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Written by Predrag Vlatkovic | Updated On May 28, 2023

Angelic Reiki and Angel Healing with Jayn Lee-Miller

Angelic Reiki and Angel Healing with Jayn Lee-Miller

Jayn Lee-Miller is an award-winning Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Angel Healing Practitioner Teacher, Happiness Coach, and the Principal of the Academy of Angelic Healing. It’s our pleasure to bring to you this insightful interview in which she talks about the differences between Angelic Reiki and other forms of Reiki, the ideas she bases her happiness coaching on, her spiritual experiences, and more. Only on MysticMag!


Please tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to becoming an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and an Angel Healing Practitioner Teacher.

I have always felt deeply connected to Source (or God) even though I was not brought up in a religious way. I realised as a teenager that, as a society, we are not living according to the Divine Blueprint. I intuitively knew that this is a very important time for humanity’s evolution so went on an outer and inner journey to seek more knowledge. I became aware that I was mediumistic at the age of 18 but rather than give messages from loved ones who have passed to spirit, I wanted to channel information from wiser higher vibrational beings who could give me more information about how to help myself and others through the Ascension process which humanity is currently experiencing.

I have always known that I would see the true seeds of peace planted on earth during my current incarnation. However, I was aware that before we have peace and live according to the Divine Plan as intended for mankind, the truth of why we have not achieved this before needs to be revealed. As humans are made in the likeness of the Divine, which is unconditional love, why are we all not living as brothers and sisters and taking care of each other?

When I was younger there was little mention of Angels but as more light has been coming to the Earth as we have now entered the Age of Aquarius, it is possible for more Angels to connect with humanity as they are the messengers of the Divine and are helping to raise our vibration to a higher level. I started seeing columns of light and knew they were Angels and began communicating with them in the 1990s. I then offered various Angel Workshops and lead people through guided healing meditations, talks and angel card readings. This led me on to create my Angel Healing Practitioner course teaching others how to offer their own Private Consultations, Workshops and Courses.

As I was one of the first to work professionally with Angels, I was introduced to Kevin Core in 2003 just after he channelled Angelic Reiki. Kevin and his wife, Christine, facilitated my attunements to Angelic Reiki and I have worked as an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher ever since. Angelic Reiki has been a huge blessing and helped me to view Angels in an authentic way as it is based on ancient wisdom rather than new-age teachings.


How is Angelic Reiki different from other forms of Reiki?

There are far too many differences to go into here, but I think the most important one is that rather than being attuned to the consciousness and energy of the human Master Teacher, in Angelic Reiki you are attuned by your own personal Angel Guide and Archangel Metatron to the Angelic Kingdom of Light. The Master Teacher just activates the Master Symbol and passes this to the Angels who administer the attunements. Everything comes from Source, of course, but as Angels exist at a much higher vibrational level than humans, those attuned to Angelic Reiki are attuned to a higher vibration than any other kind of Reiki. This does not mean it is higher in a linear sense or better or worse than any other vibration as we need all levels of vibration to create life. Our best model is music which uses low notes and high notes to create a symphony.

The Reiki symbols, which are all multi-dimensional, were first given to humanity during the last downfall of Atlantis to help restore the balance but it was too little too late and after the downfall of Atlantis the symbols lost their high vibrational level and were shipped to Tibet where they were rediscovered by Dr. Usui. In Angelic Reiki, these symbols are now activated to the original vibration of the Golden Age of Atlantis and indeed Dr. Usui and his colleague, Madam Takata, have both assisted in my workshops from the spirit world working with the Angelic Reiki energies.

I have facilitated workshops for hundreds of people and most had been attuned to other forms of Reiki but wish to work with higher vibrational energies. They all say, without exception, that Angelic Reiki is much simpler to administer as you do not have to remember any symbols or hand movements and that it has a more potent, purer, and more beautiful energy. When facilitating an Angelic Reiki healing you actually become the Angel which is a very wonderful experience. You are not only attuned to the Reiki symbols on all seven levels of form and Divine form but you are also downloaded with the gifts and blessings of 32 Archangels and much, much more. Also, Lord Melchizadek activates the symbols to a galactic and universal level. As humans, we cannot even begin to comprehend this. For many, including myself, being attuned to Angelic Reiki has been the biggest spiritual boost ever and has been completely life-changing. I found that I had so much more knowledge and wisdom and was able to answer spiritually-based questions even though I had not read any books. If anyone is interested in attending an Angelic Reiki workshop it is worth noting that the official version can only be taught in person in a group of at least four students and one Teacher in order to raise enough energy for the attunements to take full effect.


You also offer Master Energy Colour Healing. Can you share a few details about that?

Master Energy Colour Healing is a beautiful high-frequency healing poured down from the Divine Source through the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

It is in alignment with the vibrational changes on a universal level and, like Angelic Reiki, plays an essential role in assisting with mankind’s ascension to the 5th dimension at this time.

Master Energy Colour Healing has been channelled to help with the drastic changes made to our planet Earth. The energetic resonance and vibrational frequency of this form of colour healing has not been accessible to mankind before. This healing is a blessing from the Divine Source sent to benefit all beings and is beneficial on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. People have said it is deeply moving, uplifting and energising, bringing deep peace to mind, body and soul.

