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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 09, 2023

Writing books, Astrology and Egypt with Julie Loar

Writing books, Astrology and Egypt with Julie Loar

Julie Loar just finished writing a book, one more for her collection that already has 10. A spiritual practicioner and teacher since 1972, Julie offers readings, astrological charts, full moon medidation and more, all online, and also leads sacred journeys to Egypt. Do you want to know more about her story and gifts? Here’s our interview!

How did you discover your gift?

That’s a wonderful question. I’ve had 3 near-death experiences in my life. One shortly after birth, another at age 6 and another in Mexico, where I lived for a Summer when I was 20 years old. That blew my psyche wide open to investigating other areas.

I’ve always had vivid dreams and I always wanted to go to Egypt. My parents told me I was interested in Egypt from the age of 3. In my early 20’s, I became interested in Astrology and Tarot, so I went through the course of the BOTA (Builder of the Adytum). I graduated from their correspondence program.

In 1997 I published my first book, which is a novel about Ancient Egypt and Atlantis. Everything else I’ve written since is non-fiction. I’ve had 10 books published now and I wrote for Atlantis Rising magazine for almost two decades. I’ve just finished a book about using dreams as guides on the spiritual path. Apart from writing, I currently work with clients and still do Tarot and Astrology.

You are a very prolific author. When you decide to write a book, what is your goal?

Typically, if I work on a book, I set a goal, outline the chapters and do it in sequence. My latest one was quite a different experience and I feel like I’ve been changed through the process, learning to tune in to my guidance and do the best I can.

I didn’t intend to write my latest book. I thought I was just going to summarize articles I’d written on dreams for a magazine in the mid 2010’s… Some sort of guidance took me over and back to things I’d read 40 years ago – Blavastsky, Bailey and other materials I’ve read when I first began my own path. It felt very guided and happened during the pandemic lockdown. It was a very solitary process and atypical.

You offer several services. How do you detect who should get mentoring, a chart or other service?

Most of the time, people have already decided what they want, but the simple answer is that Tarot is more diagnostic. It’s like taking a photograph of where you are at that point of time, like a physician might take an X-ray to recommend some treatment.

Astrology, on the other hand, is looking at the cycles and progressions, which are based on “algorithms” of the individual’s life and on motions of planets in the sky and how they trigger or activate a person’s birth chart.

In some ways, it depends on the question or circumstance the person is in right now. A bigger, longer-term picture is Astrology, whereas Tarot typically illuminates present and urgent questions.

What is your work with dreams?

I’ve worked with dreams for almost my whole life. Now, having written this book, a very specific seven-step process for working with dreams came to me in a dream. I’ve also learned the power for people of working in a small group, on a regular basis and writing the dream down.

This way, they can get an objective way of looking at their symbolism. I believe dream language is symbolic, different from our spoken language and words. It is the language that comes through our subconscious.

I believe in a powerful dream from the level of the soul. Science says we all dream two hours every night, whether we remember them or not.
We couldn’t possibly have time to work with all those dreams and my feeling is that, if you do remember a dream or a part of it, then that’s worth spending some time with it and trying to learn to translate or decode the symbolic message transmitted.

What do you see as the main misconceptions about Astrology?

In my own feeling, the Astrology most of us use is still imperfect. It is a legacy from Greeks and Romans, but really works mostly on energetic levels. We use archetypes of planets that are probably incomplete and not really accurate. Still, for me, Astrology operates on us in some ways like music or frequencies that act upon us and are archetypal in some ways.

The seasons work differently in the hemispheres of the Earth and the balance of light and dark is constantly shifting. When heading into Winter, it is not time to plan your garden activities, for instance. Astrology is the same, as we move through the cycles of the Moon or the Solar year, or how each of the planetary archetypes engages with one another in the sky, therefore triggering us: we look at where we are on the journey and how we can use those energies.

Please tell us about your travels to Egypt.

I am about to take my 14th group to Egypt. We travel from the top and bottom of Egypt with the most respected tour groups and visit sights. People are often changed by an experience of a different culture.

I think it is important to understand today that our Humanity should unite us. It should not be our differences that pull us apart. In the trip, people have the opportunity to experience the ancient temples and sights, tombs and pyramids and to get immersed in a culture very different from where they might live in.

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