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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On May 28, 2023

Sound Healing with Jeremy Reeves

Sound Healing with Jeremy Reeves

Jeremy Reeves is a sound healer and the founder of Jade Healing, a practice that offers a unique approach to wellness through the power of sound. Jeremy is a skilled practitioner who uses a variety of instruments and techniques to help his clients access deep states of relaxation and healing. He combines his knowledge of sound therapy, Reiki, and other energy healing modalities to create a personalized and transformative experience for each individual.

What is a Vibrational Sound Weaver and what inspired you to journey down this path?

I first heard the term “Sound Weaver” at a crystal shop in Glenwood Springs Colorado, a little over 8 years ago and it has totally changed the trajectory of my life and my family’s too! The crystal bowl punctured me and I started working with sound in combination with meditation. The path unfolded before me. I had my first sound healing 4 years ago for sciatica and met a teacher who helped guide me to the Vibrational Sound Association. I have been a practitioner for almost 4 years now.

Can you explain the principles and benefits of Sound Healing, and how it complements other forms of treatment?

Do no harm, is the most important. Really being in “tune” and mindfully listening to what our clients’ needs are, are the main objectives. Some benefits of sound are increased relaxation, reduced stress and tension, clarity of mind and connection with body. My ideal day would be 1. Sound Healing, 2. Massage, 3. Chiropractic adjustment and finish with acupuncture. We partner with Yoga, QiGong, acupuncture and massage practitioners.

How do you customize your treatments to meet the unique needs and concerns of each client?

No two sessions have been the same. I have a general format with an intuitive flow. We see everyone from relaxation to anxiety to addiction issues. So the sessions naturally have a different flavor. Some people don’t like the drums or gongs, others may not like the ocean or rain sounds, we really try to tailor the experience for maximum benefit.

Do you incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices into your treatments, and how do they contribute to the healing process?

It really is one of the most beautiful things we have received. We have adopted several meditation practices like QiGong, Yoga and Meditation teacher training. Doing a sound bath meditation or a one on one sound healing requires the practitioner to be fully engaged in the present moment. So we feel it is an absolute must for us to be in practice with our own healing modalities.

What more can you tell us about J.A.D.E and what services you have on offer?

JADE is our family (Jeremy, Aaren, Denise and Evan). We were doing Christmas cards several years back and discovered the name for our future business. We specialize in promoting meditation and relaxation techniques. We offer crystal, sound and light healing, we also offer Reiki. As well as, couples sessions, and have 60 or 90 minutes available.

What have you learned and developed within your own spirituality along this path?

I believe the quote by the Dalai Lama about meditation, “if we taught all of the 8 year olds how to meditate, violence would disappear in a generation.” I have learned, (sometimes painfully) I don’t have the power to heal anyone. I had my hand in a bowl while doing a session with someone and it felt like I got electrocuted. One of my teachers said “your ego is too involved, go get Reiki certified.” It seems to work better when my ego is less involved. I think I have seen my own, my wife and my children all embrace our spirituality in time. I really mean it when I say “we are honored and blessed to be able to help people in difficult times in their lives!”

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