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The Voice of The Plants - Jen Frey

The Voice of The Plants - Jen Frey

Jen Frey – Healer, Mentor, Earth Advocate and Voice of the Plants – from Brigid’s Way shares her insights with MysticMag and gives us a glimpse of how she works her magic. 

Jen, what would you say defines your soul purpose?

For my personal soul purpose I would say that I am here to learn, heal and grow as much as possible. As far as my Soul calling is concerned, and this ties in with my professional purpose, it is really to help people deepen their connection with themselves and nature and to support them in their Soul’s journey of learning, growing and healing, that we are all here to do. 

What can you tell us about your potent Spirit Flower Essences?

Flower essences, in general, are the energetic imprint of a plant that is captured in water. Some form of preservative is brought in to help stabilize it – in my case I use brandy. This allows us to work with the plants and the healing gifts of the plants without ingesting them physically. There is a tendency for the essences to work more in the spiritual and emotional realms, although we certainly can work on the physical realm as they are all connected. 

I call my essences ‘Spirit Essences’ because I no longer include plant parts – they are total energetic preparations. If I am working with a plant I include the energy and spirit of the plant and if I am working with the land, I incorporate the spirit and energy of the land. We then work together to co-create an essence that allows us to share the healing gifts with my human clients.

How do you reach people who are so far removed from nature, they have forgotten its very essence, and is this something you strive to do?

First and foremost, I would say that the idea that we can be removed from nature is a fallacy – we are nature, we are inherently a part of nature, our bodies are made up of nature, we eat and breathe nature… There is, however, a sense of not feeling connected, or being fearful of nature. We have also witnessed for so long the rape and destruction of nature and what we may sometimes forget is that we are intimately connected. What happens to nature intimately affects what happens to us and vice versa.

While I am not a preacher, converter or fixer, what I see myself doing is holding a space for people and nature, helping to facilitate the deepening relationship and helping people remember – everyone has a part of them that remembers what it means to live in relationship with nature and remembers that intimate connection. Sometimes there is (serious) trauma that makes it difficult to remember that. 

How do we meet them? In any way that they need it. In my work, it involves creating safe spaces for people to experience nature and plants. I work with a product called the Music of the Plants device that comes from Damanhur in Italy. 

Generally, those who come to my classes are already aware that nature is intelligent and they want to enhance their relationship with nature.  For the Music of the Plants presentations, more often than not, someone brings a friend or family member who is unaccustomed or even skeptical when it comes to plant spirits and healing. These are the ones that I see crying during this experience, as they come to recognize that nature is intelligent and they can feel or remember the deep connection that was once there.

What does your work involve when you are asked to do a land consultation, and how does this differ essentially from a personal consultation?

A land consultation is so varied and each one is different. It really depends on the project, the land I’m working with and the person I am working with. Sometimes, we are focused on a small specific project and other times, we are doing an overview on a huge property where we need to look at all aspects.

The similarity between the two types of consultations is that I act as a mediator between the unseen world and either the human caregivers and the land for a land consultation or the human body and their soul for a personal consultation. I am always trying to balance the energies and usually there are things that need to be cleared and other areas that need to be supported.

With a land consult, sometimes there can be ongoing hindrances, because whatever is being proposed is not in agreement with the land, and the beings of the land have not been consulted. If you are not in alignment with the land, there will be constant obstacles, or you keep hitting a brick wall.  

I come in at this point to help facilitate what needs to happen so that the person works with the land. I talk to the land and then the clients to find the next best steps. In this process, there is a humility as we remember that we (and our desires) are only part of the equation.  Sometimes what we want is out of alignment with the land.  We can make adjustments to bring our desires into alignment or we may need to forgo the project altogether (or at least wait until a later time).  There are always repercussions when we do something that is not in alignment with the land (as we can see in our greater world now). However, most people that come to me want to be in alignment with the land, so in my work this is not often an issue.

Is anyone able to communicate with plants, with the right guidance?

Yes. We all have an innate ability to communicate with plants and some do not need guidance. My work is helping to overcome the conditioning that says we can’t or the feeling that it is perhaps crazy and to help people recognize the many ways that they are communicating with plants. I help people remember that this is their birthright. 

We look forward to reading Jen’s book Communicating with Plants: Heart Based Practices for Connecting with Plant Spirits which will be released in June 2023.


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