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Akashic records and soul work with Jeni Ji Cousins

Akashic records and soul work with Jeni Ji Cousins

Since she was 4, Jeni Cousins knew that she was a different person and had a purpose in life. She helps people by being a clairvoyant, esoteric spiritual teacher, counselor, past life akashic reader, intuitive life coach & medium. Know more about Jeni’s work and story in the interview below.

When did you discover your gift and knew that you had to help other people?

When I was 4 years old I knew I was different but yet did not understand why. I was asking god to bring me back home as I did not want to be here with this family or on earth. All I could feel was energy with everything and everyone. I was seeing auras around people and their life flashing in front of me. I was overwhelmed as I knew I would have to go through a lot of pain and suffering if I stayed on this planet. All of a sudden there was a beautiful angelic being who stood in front of me with such heartfelt energy who said “ I am supposed to be here on Earth to clear a lot of painful karma & also said she will always be with me & not worry. I was crying and said, “no, please take me home, I don’t want to be here with this family and on this planet.” We communicated telepathically with each other. I then felt a lot of love and calming energy go through my entire body & fell back to sleep.

From the moment that angelic being came to me, I felt different, and I kept hearing her say how she will always be with me and not to fear. I started my metaphysical studies when I was 14. I read hundreds of books, went to seminars, workshops and talked with teachers to give me a better understanding of what was truly happening to me. I was introduced to the books of Alice A Bailey + Tibetan Master DK. Djwhal Khul and that’s when I finally felt at home working with the ageless esoteric ancient teachings of the Christ Consciousness.

The more esoteric studying I did, the more my abilities came through. One of my teachers told me I was clairvoyant because I told him what I was seeing, as if I was watching a movie and he explained to me what being clairvoyant meant. I spent a lot of alone time meditating daily and kept a lot of what I was seeing and experiencing to myself, as I knew others did not see what I saw. I started reading mainly for friends, for many years while continuing my daily studies as my friends were telling me how accurate I am and how did I know things. I started chanting and meditating daily which raised my vibrational frequency and opened my 3rd eye. Spirit started showing me bits and pieces of my future that no other psychic reader has seen.

I knew at that very moment I truly had a gift & wanted to help as many people as I could. I started channeling with the Christ consciousness, ascended masters, angels & guides & they told me I am here to help guide others with my clairvoyant insights & gifts that I have been given. Over the years, I knew without a doubt what my souls calling & purpose is.

How does your soul reading work? Why are they different from the psychic reading?

When I am reading a client, the first thing I do is read into their level of consciousness to see where they are at etc. I am an internationally known television clairvoyant, past life akashic record reader, animal communicator, psychic medium, relationship coach, meditation & spiritual teacher & life coach. I utilize all of my gifts into the reading where a psychic reader mainly uses cards or some sort of tools. I use my clairvoyant insights to channel and read into your vibrational energy, your voice & all your past previous lifetimes into one etc.

I give clarity in all areas of your life, such as if you have met a soul mate, twin flame & or when that will happen etc & what the outcome will be, who they were to you in a previous life and why they are back and also  if they have come back to clear karmic situations etc and how to work through it. Also being a past life akashic record reader I bring up a lot of information as to why you are here ,who you were in a previous life, how to clear karmic situations ,what your soul purpose and calling is how to clear karmic situations, how to clear blockages that are holding you back plus answer any and all of your questions regarding anything & if you have met someone from a past life and why they have come back.

I also hear messages from your loved ones, friends and animals who have passed away & what their messages are for you. Because I am also an animal communicator, I hear messages from your animals that have passed away and also messages from them when they are still alive. A psychic could say I see you meeting someone new without going into specific details as to who they are and why you both have connected with each other. My readings are very detailed with a lot of information. This is why my website is called Soul Work With Jeni as the work to transformation comes through within soul.


What do you see as the main concerns and issues that people bring in your meetings? Is it anxiety, stress, lack of purpose…?

I read all walks of life and we all have our own journey. We are here to clear past life karmic issues and situations with each other.  Its very important to be who you are, your true authentic self. You attract who you are . We all have our own unique gifts and talents to share with the world. Especially in today’s society there has been a lot of fear coming to the surface which makes people stop pursuing and working towards what they truly desire to manifest which brings in a lot of stress and anxiety.

Start by pushing through your comfort zone & stay away from any and all negative drama. Start creating a vision board with all of your dreams on it & let go of any limitations as to how you will manifest. When the energy resonates with your soul’s vibration & frequency its apart of your destiny & that’s when manifestation starts. If you try to be someone who you are not the vibration will not stay & nothing will come forth. When you are attached to a problem you wont see clarity how to resolve it. When your frustrated its because your energy is stuck in fear which blocks prosperity and abundance. Many people have self esteem issues due to what society expects of them. When you judge someone that’s ego not soul.

