more succinctly where they are stuck in a pattern, shift out of this pattern and then integrate tools that resonate with them and which allow them to live more intentionally.
Would you describe your own personal journey to be one of continuous discovery and adventure in the spiritual realms?
I think that we are here to evolve and that we are multidimensional beings. We are here to have this experience and if we are curious about it, we will have a totally different experience than if we worry about it.
On a personal level, If I see everything as an opportunity for growth, it keeps me moving. As far as staying grounded and present, I think it is the way that I venture out into those spiritual places. If I attune to different frequencies it will take me to new places to explore and the answers will come to me rather than me having to go out and find them. All this, so I can continue to evolve.
For me personally, it is all about frequency – and I want my frequencies to dwell in the light. I will choose love and discernment over fear. It is a practice that I have not yet perfected.

MySoulVibe is an app that offers an aura reading for personalized healing? What is the science behind this fascinating technique and who is this best destined for?

The most important thing to understand is that MySoulVibe is an App that helps people to attune to the energy that is vibrating within them at that moment. I wanted to share this modality with people who may not have an opportunity to know this practice or to access someone who works with this modality. It gives people an opportunity to understand better who they are at a deeper level through technology. We call it a Personal Energy Management Tool.
Our voices detect our emotional state of being. Our emotions, we believe, are frequencies and energy and they influence our thoughts, words and actions. The voice is universally accessible and highly correlates to these emotions through our nervous system. Sometimes we are not even aware of what is taking place inside us.
We created sound waves that basically play back to a person what we are picking up in their voice. This helps increase that flow of information available to them. We have written algorithms that are rooted in what we know in the subtle energy field but also what we have learned through ancient practice. By merging mysticism, science and technology, we have created MySoulVibe!

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