As you work with the Master Energy Colour Healing, using the beautiful energy of the Ascended Masters and Archangels, your vibrations heighten enabling each cell to hold onto more light. The systems, organs and glands begin resonating to the pure vibratory note of your soul bringing about harmony. Your whole being resonates with light allowing you to become a pure channel of healing. Raising your soul vibration and increasing the light goes hand in hand with spiritual growth.

Each time you participate in a Master Energy Colour Healing Session, the light is encouraged to circulate through your etheric body and chakras. Whilst all the Ascended Masters are involved in this healing modality only a few are named.

Each Ascended Master works with an Archangel on a specific coloured ray which is their vibrational match, as follows:

– Saint Germain and Zadkiel work on the Violet Ray with the Violet Flame.

– Lord Kuthumi and Jophiel on the Yellow Ray.

– Master Hilarion and Raphael on the Green Ray.

– The Christ and Metatron on the Pink Ray of Love.

– El Moyra and Michael on the Blue Ray.

– Quan Yin & Lao Tsu and Sandalphon on the White Ray (with a hint of peach) and

– Serapis Bey and Gabriel on the Crystal Clear Ray.

Master Energy Colour Healing is one of the simplest healings in the world to facilitate as it is done through the voice and spoken word and anyone with pure intention can be attuned. You do not need to have any past healing experience. For experienced healers, it can be used as an individual healing modality or to complement any other therapy as it can interact and enhance all therapeutic healing systems.

The Healing session can be offered in person, by phone or online with individuals or groups. There are Practitioner and Teacher workshops to attune those who wish to practice and teach. These can also be taken online which has enabled Master Energy Colour Healing to spread worldwide.


As a Happiness Coach, what ideas and principles do you base your coaching on?

Not everyone wants to work with Angels but everybody wants to be happy, or even happier, which is why I decided to become a Happiness Coach. I base all my work on the Spiritual Laws as these govern life on earth whether we are familiar with them or not! For example, the law of gravity works whether you believe in it or not and the Spiritual Laws work in just the same way.

As a Happiness Coach, as long as my client is open to change, they do not have to understand the spiritual laws but be open to being guided to making changes in their life that will create much more happiness and success on all levels whilst having lots of fun and laughter on the way. The sessions can be held in person or online.


You have recently won several awards for your work, can you speak a little about this?

Yes, amazingly, I have won three awards in the past three years and each has come as a complete surprise as I very rarely ask for testimonials. When I won my last award, I asked who keeps nominating me and was told that there is a research team. In 2020 I offered many healing meditations on Zoom to a worldwide audience to uplift people’s spirits during the lockdown and to send positive energies to the collective consciousness of humanity. I think this is how I won the award for Angelic Consultant of the Year.

I then went on to win The Kindred Spirit Award for my work in 2022 and I think this was mainly for Master Energy Colour Healing as I became the Custodian since the Founder, Bobbie Pierrepoint, who is now in her mid-80s has retired. Then recently, I was nominated Holistic Practitioner of the Year 2023/24 in the London and South East England Prestige Awards. It is just really lovely to know that my work is being recognised and appreciated as it has been a really rough time for many in the past three years and I am so pleased to have been of service and will continue to do so.


What other services do you provide?

I also offer personally created Wedding Ceremonies, Baby Namings and End of Life Services. I am also a Singer/Songwriter and perform for charity events. Recently, I have become aware of amazing new healing technology that can help with all ailments and work alongside conventional medicine and have become a distributor for the iTeraCare wand, known as a handheld “medbed”. This device was recommended to me because so many of my clients have received great benefits from using these wands, including those who have had cancer and arthritis. Fortunately, I do not have any aches or pains so I use mine to wand my drinking water to prevent illness from the inside.


What were you doing before you created the Academy of Angelic Healing?

I was a Secretary which certainly came in useful when I started my own business. I left Secretarial work when I became one of the first women in the world to give birth at home in a water birth pool and this changed my life forever! The pool took away all my pain instantly and the experience of Nathan’s birth in water was so wonderful that I felt a moral obligation to help other women. I set up Splashdown Water Birth Services to promote water birth and make pools and education available for parents and training for midwives. I also put on an International Water Birth Conference in London inviting midwives, doctors and professors from all over the world to speak about their experiences. My son, Nathan, is now 34 years old so his birth paved the way for many water births to follow!


Can you speak about any spiritual experiences you have had?

I have had many personal spiritual experiences and have always had a connection with Atlantis and Isis, who was the Queen of Atlantis before the downfall. I recently visited a portal in the Maltese Islands, which was the centre of Atlantis, to a place known as The Crystal City of Atlantis which is within the Earth. This was a wonderful experience as there is a city on a different dimensional level where many Atlanteans, Lemurians and other beings from across the universe all live in complete harmony with each other and with Mother Earth. They all have a purpose and know their boundaries and have complete respect for each other even though they are so different in species. Time does not exist there in the same way as it does on the surface of our planet and they are there to show and teach us that it really is possible for humans to live in peace.


To find out more about Jayn Lee-Miller and her work, you can visit If you would like to receive her Events Newsletter, attend a free online healing meditation, or have questions, please email Jayn-Lee at [email protected].

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