When you change your story, you begin to change your life. Be open to the new. Empower the greater truth of your being & stand in unity within gratitude. Be who you are, and life will show up when your in alignment with soul. When you’re in alignment you ascend and transcend forward with new door ways opening guiding you towards your souls calling & purpose. Surrender & flow with the divine with ever expanding awareness of love. Put you hand on your heart and listen to the calling of your soul, that’s your purpose. You have the power to shift your mind when you tune in and quiet the chaos. Align with love and you will find peace within the stillness of your heart.

When you are clearing past life karmic issues, what is your process, how that session works ? And how important is it for everyone to go through that?

Past life karmic issues are what brings us back. Most of us are old souls. I have seen all of my past lives and know why I am here etc. Anyone who I meet I read into their energy and because I am a old soul I usually meet connections from my other lifetimes. You will know when you have connected with someone from your previous life when you have just met someone for the first time and feel as if you know them somehow. The next process is listening to hear your soul speak what is your intuition telling you etc. If you have a really bad feeling then you know it can be someone that will cause you harm or suffering and you can walk away and not get involved with them as we all get tested. Many get confused when they meet someone and automatically say “wow I’ve just met my twin flame or soul mate” as they have a huge attraction to them. When the reality is yes you have connected with them again in this life time and it could be a very karmic relationship or they can indeed be a soul mate or twin flame relationship coming back. Several reasons.  In order to make a relationship work you have to have trust, emotional connection and good communication.

Love will not hold a relationship together. I read into your past life akashic records and their akashic records and let you know who they are, if they are from your past life with details and why you have connected and what the outcome will be etc. It can save a lot of time and suffering. Sometimes we have to get back involved with past karmic relationships in order to clear the karma it all depends on your soul’s evolutionary process. Its not easy when you have been in a karmic relationship, and it has to end especially when its from a previous life because we feel more connected to them. Connections are all about “ The law of attraction”. Pay attention to the red flags.

Most of the time when we meet someone from our past life they have come back to either teach us a painful lesson or to help our soul’s evolution grow into a higher level of consciousness to help each other in many energetic ways. We could of been with them in a previous life and the relationship did not work out. or it wasn’t the right time for us to be together. Perhaps in your current lifetime, the time to be together is now. There are many reasons behind this. You must come to terms with the relationship that it has ended and take the time to heal and reflect back onto what lessons you have learnt from it & be grateful for your time that you have shared with each other in gratitude.

Family is very karmic. The larger your family the more karmic issues you must clear. You must first look at what negative traits each family member has and look within your soul to see if you have any of their negative qualities and then do the soul work inside to work through it .Its a different process for everyone and you must be ready and open to heal and clear past karmic situations.  You do not need to be with each person to clear it, it is done within your soul. If you do not clear karmic situations, it keeps repeating its cycle after cycle until you finally surrender and have had enough suffering.

What can our readers do everyday to be more connected to their souls?

Please be compassionate towards everyone and do not judge. We are all fighting battles within one way or the other. When you are overwhelmed, meditate on what emotions are coming to the surface and have compassion for yourself.

Go deep within and transcend the energy with love. Take time out for you everyday and create your own sacred space to hear your soul speak.  Turn off your phone and get in touch with nature,meditate daily. Be in awareness when patterns, addictions,behaviors comes forth that is your lower mind your ego pulling you back. Pay attention to who you are around its who you will become. Let go of what no longer is serving your higher purpose and self and look at what is holding you back with restrictions. What you do on a day-to-day basis will determine your future. Take steps everyday to create your future.

Fear holds you back from living your life & finding your purpose. Empower the greater truth of your being & start implementing change. Ask yourself what are you passionate about. When you follow your passions, you can find your destiny and souls calling. When you love yourself unconditionally love will find you when you least expect it. Own who you are & stay in alignment within the integrity of your soul. Transcendence comes through unity of divine grace. Go with the flow and do not force or control anything.

The more you try to control situations it will not work out. The only thing you have any control over is yourself nothing else.

Please share with us a special message in these challenging times

Let us all come together as one worldly collective consciousness and bring forth unconditional love and peace to all of humanity and its species. Prayers are powerful. Be still in your heart & listen to soul. Feel the vibration of unconditional love within and radiate the energy of love to our sacred planet to heal any and all darkness. Crisis brings forth change when you pay attention. Surround yourself with positive people who you look up to. Surrender with trust and faith to the universe & ask spirit to guide you along your journey that is best for your higher self and highest calling & be open for change.

A crisis can change your life to break free of limitations that have held you back. Shift your mindset from fear to love. You will see love when you let go of fear. When you are feeling disconnected & isolated its connected to your ego which brings in fear. Devote more time for yourself through self love and set boundaries. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Love yourself unconditionally we all have our own journey to walk upon. The kingdom of heaven is within.

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