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Radiesthesia, imbalances and energy with Jen Brightlight

Radiesthesia, imbalances and energy with Jen Brightlight
After starting her physical and spiritual healing journey, Jen Brightlight graduated from the Pathogen Whisperer School and founded Pathogen Balance in 2018. In this interview for Mystic Mag’s blog we talked about her story, what is Pathogen Balance, Radiesthesia and how to resolve imbalances.

What is Pathogen Balance and when did you discover your interest in that field?

After graduating from the Pathogen Whisperer School as a certified Pathogen Whisperer, I founded Pathogen Balance in 2018. Being on a decade long healing journey myself and being healed this way, I wanted to help other people get back to balance.

Finding out about ‘Pathogen Whispering’ in 2016 was one of those Eureka moments that allowed me to resolve my own challenges which seemingly could not be resolved following conventional healing methods.

After only a handful of sessions over six weeks the results were astonishing. I was no longer in pain and most of my symptoms had significantly reduced. Within nine months all symptoms had gone and my whole state of being had completely changed. I was healed. That was back in 2017. After experiencing these remarkable results I felt I wanted to share it with others and took on studying this modality so I could help my family, friends and people around the world. This led to the creation of Pathogen Balance.

The word pathogen derives from the Greek word ‘pathos’ which can broadly be translated into ‘creator of suffering’. Anything that can create suffering within the body can broadly be classed as a pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, any other microorganisms, heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins.

At Pathogen Balance we are only concerned about energy and the Energetic Resonances of Pathogens™. In principle we are looking at the energy signature, because everything is energy according to Quantum Physics. You are energy, everything around us is energy, the whole universe is energy. Once tuned in to these energetic resonances they can be identified and defused by canceling out their energy.

How do you know what treatment your client needs and if their problems are caused by an energy issue?

I believe in everything is energy and sometimes these energies get blocked, stagnant or trapped which can lead to imbalances, even aches and pains, be it on the physical, mental, emotional or energetic body.

This has been known since ancient times to the people of India, China and other parts of the world and as a result these energies have been tuned in to and worked with for 1000s of years.

At Pathogen Balance we work with assessment questionnaires and use an ancient technique called pendulum dowsing, also knowns as Radiesthesia, specifically tuning into energetic resonances of pathogens or emotions or chakra energies.

How does Radiesthesia work? Is it recommended for anyone?

Radiesthesia is a more modern name for the ancient craft of pendulum dowsing which has been used for millennia. The oldest ever reference of pendulum dowsing was found in Algerian caves which date back approximately 8000 years. In Ancient Egypt pendulum dowsing was very common and many pendulums made from wood, clay or stones were found in Egyptian tombs and graves.

Radiesthesia or pendulum dowsing can be done sitting next to the person or from a distance also known as remotely which works just as well.

All is done energetically so no touch or hands are involved. I have worked with clients as young as ten weeks all the way up to 82 years of age.

What are the most common imbalances that you observe?

Blocked energies can come in many forms and can manifest in many ways. Every human being is unique and different imbalances manifest differently for each person, influenced by their experiences, surroundings, what they eat, what they are going through, etc. This is one of the unique features of working with Pathogen Balance, we tailor every assessment specifically to a person’s needs to find the relevant areas of concern and then work specifically on those incorporating the energetic, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Can you share with us a story of one of your treatments that stuck with you and reached great results?

There are many success stories I could share with you but one very recent one that springs to mind is that of an eight year old boy who was suffering with breathing difficulties since the age of three. His parents tried many things including inhalers but nothing seemed to really work. After only a few sessions of dowsing and releasing energetic resonances of pathogens (energies of bacteria and viruses) he is much more in balance. His breathing is according to his parents more relaxed and he doesn’t get exhausted so easily. He gets through his day effortless now, and is seemingly more in balance, without the need of any additional or artificial help.

My favourite things to work on are long-term low level underlying issues and imbalances for which there are seemingly no help… and which can rarely be detected otherwise, even though these issues are there and can be felt in form of imbalances, aches or pains, yet nobody seems to be able to get to the bottom of it. I am a little bit like Sherlock Holmes, investigating, putting the pieces together and trying to find the root causes, ‘shining light’ on them and then shifting the energies to achieve balance.

What can people do to find and maintain their inner balance?

There are many ways that can assist you in finding and maintaining inner balance. Coming back to the principle that everything is energy and everything in the universe has a vibration, resonance or frequency, then there are simple things that can be done and observed, starting with acting consciously. It starts with the foods we eat, like high vibrational foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, over to high vibrational music and entertainment, or nourishing the mental and emotional bodies through yoga or meditation. It is always good to find something that resonates with you. Take a moment and feel into it. However we all need a little help from time to time. Getting a nice massage to align our physical body, soaking up some sun to elevate our spirit, using essential oils or herbs that elevate our vibration or mood, or applying energy healing that helps us to align the more subtle yet also important bodies.

At Pathogen Balance we are here to assist you to get back to balance.

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