Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On September 24, 2021

Discovering your sensibility and following your inner guidance with Jessica Sisco

Discovering your sensibility and following your inner guidance with Jessica Sisco

As Jessica Sisco says in her website, “I was reluctant to learn to work with these abilities, I finally took the plunge and never looked back.” Born blind, Jessica discovered her sensibility early and now helps people with mediumship, reiki, and spiritual coaching sessions online. You can read more on her website and also follow her blog.

When did you discover your gift and also that you are a sensitive person?

I had a couple of experiences during childhood, but it seemed to disappear for several years. I really started to become aware of the spirit world when I was attending college. I resisted it for a long time, but I began to follow my inner guidance.

As a spiritual coach what do you see manifesting in your clients in
these times? Their fears, challenges, problems…

Many clients are concerned about their deceased loved ones and whether they’re at peace. Some people are also discovering that they are
empathic, and this can lead to feelings of anxiety and isolation. Mostly, people are fearful about the future.

You wrote a great post in your blog, “Why I never want us to go back to normal”. Do you believe that we learned something in this year and evolved mentally and spiritually?

I would never say that this pandemic happened in order to teach us a lesson. However, this past year has given us several opportunities for
self-reflection, coming together as a community, and rethinking our priorities.

You have a great online presence. Do you believe that all of your activity can be done remotely or the physical presence still matters?

I mainly work virtually, and I will continue to do so because I enjoy the flexibility of it. I can also reach a wider audience. However, I have participated in some in-person events and find them to be enjoyable as well.

Can you please share with us a special message in these difficult times?

Yes. Everything happens in cycles. If you are experiencing difficulties right now, they won’t last forever. Please do whatever you can to hold on to hope and faith.

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