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Crystal Clear Communication with Karen Frazier

Crystal Clear Communication with Karen Frazier

Karen Frazier is an intuitive energy healer, psychic medium, author, and musician. She recounts her journey with the paranormal and energy healing and how she came to be the Karen she is today.

When did you first enter the world of the paranormal?

I have had abilities since I was a child. However, I grew up in a very christian religious background where things of this nature were deeply frowned upon. I spent a lot of time suppressing my abilities and it was only in 2007/2008 that I knew I needed to pay attention to them again. This is when I stepped into the paranormal world. 

Having said this, I do believe that there is something to be said for spiritual literacy. Perhaps controversial to some, I believe that there is not much of a leap to make between religion and the supernatural. In religion, you believe in something that is ineffable, in something you cannot see or feel – you have to trust it and know it.

Are ghosts, spirits and the afterlife one and the same thing?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. We are all universal energy and we are all souls. We are all pieces of Source that have agreed to come into human bodies. I do, however, define them differently in a parapsychological way. 

A ghost is actually an earthbound spirit, it is someone who has lived but has not crossed over to the other side. All ghosts are spirits but not all spirits are ghosts. Spirits are any soul, living in a physical body or who crossed over to the other side.

Often ghosts haven’t crossed over because they feel there is unfinished business, or there is something they still need to learn. It is part of their soul journey. I believe every soul has a path from the innocence of babyhood all the way to the old soul that no longer incarnates. Sometimes we incarnate as a person, then we stay as a ghost for a while, and then cross over and incarnate again. This is not predestined as we all have free will but it is a matter of soul journey. 

As a psychic medium, does one communicate with ghosts or souls who have transitioned?

I communicate with whoever wishes to communicate. I also communicate with spirit guides who are often souls who have been incarnated at some point, and who have moved on to another part of their development. Sometimes they are spiritual beings who have always been in the spiritual world and who have never incarnated. I can and do communicate with all of the above but ultimately it is me communicating with Source energy and whatever form it is currently taking. 

What are your most memorable experiences with the paranormal?

There are many that stand out as unusual. However, I will go back to one of my earlier experiences which stood out for me at the time because I wasn’t ready for it. I was 21 years old and was convinced that I didn’t believe in any of my paranormal abilities – it was my party trick ;). 

I was living with my Navy husband in a small Navy town. My husband would be out to sea in a submarine for three months at a time, and during this time I would be home alone. We lived in an old WW11 military housing building that had been converted into apartments. 

Only when my husband was out to sea would I hear the front door open, footsteps coming across the hallway, feel that someone was sitting on the bed next to me and hear someone whisper in my ear “I LOVE YOU”, feel the breath….It was terrifying… but I put it down to my imagination. Other things would happen such as the water turning on by itself and doors opening and closing.

We had a 6ft tall inflatable Godzilla in a corner of our living room (as 21 yr olds do), and one day I came home to find the Godzilla in the middle of our bed. I fled the apartment, stayed in a cheap motel for one night, and we very quickly moved out when my husband came home.

It took me years to come to terms with this experience but it made me start to think more about the paranormal and read more on the topic. With hindsight, perhaps it was somebody trying to make me aware of my abilities and to the fact that there is much more…

The survival of consciousness after death?

This simply means that we go on when we are no longer in a body. It is also the survival of consciousness before birth. It is what and who we are before we are born and after we die. It is a gathering of energy that defines who we are as a soul. 

This includes ghosts, souls, reincarnation, and NDE’s are often a good clue into the survival of consciousness after death. This is a subject I find fascinating and have studied for many years. 

Where did you find inspiration for your many books and if you could recommend one, which would it be?

In the spiritual realm I have written around 15 books, but I also write cookbooks for people on special diets. This is actually my ‘actual job’ – I am an editor and a writer. In total, I have probably written around 30 books.

Choosing my favorite book is like having to choose a favorite child. I am very attached to Avalanche of Spirits because it is the first book I ever wrote. This is where I allowed myself to be seen and less fearful of what people would think of me. It was me going out into the world and telling my story. 

Recently, Essential Crystal Meditation and Ultimate Guide to Psychic Abilities come to mind, the former because I love crystals and meditation, and the latter because it encourages people to explore this world and to not be afraid of saying ‘This is who I am!’

Is writing a channel for your ‘spirituality’?

Yes it always has been. I used to write as a child, and it is the way that I best express myself. 

I have an urge to communicate with people, as does everybody, and my medium is writing. Hopefully others can find meaning in my work, something relatable that can help them make sense of what is happening to them.

What role do crystals play in your life and those you work with, and what is a crystal alchemist?

I have LOVED rocks since I was a kid. I had a huge collection. Much later, in my thirties, I had a chronic health issue with my throat. I went to an alternative healer/medical doctor and had no idea what to expect. She laid me down on the table and put a rock on my throat. She was actually practicing Reiki, which I didn’t know at the time. Once I was able to relax, I started crying buckets..and this went on for three days. I had experienced some kind of energetic release. 

It was at this point that I was able to question everything I knew relating to science, medicine, healthcare which I knew to be beneficial, but not the whole story. I started exploring crystals in depth. 

They are an intrinsic part of my work with my clients as they are great for healing and meditation. They are a gift and a love note from the planet to humanity and they are there as tools to remind us who we really are and to help us readjust our energies so as to align with that purpose.

Crystal alchemy is taking the energy and information that the crystals supply us and using it to find our golden selves, to find the part of us that is Spirit and using this to empower ourselves in life. 

Do you believe that all energy healing modalities are interconnected?

Yes absolutely, it’s all the same thing. It is simply finding different ways to do it and that which connects with the person. When working with somebody in a healing session, I bring them all together. It may start as Reiki but I could use tapping, crystals, sound, quantum touch etc. I employ whatever works best for where the person is at that moment in time and this, I intuit. 

A client may also ask me for something specific in which case I will work with that modality. I always ask a client permission before moving on to another modality, so they are never caught unaware. 


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