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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On May 28, 2023

Palmistry with Janet Li Hoi Yan

Palmistry with Janet Li Hoi Yan

Janet Li Hoi Yan is a talented writer and palmist based in Hong Kong, specializing in the fascinating art of palmistry. This captivating blog is dedicated to all things palmistry, with Janet regularly updating the platform with one insightful post every week. Janet’s expertise goes beyond writing; she also offers personalized palm-reading and hand-analysis services. Whether you’re seeking guidance, curious about your life’s patterns, or simply intrigued by the mysteries held in the lines of your hand, Janet is eager to read your palms and provide valuable insights. Janet chats with MysticMag.

How did you become interested in palmistry, and what inspired you to start your blog?

Sharing my journey into palmistry brings back memories of some painful experiences. It was over twenty years ago when I first developed an interest in palmistry. Back then, my career was filled with setbacks and disappointments, causing me immense pain and a sense of hopelessness. Desperate to gain some insight into my career’s trajectory, I turned to palmistry and started reading various books on the subject. As I delved deeper into the mystical world of palmistry, I found it incredibly fascinating. The more I learned, the more my curiosity grew. Before I knew it, I had amassed a collection of over thirty palmistry books. Additionally, I began attending palmistry courses because this captivating field of knowledge seemed endless.

Driven by my passion for palmistry, I decided to start my own blog, aiming to promote a deeper understanding of this ancient art. I firmly believe that palmistry holds value for everyone, as we all have questions and uncertainties about our lives. While there is a wealth of palmistry information available online, I noticed that most of it originated from Western countries. This inspired me to provide more insights into Eastern palmistry through my blog. My ultimate goal is to offer guidance and hope to individuals who, like me in the past, may have lost their way and find themselves in painful situations. I aspire for my blog to be a beacon of light, transforming misery into hope for those in need.

Can you walk us through the process of a typical palm reading session? What kind of information can someone expect to learn about themselves?

I specialize in providing online palm reading sessions, where I guide individuals through the process of understanding their hands. To begin, I ask my clients to provide me with ten pictures of each hand, capturing different angles and focusing on various parts of the hands. It’s also essential for me to know if they are right-handers or left-handers, as well as their ages, as these details play a significant role in palm reading.

There are several steps involved in analyzing the hands:

Firstly, I carefully examine the overall characteristics of the palms. By studying both hands together, I observe the combination relationships between the palm lines and markings, paying close attention to their completeness and potential pitfalls. Additionally, I consider the color and thickness of the palms, as they reveal important characteristics.

Secondly, I analyze the hand shape category, which helps me identify the basic numerological characteristics of the hand owner.

Thirdly, I scrutinize the length, curvature, and joint conditions of the fingers in detail.

Fourthly, I focus on the distribution of the main lines, assessing their depth, length, curvature, and other features. This step serves as a foundation for further analysis.

Fifthly, I examine the distribution of minor lines and identify various types of markings present on the hands.

Sixthly, I evaluate the condition of the mounts, primarily observing their uplifting condition and color.

Seventhly, I analyze the state of the nails, paying special attention to their smoothness and the presence of a moon.

Your hands hold a wealth of information about you. Through palmistry, we can explore aspects such as your fortune, career prospects, occupation, assistance and interference forces in your professional life, love relationships, marriage, lifespan, potential health issues, chances of traveling overseas, relationships with relatives, strengths and weaknesses, and overall fate.

Today, many individuals use palmistry to gain insights and choose the right path for their talents. Some even employ it as an additional aid in medical treatments.

Do you believe palmistry can accurately predict the future, or is it more of a tool for self-reflection and personal growth?

I hold the belief that palmistry has the potential to provide insights into the future, although its accuracy is influenced by the changes that occur in our hands over time due to our thoughts and behaviors. It is my firm belief that we have the ability to shape our own future through personal effort and growth. Therefore, I view palmistry as a valuable tool for self-reflection and personal development. While some palmists in Western countries primarily use it for self-understanding and exploring interpersonal dynamics, they tend to oppose the idea of predicting the future. However, based on my own experiences, I have found that palmistry can indeed offer predictions to a certain extent. Therefore, I encourage individuals to see palmistry as a reference and actively participate in their own journey of self-improvement.

What advice would you give to someone who is skeptical about palmistry but curious to learn more?

Palmistry, having withstood the test of time for several thousand years, possesses both factual and theoretical foundations. Those who approach palmistry with skepticism would benefit from delving deeper into its rich history and underlying principles. To satisfy their curiosity, they can explore the abundant information available on the internet. 

Additionally, seeking the perspectives of individuals who have participated in palm reading sessions and inquiring about their personal experiences can provide insights into the credibility and believability of palmistry. Such thorough investigation can aid in developing a more informed and comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Have you ever had a particularly memorable or meaningful experience while reading someone’s palms? Can you tell us about it?

One of my most memorable experiences as a palmist occurred recently when a client sought insight into the reliability of their partner. After conducting the palm reading and sharing my findings, the client expressed their astonishment at the accuracy of the information and even went on to praise me as the best palmist they had encountered. This feedback filled me with immense joy and boosted my confidence in the power of palmistry to assist individuals in resolving their concerns. This encounter has reignited my passion for metaphysics, prompting me to dedicate myself to further studying this field with the hope of extending its benefits to more people in need.

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