Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On November 29, 2022

Julie Silver - The Vitality Fairy™

Julie Silver - The Vitality Fairy™

Julie Silver talks us through her journey with nutrition and how her life was literally transformed with the changes she made in her diet. The Vitality Fairy™ now empowers others to do the same for optimal mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Why The Vitality Fairy™?

The Vitality Fairy because it encompasses everything to do with well being on every level. There is so much more to me than simply food.

How has nutrition influenced your life journey?

Growing up, I was always the type to eat everything although I always had an natural inclination towards the healthier versions of everything. I would always have chocolate peanuts and raisins instead of straight chocolate for example. I remember giving a talk on vitamins when I was 11 years old…

It was only when my son was born almost 27 years ago that I started delving deeper. He had severe eczema and allergies and I went to see a nutritional therapist. I realized at this stage what an impact food had on our health. 

My diet started to change – albeit a gradual transformation – starting with refined sugars that I cut out of my diet completely, followed by dairy because my son was allergic, followed by gluten as I learned more about its detrimental effects on the body, and it turned out I was intolerant after testing. This whole process empowered me as I was in control of what I was putting into my body and understanding and feeling the impact that the food was having on me.

How much focus is spent on the prevention of stress as opposed to managing stress?

Undoubtedly not enough. It’s the usual syndrome of when everything is going ok, even reasonably ok, we tend to do nothing different. However, it is only when things go drastically wrong that we try to improve and rectify.  

Do you believe physical health influences mental health, or vice versa?

I believe that the two are very linked and once you change one, it will normally have an effect on the other. 

What are the most common nutritional faux pas that you encounter today?

I believe that the addiction to sugar is super toxic and once we get into that cycle, it is extremely hard to stop. The wheat that we eat these days is of very poor quality, unlike what it used to be a hundred years ago or so. People are unaware of the toxic effects that wheat has on the body and how indigestible it actually is.

I have found of late that people need quick fixes due to a lack of timing – they feel tired so they resort to a coffee giving them a quick high but which results in another low a short time thereafter. The day becomes a roller coaster of highs and lows. 

What can you tell us about your book Food Awakening – Nutrition for NOW?

This book takes on more of a spiritual angle when referring to nutrition and health. It is very much non-judgmental and points out that there is no right or wrong. If you are drawn to certain foods, then they are right for you – and this may bring up physical or emotional issues that need to be addressed. The book does contain information on health, lifestyle and sleep and offers advice on finding healthier alternatives to sugar, wheat/gluten and dairy, including recipes and overall creating a better and healthier lifestyle altogether. 

How do you proceed with your clients?

I always work with my clients from where they are at. I hold space for them so they can find out what they are ready for. I give them simple solutions that are practical and realistic. This could be more on the nutrition side or more on the lifestyle side (sleep, exercise…). Sleep can have a huge impact on weight issues, productivity, mood, energy, recovery after exercise, how you look..

I never tell people to give anything up but I rather make people aware of the possibilities. Only when that person is ready will they be able to integrate new changes into their life. All in Good Time (& Health)!

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