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Written by Katarina Todorovic | Updated On May 28, 2023

Exploring the Mysteries of Energy and Astrology with Expert Katharina Hillenberg

Exploring the Mysteries of Energy and Astrology with Expert Katharina Hillenberg

Welcome to Mystic Mag‘s fascinating interview with Katharina Hillenberg, an expert in the fields of energy and astrology. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in both areas, Katharina brings a unique perspective to understanding the world around us and our place within it. Her insights into the interconnectedness of energy and astrology provide valuable tools for personal growth, healing, and empowerment. Get ready to be inspired and enlightened as we delve into the fascinating world of energy and astrology with Katharina Hillenberg.

How did you first become interested in astrology, and what inspired you to pursue it as a career?

Astrology reintroduced itself to me through Human Design actually. All my life I had a lot of resistance and suspicion around Astrology, as I only knew it from reading horoscopes. They always felt so general and not really applicable to me, almost like someone just made up a story everyone could somehow relate to. So I never focused on learning Astrology.

However, when I dipped my toes in Human Design around 2017, I decided to give Astrology another go, since it is a part of the Human Design system. It was at that moment, when  Pandora’s box opened up for me. I remember that night so clearly, when I first looked at my Birth Chart and was mind blown by the accuracy. Needless to say, I was also mind blown about my instant intuitive understanding of that chart I saw for the first time. The entire story of my life, my struggles, my strengths and weaknesses was just presented in front of me in a round circle with 12 pieces and a bunch of planets. Did i know how i knew all of this – no, because i had not studied it (in this lifetime), but ever since i also knew i need to help people understand their charts and imprints too. I want it for them to be a game changer in their life as much as it was for me.

What type of services do you offer?

Since 2017 I’ve been on a journey with Astrology, Human Design, Quantum Physics, Energy Healing and DNA clearing and activation. Biohacking is another big passion of mine and I like to combine ancient traditional health approaches with modern science.

When I work 1:1 with clients, the main focus is to guide them towards their optimal timeline and to clear any and all dense imprints out of their aura, DNA and minds that keep them in repetitive, limited and karmic loops. This is where Astrology, Human Design and my own psychic insights come into play. Every time I sit with the client, I see their highest timeline and true soul essence and through my words, voice, the conversation and the energetics, I assist them to see it for themselves as well. This is why many things shift pretty quickly before and after these activation sessions.

I also offer long term mentoring and implementation afterwards, to truly anchor in the shifts in a more practical and hands-on way. This is either a 3 or 6 month container.

Additionally I also have an Astrology Online School, where I teach you how to read the stars and learn the language of the universe.

What is your astrological philosophy or approach, and how does it differ from other astrologers?

Referring back to the first question, I, myself was pretty suspicious around Astrology. Hence, I also never resonated with many other Astrologers. However the branch of Evolutionary  Astrology, specifically through Jeffrey Wolf Green, truly hit me. It is a Soul centered approach with Pluto (the soul) as the main driver and access point for understanding the transformation we signed up for in this lifetime.

Since I am a Sagittarius Rising myself and have a lot of 8th House planets, I like to help everyone see that their free will also means that they can consciously choose the HIGHEST expression of each placement. Unfortunately many Astrologers make it seem like the chart is the destiny that is set in stone and clients can almost use it as an excuse to say why they are “screwed” in that area in their lives or play the victim. I never believed that to be true. I know we can alchemize our lives and chart through our own inner work and connection to the source of all existence.

Empowerment and the power to create, activate and manifest a more desirable reality is thus what my approach to understanding Astrology is all about. Because if we understand our roadblocks and “karmic work”, we also know how to create an alternative way of living if we choose to be the energetic alchemist we were all born to be.

Have you ever encountered a particularly challenging or complex astrological chart, and how did you approach it?

To be honest with you, my own chart may be one of the most complex ones I have seen. So many contradictions and challenging aspects. Hence, there is not much that can shock me when it comes to seeing other peoples charts. Even with my chart, I see it as an initiation to even be able to do the deep work and service I do.

With every chart, I just see the highest expression of it instantly. This may be the gift I am meant to share, because it is truly magical once you see and FEEL how your seemingly biggest challenge and struggle then actually ends up to be your SUPERPOWER.

How do you use astrology to explore relationships, and what kind of insights can it offer about compatibility and communication?

Let’s start with compatibility. Such a buzzword and also a great illusion, when you ask me. There is no such thing as compatibility. There is only resonance, since everything is energy in this universe. So yes, some people resonate more with you than others and with some people it just flows and the energy is there. It’s the same wavelength so to speak. It’s the easy way. However relationships are meant to be mirrors and opportunities for growth and expansion. Hence, not every relationship is meant to be easy and smoothe, or else there would not be much “need” for growth and expansion.

I believe everything, no matter if it is an object, a subject, a teacher, a piece of fruit, a parcel, an opportunity or person for that matter, comes into our lives for a reason and in divine timing. We are in a relationship with EVERYTHING around us, not just people and every relationship we have, with no matter what it is, it changes the trajectory of our lives. We are transformed the minute we interact with something or someone. And if we approach relationships from that angle, we also know that the very fact this person shows up, we must be “compatible” to transform something for both of us.

Now yes, in the eyes of Astrology, we can see the person’s communication style, needs, love language and desires in the chart too. And an analysis of that can be a great relief to understand the karmic, relationship loops most people find themselves in.

What do you see as the future of astrology, and how do you see the practice evolving in the years to come?

I pray that more and more people use the understanding and guidance of the stars to co-create their lives with the universe. Astrology is truly the language of the cosmos and our CELLS. We need to learn that at school and become fluent in speaking to the stars and our CELLS – aka DNA. This is where I see the future of Astrology, but also humanity, to be able to read energetics and understand them vs. feeling like they are external forces that manipulate or hijack our lives. This is simply not the case. If anything, the universe speaks to us in so many ways, we just forgot how to read and decode the messages.

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Katarina is a Reiki practicioner who believes in spiritual healing, selfconcesness, healing with music. Mystical things inspires her to always look for deeper answers. She enjoys to be in nature, meditation, discover new things every day.