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Animal Communication and Shamanic Practice - Judy Ramsey

Animal Communication and Shamanic Practice - Judy Ramsey

MysticMag has the pleasure of talking with Judy Ramsey, Animal Communicator, Interspecies Counselor and Shaman. Judy has over 40 years of experience in counseling, teaching, and mentorship.

How (and why) did your life adventure bring you to where you are today?

As a child I communicated with animals, plants, and faeries and all of nature, as most children can. My abilities were discouraged by my family, however, and likewise at school. I always knew and understood what my animals wanted but it wasn’t until my 40th birthday when my husband gifted me my first horse that I actually began the journey to professional communication. My horse communicated with me in odd (and very dumbed down) ways to help me understand, and through her I found a trainer who told me about Penelope Smith.
I located Penelope and received training and mentorship over years for telepathic communication, and also received mentoring from Teresa Wagner in grief and loss issues which now represent about 80% of my work with telepathic communication.
About 8 years ago, I was thrown off a horse and broke my back. Subsequently I had to spend 4 months in a body brace, able to do nothing but take online classes. This is when I found Carla Meeske who is a wonderful shamanic practitioner who works with animals. She introduced me to shamanism and to a way of working with animals using my spirit allies and the skill of shamanic journeying. I did a two year shamanic program with instructors of Sandra Ingerman, and myself became an approved Sandra Ingerman instructor. I began to combine telepathic communication skills with shamanic skills to communicate with animals and to address their healing needs. And this is where I am today!

Are you able to describe what shamanic practices you use when communicating with animals and what outcome can be achieved?

Like most shamanic practitioners, I rely on the skill of shamanic journeying – entering a trance state through the rhythm of a drum or rattle. Shamanism is known as the path of direct revelation, and journeying enables me to glean information about an animal spirit and life circumstances directly from the animal. The animal spirit communicates at a very deep level and can reveal life experiences, its outlook, behavior and physical health.
I rely on the deep stillness of the shamanic state of mind so I can hear everything that the animal wants to show or tell me. I also work very closely with my spirit allies, who show me the web of relationship between the person and the animal and the energetic dynamics between them. I can then work with the allies to retrieve soul essence, to heal the animal, and to restore the original joy that the animal was born with.

You talk of four levels of communication with animals – can you elaborate?

There is an entry level where people open their intuitive senses and begin to know or sense what an animal wants to communicate telepathically. Then there is a deeper, intuitive sense that expands communication to nature spirits. This can be with anything in nature from plants to hidden folk, and may include shamanic communication which addresses the spirit of the being.
The third level is ‘interspecies counseling’ whereby the practitioner is able to connect with both the animal nature of the person and the animal who is in relationship with them and communicate with and within the spirit of that relationship.
The deepest level of communication is where the practitioner communicates from within the context of being a part of all that is – they are not communicating from the outside looking in, but from the inside looking out, acting and communicating as part of the beauty that surrounds them – they are an active participant and they never have to disconnect. I teach, train and mentor all of these levels, and have done for the last 15 years.

What would you describe the ultimate purpose of your work to be?

To help people and animals live together harmoniously, help them understand each other better. To help humans understand the natural world in a more expansive way, helping them realize that there is much more happening around them than they may realize. And to help those people who ask to see a different perspective – that of the animals that they live with – to enable the best life for the animal and the person together.

Do you believe animals are here to be our teachers?

Absolutely. Animals are our best teachers and guides. They live much more in Spirit and much more in the present moment than we do. I have encountered incredible wisdom and knowledge imparted by animals. They frequently give the best solution to problems. It is so important to remember that we are all equal beings no matter the size or appearance.

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