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The importance of creating a body/mind/soul connection with Jana Hollingsworth

The importance of creating a body/mind/soul connection with Jana Hollingsworth

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Jana Hollingsworth, a power coach that blended her experience in fitness competitions with her intuitive abilities to offer something that is unique to her clients. Check out the interview to understand what is power coaching and the importance of creating a body/mind/soul connection.

When did you think it was a good idea to combine your fitness background with your psychic gift? How was that process?

I wrote a book entitled “Perfectly Fit Intuition” about 10 years ago. It talks about how you can develop your intuitive muscles in the same way you develop your phsyical muscles – through exercise and nutrition. That book started the process of combining my love for fitness together with my spiritual practices.

I also started teaching psychic development classes around that time so the process just started to develop. The process will continue to evolve but all the basic information from my book is what I teach in my current classes. The process was an interesting one as some people never would put psychic development together with physical exercise but the process is very similar for both types of training.

I found it very interesting your “power coaching” concept. Can you explain more to us and give us examples of uses?

I was doing an interview for a magazine several years ago. We were talking about my intuitive background and my fitness background. As I was explaining how I incorporated both into my life and how I used these skills with my clients, the itnerviewer basically said “So, you are a Power Coach” and it stuck.

Power coaching basically means that when we develop and exercise our intuitive skills as well as our physical bodies, we are truly stepping into our full power. Power Coaching gives a total mind/body/soul perspective to to self growth. Developing spiritually is just as important as developing the muscles in your body. It is the yin and yang that we need to keep ourselves in balance.

I was a Figure fitness competitor for many years. Getting ready for a competition meant eating very clean foods, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and, of course, having a challenging workout regimen to build muscle.

During that time, I realized when I cleaned up my diet, I got more clarity in the intuitive messages I was receiving when working with clients. I began to see that not only was my body feeling healthy and strong but the messages that were coming through to my clients were more powerful and had more detail and my meditation practice had a deeper feel to it. It was quite an eye opener!

Your work connects body and mind in a unique way. What are common problems that you see in your readings and sessions that people do and this causes a rift between body and mind?

I think many people are get caught up in their day to day problems and don’t have a spiritual or exercise/physical outlet for all the stress they carry around with them. This ends up causing them to become “stuck” in their current situations and they can’t see a way out for themselves.

When you have a spiritual practice and your are doing some kind of physical activity, it helps to move that stuck energy into a place where you can see more clearly and start coming up with solutions or ideas that can help you move forward.

Not having a mind/body connection can cause all sorts of physical ailments from just feeling tired and irritable all the time to serious health issues. Stress has to have an outlet. If you don’t have a healthy mind/body/soul routine as an outlet, that stress stagnates in the body and creates all sorts of unnecessary havoc on your system.

Can you be fit and have a healthy body without a healthy mind?

You can definitely have a fit body. I saw that first hand in the competition world. People would be so obsessed with their body image. Alot of them would consistently push their bodies and/or take drugs to enhance their physiques. They did not have spiritual practices and although they may have been eating healthy foods leading up to the competition, as soon as it was over, they would go completely off track and gain alot of weight in the off season.

In the big picture, it was not a healthy way to live having your weight going from super “ripped” for competition to binge eating when it was over and putting on alot of weight and then keep living through that same cycle for each competition. This isn’t to say all competitors did this but it was very common and could have long term effects on the body down the line.

I always tried to stay as balanced as possible during the on and off season so as not to put my body through that type of stress. So you can definitely get yourself fit. But if you want to do it correctly, you need a healthy outlook with positive habits that will keep you on track. I would say that you can have a “fit” body without a healthy mind but not necessarily a “healthy” body.

To wrap things up, do you have a message to help our reader to deal with this challenging year?

It’s certainly been a crazy year for everyone. During the lockdown phase of the pandemic, I would go on Instagram and do a “tarot card for the day reading” each day. It gave so many people comfort to hear the messages to stay strong, keep the faith, and do the best that you can for yourself and your loved ones.

I would say that feeling useful to others in some way, shape, or form, not only helps other people but can bring you a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing you’ve contributed to someone’s life in some big or small way. Also, try to stay positive, surround yourself with people who make you feel good, and create a body/mind/soul practice for yourself to stay grounded and happy!

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