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Start Your Journey in Self-Healing with Julie Boseley

Start Your Journey in Self-Healing with Julie Boseley

Julie Boseley is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Analytical Hypnotherapist and Bach Flower Practitioner based in based in Gloucestershire.  Her courses, workshops and holistic therapies are available Face to Face and virtually.  In this interview Julie shares insights into her journey of becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, the benefits of energy healing and the importance of self-care.

How did Reiki come into your life? Tell us about your journey of becoming a Reiki Master Teacher?

A family member was seriously ill and I felt helpless, to be honest… I was drawn to look for something I could do to support them. I’m used to working with people… so that would be the easy part but in fact it all just slotted in (as I’ve found happens in the universe when you go with the flow!) I thought that Reflexology may be the thing but on searching, kept happening upon the word Reiki (at this point I didn’t even know what was or realise that a path was set!) The searches into this word Reiki started the journey which is now a part of my everyday life.  First, finding a teacher was the thing… Always use your intuition, I have learnt. Notice who you are “drawn” too…The universe redirected me from the original Reiki course that I had booked, towards my Reiki Teacher who in her loving light and wisdom guided me through the 3 initial levels and supported me through My Master Teacher Level also and continues to be part of my journey to this day.

Everyone that comes to Reiki will have their own journey but for me it has been mainly a process of trusting myself in all aspects of Reiki and in all areas of life.

How does Usui Reiki work and what are the key benefits?

I love talking about the energy because everything in the universe is energy. It is this energy that is “Channelled” by anyone who is “attuned.” Everyone experiences energy differently according to sensory sensitivity and awareness. Some may know this linked with the word “Clairs” I.e. Auditory/Sentient etc) Personally in the main, it is a physical feeling but I also see, hear and sense it. These are growing as I work with the energy. Anyone can be attuned to Channel energy via Attunments by a teacher and a great way to maintain personal wellbeing on a regular basis.
Usui Reiki is a mainly a hands on treatment. Guided by intuition the practitioner will adjust their hand position accordingly. A full service with peaceful music, candles can be applied but is equally effective in a shorter, day to day circumstance I.e. Headache, Backache. It is a relaxing treatment that brings about peace and calm, and is initiated by an “intent” (thought/spoken) around what you would like the energy for. Reiki can be used for all aspects of life. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual and Situational to support your daily life.

You also specialize in hypnosis. Who would you recommend this to?

Hypnosis, as with all holistic practices is based in relaxation. I would recommend this to anyone who is drawn to it as a therapy and most importantly, someone who is ready to “heal!” It is a
support tool for anyone ready to make changes in their life in any area that they feel is holding them back from achieving their full potential.  For anyone who has reservations about Hypnosis…..Did you know that we all go into Hypnotic states of being during the day? For instance, when you are day-dreaming or driving and cannot recall the entire journey (I think we all have to hold our hands up to that one!) A therapist is there to guide you at that point of relaxation and to support you whilst in that relaxed state.

On a personal level, do you have any non-negotiable routines for self-care?

Absolutely! Before I get out of bed, I start my day with a short meditation and gratitude session. I find my day flows from there… My Reiki self-treatments are another essential as is my morning
yoga session. Finding out what makes you feel good is the key and having an awareness how you feel in the moment can bring about great change. I also love being outdoors and walking. Boundaries and learning the value of them has also been part of my journey and a necessity in a self care routine. Knowing when something doesn’t feel right and acting on it.

Do you have any advice for our readers on how to maintain a positive energy?

Be Happy! (Not forced… always acknowledge all emotions.)  As energy vibrates, anything that makes you happy will carry a higher vibration which in turn will make you feel better.  Being happy can mean adjusting your life and making decisions that bring about change and that’s the big stuff, but ultimately It could be as simple as the day to day things. Anything that makes you feel that warm, fuzzy, calm, peaceful feeling… Listening to your favourite music, spending time with people who make you smile. Journalling, Walking etc.  If you are short of ideas, think of what you enjoyed as a child… For most of us being creative or being outdoors will come into it. Don’t write anything off because your journey into adulthood has taught you differently. Grab those pencils/paintbrushes…. Spend time in nature… on your own or with friends! When you are enjoying yourself (happy) notice how that feels and then do more!

Lastly, what do you love most about your profession?

I love holding space for others whilst on their own journey. Supporting someone in their lives whist they facilitate change and find their own path and step into their “power.” I love the rippling effect the energy has on everything around me. I love that Holistic healing has been around since the dawn of time and that I, personally can be part of spreading the light!

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