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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On May 31, 2023

Fixing what is not working with Kelli Miller

Fixing what is not working with Kelli Miller

Kelli Miller is a Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Life Coach and Transformational Speaker that discovered her gift in a very unusual way. In this special interview for MysticMag we asked Kelli about her experiences, areas that her clients feel a bit lost and confused and the Enlightenment Academy.

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When did you discover your gift and that you wanted to help people with it?

 I actually had a bit too much to drink at a party one evening. The guy was talking about his dad and how much he missed him. I realized his dad has been gone for over 7 years (my dad has been gone longer) and I thought he should have been over it by then.

I shouted, ‘I don’t know why you’re so upset. Your dad is right behind you with rainbow suspenders, a black and white labeled beer and a Marlboro cigarette in his mouth. He was the life of the party then, he’s still the life of the party now.’ Everyone froze and looked at me. Someone said ‘How did you know that?’. I stated he was right behind him and that’s what he looks like.

The next day people were coming to me at the garden center in Blair asking if I could read them. After 3 days of this my boss said I needed to do something about it, because it was wasting my time at work. So I decided to start doing readings out of my trailer after I put my kids to bed.

How was that experience of starting right away to help people?  Do you believe that with experience you become better at this activity or right from the start you could do the same as now?

It honestly started out as a joke because I thought people could ‘see it coming from a mile away’ or it’s ‘written all over their face’. Turns out that not everyone can do that.

It wasn’t until one evening when someone came to my trailer for a reading. That particular evening my son who was 7 at the time, kept getting out of bed for one excuse or another. He was being a pain in the butt kid, but I finally got him to bed. Shortly after, the lady came in and I started to read her. Only to my surprise her 7 year old son, who drowned came out from behind her.

I then realized this isn’t a joke and if you have these abilities you help people with them. That’s why I have this gift in the first place.

You share a few experiences you had with your gifts on your website. Do you think that people are more open now to your information compared with your first experiences back then?

Absolutely yes! More and more people are becoming enlightened and it’s becoming easier to talk to people about this. I still have ‘haters’ but doesn’t everyone?

What are the areas that your clients feel more lost and confused in your view? Is it personal or related to career and professional development?

They aren’t so much lost as they don’t understand or know what they are experiencing, so they will reach out to me with questions like I feel like i’m having a mid life crisis, but I’m not. They also begin to feel differently, like their faith has been renewed in some way.

Do you have a reading that stuck with you and you always remember?

 Yes there are a few. I actually wrote a book about it called ‘Memos from Heaven’. It’s available on Awakenings website or Amazon.

What is the Enlightenment Academy?

 It’s an intensive class where you can learn not only about your own intuitive or psychic abilities, but how to control and understand how it all works. I designed this program after I felt as if there were no teachers out there teaching metaphysical stuff with value, morals and ethics.

Please share a message with our audience in these challenging times

Turn off the TV, put down the phone and get back to the basics. You control your reality, so be sure your reality is a place where you can not only be your authentic self, but a place where you can honor yourself and your connection to ‘Source’. Everything is fixable, so fix what isn’t working and focus on where you’d like to be.


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