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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Interview with Kara from Pet's Eye View

Interview with Kara from Pet's Eye View

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado had the opportunity to talk with Kara, an animal communicator and the owner of Pet’s Eye View that does an incredible job with pets. She explained to us a bit about her work and some experiences she had, using her gifts to improve the lives of the animals and the owners.

Please present yourself to our audience

I am an animal communicator and empath: I use the powers of telepathy to connect with animals and share their thoughts and feelings with the people who love them.

I do not consider myself a psychic. I use telepathy, which is the transference of words, pictures and feelings, with an animal. I translate this information for a human what they see, feel and think about their lives or health. I can also scan the body for pain and discomfort. However, I am not a vet and animal communication is not a substitute as a diagnostic tool.

A good animal communicator should have a deep well of animal behavior knowledge, an understanding of pet nutrition, and more. I also use some metaphysical techniques such as emotional freedom technique (EFT) and chakra clearing to create harmony in the home between a pet and its person or between pets that don’t get along.

Sometimes, I help find lost animals or help to say goodbye or to connect them with the animals after they pass.

How did you discover that you have that ability?

I have always been more connected to animals than people in many ways. As a small child, I would tell my parents about my conversations with the animals. They thought it was make-believe.

I had a black and white cat named Patches, when I was about 11. Patches would follow me every day to and from the school bus stop, which was 15 minutes from my house. At 3:15 p.m., he would be waiting before the pack of kids got out of the bus and would walk me back home.

One day, Patches left home, then returned and stayed for three days. Finally, he left again, and I told my mom he went to find another girl who needed his help – and I just knew that.

Growing up, I moved into the corporate-focused world. I kind of ‘shut that down’ in regards to intuition, and went into business. I always consulted psychics because I believe them very strongly. Then, when my dog was 15, I was so worried about him going. I came across Penelope Smith’s book called Animal Talk and figured out that if I could talk to animals, that would be a skill I would like to develop.

So, I went to training for 2 years with Communication With All Life University and I found it to be fabulous. A psychic can talk to an animal, of course.  Animal communicators are specialists with deep animal knowledge

I conduct telepathic communications sessions with the animal or animals while in deep meditation, often over Zoom or FaceTime. I then share my findings with their human, and offer practical and metaphysical tools that can strengthen the bond between pet and person.

What are the benefits of knowing what your animal wants and communicating with it?

It is important to understand your pet’s true essence, strengths and weaknesses. You should also learn what they love about their lifes, in order to use that to promote good behaviour.

It is imperative, especially in multi-pet households, that you have ‘jobs’, where there is no competition with each other. It either matches the animal’s energy or it tones down an energy which is not desired.

I even tell people sometimes to change the name of their animals. Last year, a woman came to me with a dog called Sergeant, who was bullying other dogs in her house and I told her he thought he was the sergeant. I suggested she make him her butler instead. She liked that idea, and changed his name to Carson, which is the name of the butler in the TV show Downton Abbey.

She gave him a different job: an ambassador or butler, and not the aggressor or the protector. Meanwhile, her other dog, who was much more anxious in the house, had to be the loving comedian instead of protecting or worrying about this aggressive dog. Six months later, they are existing happily together.

What are the main conditions you see in animals while doing your sessions? What stands out the most?

What comes up the most is people who have two animals and want them to get along better. I like to work on those issues because I have a good facility for doing that. I have three dogs and a cat and everyone of them is my favourite. They are all assigned different jobs in the house, so they are not competing with each other for attention or affection.

I think a lot of people come because they are worried about behaviour, whether it is aggression or anxiety. Or they got a new pet, and want to know what their animals love or feel. There are young people who are pregnant and want their cats to be nice when the baby comes along.And, of course, a lot of people who want their animal to be healthier and happier toward the end of life.

Does any session stand out in your mind after years in the service?

Yes, it has to do with EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique]. An 80 year-old woman called me telling she had owned numerous Shetland Shepherd. However, her newly adopted 5 year-old rescued Sheltie was barking at anybody who came near her.

I talked to the dog, Abby, who was very distraught, since she was never well-treated in her original home. Abby had felt like the ‘afterthought’ in relation to a ‘hero dog’. This ‘hero’ was trained, whereas nobody ever trained her properly. So, she peed in the house and they started not liking her and so they got rid of her.

This sweet Sheltie felt very abandoned because she loved those people and that older dog. Then, Abby showed me images of a succession of old ladies’ hands outstretched to her, and houses she went to in foster until she got to this house.

She told me she liked the new place and the lady, so she was barking at everyone else and backing away so that no one would take her away from this new home. Abby also knew the lady was elderly, and asked me what would happen if the lady passed away.

The lady confirmed that the dog had been in at least two foster homes before being adopted. She also had me tell Abby she would go to her daughter if she passed away. The daughter had two Shelties and Abby had already met them. I told the woman Abby liked her and that she was afraid of being given away again.

Finally, I did one session of EFT for animals, telling Abby she was truly home, and she would be safe, even if the lady died. I also tapped on the lady to tell her to let go of the idea of the dog being bad. This was all conducted remotely, via phone. I also use Zoom.

This session took place at 5 five o’clock at night. At eight o’clock the next morning, the lady wrote me an e-mail telling me that she had taken Abby to the barn at 5 a.m.. Abby walked up to a woman she had previously feared the most. She then sat and asked to be petted for 20 minutes. This is an example of how clear animal communication and releasing fears through EFT helped a family. Abby was no longer afraid someone would take her away.

Do you have a final message to our readers?

It is important to know that remote meetings, via phone or video chat are just as effective as in-person work in most cases. Whether you ever hire an animal communicator or not, it is important you choose the right job for your companion animal. For more about choosing the right job for your pet, I have written an ebook that you can download, called Give Your Pet a Purpose.

It’s also important that you send mental pictures of the behaviours you desire in your animals instead of imagining behaviours you don’t – they are always reading your mental pictures and trying to fulfill those. So, if you imagine the dog pulling on the leash, you might get that behavior. For 10 minutes before your next walk, imagine a very calm walk, and no pulling.

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