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Embodied Soul Being - Karen Briggs Updyke

Embodied Soul Being - Karen Briggs Updyke

Karen Briggs Updyke is a Psychic, Trance Medium and Reiki Master Practitioner. MysticMag has the pleasure of chatting with her and journeying into her world of psychic artistry.

What is your earliest recollection of journeying into the psychic realms?

My earliest recollection of events of this nature was when I was around 3 years of age, and used to talk to my parents about other lives once lived. I remember describing a house in the mountains that I lived in before coming into my mom’s belly, for example. I used to tell them about the life I used to live, down to the dog that I had and the name that I gave it.
On top of this, I always just knew things about people, or things that were going to happen, or why they were in a bad mood. I would be reading their energy or their soul, without knowing how or why.

What has been the most prominent evidential based experience you have ever encountered?

I always like the evidential experiences where there is no way that I could have known what I am relaying. I work in an eclectic way during readings in order to have more tools to meet my client’s highest needs.This may look like flowing from a mediumistic reading – so connecting with passed loved ones, Angels or Spirit Guides – to connecting with the Soul of my client or offering a psychic reading. There have been many evidence-based readings, but I have one example that springs to mind. I was giving a reading to a lady and a Spirit came through. This Spirit was a woman, somebody’s mother, who had died of breast cancer.
The lady having the reading affirmed that it wasn’t her mother and didn’t know who this spirit was. I just left it and carried on with her reading. Fast forward a few weeks, and this same lady was telling a neighbor of hers about her reading. The neighbor immediately knew who the Spirit was, as her mother had recently died of the same sort of cancer. The neighbor then went for a reading, and it was confirmed that it was indeed her mother.
This just highlights the intelligence of the spiritual world, and there is no other explanation for what happened other than the reality of the event. It makes me feel so comforted and happy seeing the ability of our souls to have access to that level of information once we have passed over. It is wonderful and it continues to show us that our loved ones are always around us and will stop at nothing to ensure that we are aware of their presence.

Could you talk us through one of your private readings and what a client may expect to walk away with?

In each reading, I surrender to the flow of my own Soul’s knowing to determine how each session should begin. In allowing my own Soul to rise, I am best able to determine whether my client’s highest need may first be addressed by tapping into the Spirit realms, whether they are more in need of life guidance (psychic) or a Soul Reading. From there the reading may flow between one, two, or all three different mediums, depending on how my Soul is moved to work.
As an example, I may be called to start out by working with someone on a psychic level and then move to a Soul Reading. In a Soul reading, my Soul blends with the Soul of my client to offer guidance to the human part of my client from their own Soul’s highest knowing.
After, there may be Guides, Angels or loved ones in Spirit that come through to provide guidance, clarity or healing. In each of these methods of working, I indicate where the information is coming from and do my best to provide evidence around the information I am receiving. The thread I always wish to follow in a reading is trying to continuously feel what the highest need of that person is in that given moment. I allow myself to be led to the medicine that they most need at that time.

How and why does Reiki fit in and serve your purposes?

I have always been attracted to energy work, since I was little in fact. Before I started to do any psychic readings, I was doing energy work. For me, it is all healing, whether it be a psychic or Soul reading or Reiki. My goal is to provide clarity for people, lay out what is there so perhaps they see things under a different light with the purpose of healing and transformation.
Reiki is another approach to healing and different people need different medicines, and are attracted to different things. Reiki can be more of a subtle experience and works on all of our bodies; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Usually when I offer Reiki to someone, I often have psychic impressions for that person, and may also have mediumistic experiences. I call Reiki pure love energy, but the guidance will follow through, just on a shorter note.

What would you describe your life goal and mission to be?

I feel that the majority of our Souls don’t reside in our human bodies, but instead exist in the Spirit World. I have come to believe that prior to being born, a tiny fragment of our Soul is lent to us, to be incarnated within this human body, in order to have this experience on Earth.
My goal and life purpose is to remember to access the wholeness of my Soul being and to be as much of an embodied Soul being whilst on Earth, as I can.
It is in this state that we are able to access our psychic awareness, offer healing and remember our inherent connection with other Spiritual worlds. Continuous practice and deepening my embodiment of this state best allows me to serve other people and teach them how to remember their true nature as well. It is simply about tuning in and increasing the awareness of your life.

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