Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On November 29, 2022

A Holistic Approach to Care and Recovery - Jan Griffin

A Holistic Approach to Care and Recovery - Jan Griffin

Jan Griffin from Creating Balance, shares her views on energetic therapies and gives us some insight into what her holistic practice can offer. 

How did healing and energy first enter your life?

I always had an interest in alternative or complementary therapies of any kind to stay away from the medical model. The use of chemicals never sat well with me. I became unwell myself years ago. I was working in a psychiatric unit so I understood about mental health and recovery. 

I started incorporating holistic therapies into my own life, and this included reflexology, massage, mindfulness etc.. 

I then went on to learn Reiki and other energy healing modalities where ego was not welcome in the practice. The abstraction of ego resonated with me profoundly. 

When I told my parents that I was embarking on this healing path, my father was delighted and I actually found out that he was very in tune with spiritual healing and had been for years. He gave me crystals and all kinds of books and it was incredibly enlightening. He had always hidden it from me as he didn’t want to influence me in any way and always knew that it would come to me organically, if it was meant to be. 

If everything is energy, all energy healing modalities work the same, it’s simply about accessing and channeling the energy from different perspectives?

Yes, we all as human beings find a way to energy in a way that resonates with us. A lot of the practices are similar. They may use a different approach but all of them are done with a good heart, and hold good intentions. I trust the process, the energy and where it needs to go.

What differentiates Western Reiki from Traditional Reiki?

I have trained in a few different forms of Reiki and most say they are traditional. I traIned in Usui and Jikiden Reiki. Jikiden Reiki is always hands-on whereas the Usui style can work hands on or within the aura. Jikiden Reiki only sends reiki to one person at a time distantly when the Usui style can send Reiki to groups or even to situations.

There are many different types of Reiki nowadays, since the introduction of Reiki into the West including Rainbow Reiki and many others, I encourage people to go with what resonates and feels right with them.

Do you work remotely and how does this differ from a hands on approach?

Yes I do. I will connect with the person in the same way as if I were in the room with them. Sometimes, I may have a zoom call prior to our session. I scan around the body and I intuitively go wherever I am needed to go. The feedback has been amazing. 

I am involved with a national project sending Reiki to medical practitioners where data is being collected for research on Reiki-medic care.

Does teaching Reiki add to your expertise in the practice of?

Most definitely. I am learning all the time, even while I am teaching. I take the teaching of Reiki very seriously. Some people want to learn Reiki for their own personal use, and that’s great. But sometimes, others want to learn Reiki so as to work in a hospice or hospital and I can help guide them through the process, case studies etc…until they become accredited. I see it as a partnership, and I am learning continually with every single person that comes to me.

What other services do you offer your clients and when would you recommend each of them?

Often clients come to me but don’t really know what they want. I am quite flexible and often offer a combination of therapies; Reiki with reflexology, crystal healing, aromatherapy…We can usually work in partnership to decide what is needed. 

Do you at times work alongside medical professionals?

I have done, yes. I volunteered in a homeless shelter near my home. I have also worked alongside nurses, usually who have been interested in Reiki and energy healing themselves. Whatever the scenario, there is always some benefit. 

Have you created balance in your life and for those around you?

I realized that there was simply no balance in life, whether someone was a workaholic or not. We need to work hard and play hard. I try to live by the Reiki principles every single day, to encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle. 

Just for Today; I will not worry, I will not be angry, I will work honestly, I will be grateful for my many blessings, I will be kind to all living things!

This helps create and keep the balance in my life and that of my family’s and I encourage others to do the same.

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