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Assume Your Role in Earth’s Bright and Glorious Future - Joy Elaine

Assume Your Role in Earth’s Bright and Glorious Future - Joy Elaine

Meet Joy Elaine – professional violinist, Level Four Practitioner, Animal Healing Practitioner of SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique), practitioner of numerous energy modalities – and AUTHOR of The Joy Chronicles.

What are The Joy Chronicles? 

They are accounts of my interactions with galactic masters of light and members of the Ashtar Command as well as dragons, fairies and a genie from Andromeda.

The Joy Chronicles spur heightened states of consciousness awareness so that readers can feel the magic of life on Earth and remember the magic that is within themselves. The books offer readers opportunities to personally contribute to numerous energy transmissions of elevated principles and thus become part of bringing about a bigger vision for our evolving Earth that is beyond anything ever dreamt of or experienced by human beings before this time.

What is that bigger vision? A major component of it is forever peace. 

What is the Ashtar Command?

A consortium of elevated non-dual masters who are committed to supporting the graceful evolution of Earth. In 2014 there were several million of their spaceships located on the 10th dimension of Earth.

How did Serenity Vibration Healing find you and how would you describe it? 

In my early 40s I went to a workshop for the nutrition business I own. I was given a sheet of paper to list my goals in different areas of my life. I was fine with listing health goals, family goals, business goals but came up blank when asked to list spiritual goals. That “oh-oh” moment inspired me to begin searching for a deeper meaning for my life. I began experimenting with different healing and energy modalities and finally stumbled upon SVH in 2003.

SVH is a premiere set of tools to master the mind. It works at transcendent levels to reform foundations of limiting beliefs and perceptions that are stopping you from reaching your highest level.

‘Mythical’ creatures or not? 

Yes and no. Concerning the Loch Ness monster, Osiris told me, “It truly does exist in the minds of people, which makes it into a reality.” There are at least 30 Nessies and they escape detection by shifting to another dimension. Book two, Blossoming of Love, lists several of the creatures that Gaia and I brought back to different dimensions of Earth—dragons, satyrs, centaurs, and winged horses to name a few. Werewolves, no.

What do you mean by ‘Earth reaching non-duality’ and what bearing does this have on Mankind? 

Non-duality is the destiny of Earth and humanity. 

According to Gaia and the non-dual masters of light I channel, Earth and all of humanity currently exist in the 5th and 6th dimensions. (Third and fourth dimensions are no longer part of Earth’s reality. Although 3rd left in 2009 and 4th dimension left in 2015, some people are still hanging onto 3rd dimension mindsets of struggle and fight for survival.) Very few humans are sliding back and forth from the 6th into the 7th dimension. The significance of the 7th dimension is that it is possible to live as non-dual in that dimension. 

Non-duality offers humanity a NEW PARADIGM. Non-duality is characterized by, as I mentioned earlier, forever peace. Also, in that reality, changing your appearance with a thought is as easy as changing your clothes is in this reality. 

Manifestation is instant—what you choose to create appears instantly. In non-duality, your body is perpetually regenerating so there is no death or illness. Teleporting, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. are simply part of life. 

(I have seen the version of me that exists in non-duality. She looks to be about twenty-five years old with long, blond hair.)

How do you believe science fiction first came into being? 

Many writers have intuitively tapped into life on other worlds. According to Ashtar Commander Tonas, there are about at least 600 species in our universe who resemble the elves Tolkien wrote about in the Lord of the Rings. There is a planet in our universe inhabited by beings who look like Yoda.

Over the last few decades working with esoteric teachings and diverse energy modalities, what are the experiences that stand out the most to you? 

My most memorable experiences began in 2014 when I energetically stepped aboard an Ashtar Command ship located on Earth’s 10th dimension and met a handsome 25-million-year-old Ashtar Commander who said he had known me for a million years! 

In book one, Path of Sweetness, my heart opened when I reunited with Sheliah, the fairy I knew as a little girl. In book two, Blossoming of Love, I was thrilled to speak to the dragon king, Woonfred. I’ve especially enjoyed the friendships I’ve developed with the ascended versions of JFK, King Arthur and some of his knights, Guinevere, Cleopatra, Caesar, Antony, Abraham Lincoln, and galactic masters such as Osiris, Isis, Hathor, Thoth, Sananda, and Archangels Michael and Metatron. Watching a universe ascend into the Fifth Realm was awesome. (That event is depicted on the cover of book 3, A Wish Granted.)

My experiences writing The Joy Chronicles have been “out of this world” in more ways than one.

Who is our future self? 

Beyond our physical self, each of us exists energetically in all time, space and dimensions. It is possible to tap into the knowledge of versions of yourself existing in the future.

Read The Joy Chronicles and step into your destiny’s role in Earth’s bright and glorious future.

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