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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On April 01, 2023

Planets and Asteroids with Jamie Kahl Miller

Planets and Asteroids with Jamie Kahl Miller

Jamie Kahl Miller is the Founder of Pandora Astrology. She has been practicing Astrology since 1992 and has been teaching since 1997. She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. We chat with her to find out more. 

What would you define as our birthright?

Every planetary principle – the archetypes of the collective unconscious as Jung would call them – appear in everyone’s astrology chart and every one of them is on a mission to ensure that something good comes into our life:

Venus’ purpose is to bring love to our life – The Moon’s purpose is to bring nurture to our life – The Sun wants us to discover ourselves, to feel real, authentic and centered in our life…

I would say that it is for this reason that all aspects of our chart form part of our birthright and there is so much more to ourselves than we realize.

Can one’s birth chart be truly ‘desperate’ and another almost pertaining to ‘perfection’ in every planetary way? (Is there planetary bliss and harmony at any given time?)

This verges on the question that I deal with all the time – is there such a thing as fate?

Some things are considered by astrologers to be more difficult to live out in a positive way, and indicate more or less of a challenge. I think it is the astrologer’s duty to interpret the difficult parts in ways that are empowering to the client, and not crushing.

Astrology is, and should be, about empowerment first and foremost.

I sometimes have clients who have what we call very ‘difficult’ charts, and these are more often than not the clients that want me to tell them the hard truth. The result is often that they feel validated in the struggles that they have been through, and I can then proceed to empower them to overcome whatever lies in front of them.

This can also bring some meaning to their struggles. Sometimes people need to understand why they have such difficult charts and why life is such a struggle. Feeling a sense of ownership and taking the driver’s seat, instead of allowing themselves to be crushed by their difficulties, can be a very empowering tool.

How do lunar and solar eclipses influence our lives?

Solar and lunar eclipses are deeply affecting. They can provide occasions for extracting information from deep in our unconscious minds, and showing our shadows to ourselves in a powerfully change-making way.

They are not, however, the dire occasions that the ancient astrologers would have described them to be. Traditionally eclipses have been a cause of great alarm, but I don’t believe this is our reality any longer.

How and why were you first drawn to Astrology or vice versa?

As a child I grew up on myths, folklore and fairy tales. At sixteen, I had my first astrology reading from a family friend who was studying astrology. The reading itself was not the best because she was still just a student. It was, however, good enough to be completely gripping.

I became fascinated with astrology from this point on. I learned to understand that these gods and goddesses were not just stories of the past, but were an integral part of each and every one of us, impacting our lives, and living on through our existence. This was a revelation to me that sealed my relationship with astrology for life.

Do you feel that spirituality, intuition and astrology go hand in hand?

I believe that they don’t have to, but that they should. Personally, they do for me. I studied psychology at University and this is a really important adjunct to being an astrologer.

Intuition is not necessary, but it does so much to help. Even a good astrologer, never mind an amazing one, will draw on intuition. This is because every archetype has a whole host of meanings which are similar to the branches of a tree.

Every archetype has one core meaning that is so deep and general, that we can’t even put words to it. To understand it we have to feel around in the branches of the tree, and come to understand its holistic nature from comprehending a critical mass of the branches.

Part of the work of an astrologer is to determine which of the branches of this archetype are relevant to the client in front of them at that particular moment.

Intuition is the key to ascertaining the relevant information at a given time.

What type of readings do you offer your clients?

Many different readings: love and relationships for individuals or couples – including compatibility checks, career readings – or “missions orders” readings as I like to call them – and how this a reflection of our life’s deeper purpose. I also do business partner relationships, fertility and estimated due date readings. Some of these are not yet advertised on my site.

It is important to note that I will never judge a relationship or tell someone whether they should stay with somebody or not. I will advise them on how to be together and give them the tools to work it out for themselves. It’s up to them whether it’s worth the effort and not mine to judge.

I specialize in what is known as the asteroid goddesses – a set of the four largest asteroids in the asteroid belt – which are goddess figures and add a much needed balance to the chart. Without them, and just using the basic ten planets typically used by astrologers, there are many more male archetypes than female. In these modern times, I feel women particularly need goddesses to look to, to understand themselves.

What can you tell us about Ceres, and the effects of asteroids generally speaking?

Ceres and the other three of the four largest asteroids were discovered in the 1800s and began to come into use by astrologers in the 1970s. Since then our understanding of them has deepened considerably.

As I mentioned earlier about all aspects of our chart pertaining to positive missions, asteroids too have their purpose:

Ceresgoddess of agriculture – is on a mission to make us feel welcome in the physical world, secure and physically safe, comfortable in our body, and to help us become a good steward of our body and our money. She is the goddess of wealth and health. Ceres is actually so large that she has of late been labelled a planet by astronomers.

Pallas Athene is a warrior woman and a wise woman and is on a mission for us to experience a balance between our strength and our softness.

Juno is the goddess of marriage and the Queen of Heaven. She wants us to have great partnerships at work and at home.

Vesta, the complicated one, is a relational goddess like Venus and Juno, but she is the goddess of the Affair – the Sacred Prostitute. She is the goddess of focus and is capable of creating a sacred space into which she can channel powerful energies in the service of anything at all; creativity, the making of a child, keeping a house, travel…She is a vessel for divine energy.

How do you see the next few years for us mere mortals?

2020 was an awful year. I actually created a playlist in 2020 that explained this and connected it to the pandemic. It shows when there were likely to be surges in the pandemic, and this did play out.

2021 has been a lot lighter and in 2022 things will become calmer still.

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