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Believing = Healing - Kerry Bavin

Believing = Healing - Kerry Bavin

Kerry Bavin from Soul Triage Quantum Healing chats to MysticMag about her amazing work.
Kerry primarily focuses on Quantum Healing using the modalities Reiki, Sekhem, Emotion Code, and the Akashic Records.

How has spirituality manifested itself throughout your life?

My spirituality started when I was about eleven years old. I used to go to church with my
grandmother until I was tired of it. I remember one day I had a really strange dream which I now
know was an out-of-body experience. My grandmother told me to go to the library and research
reincarnation. It all took off from here.
Since then, I learned how to read tarot, I started meditating, and have studied various other
modalities. The rest I simply learned whilst growing up. For example, I didn’t know that I was an
empath and only realized this later in life and how to use it as a tool.
I have now been performing this work full-time for the last five years. I now follow my spiritual
path ‘religiously’ instead of diving in and out on occasion.

What services do you offer your clients and how do you proceed?

I practice various forms of quantum healing such as Reiki / Seichem remotely and in person. The Emotion Code which is not yet very common in the UK. It involves finding the root cause of emotional trauma and then releasing that energy. Sometimes the trapped energy (emotion or trauma) can go further back either from past lives or inherited from ancestors. The session also involves looking at the negative core beliefs of the client as this also causes an imbalance in the energy field. If the vibrational frequency is low where the person lives or was born, we can also absorb this negative energy.

I have very recently qualified as an Akashic Records Practitioner which I am now offering as Karmic Healing Treatments. This involves discovering and clearing karmic and past life blocks that may be influencing us in the present life.

I also do holistic therapies -Swedish Massage, and Reflexology.

How would you define “cracks and tears” in the energy field?

If you have suffered from some kind of trauma – let’s say you fall off your bike as a child and hurt your knee – you have damaged both your physical being and your energy field. It’s almost as if you have left the door open for negative energy, negative attachments, or the emotions of others to come in if this crack or tear in the energy field is not ‘patched up’. This can lead to disease and illness later on in life, perhaps even twenty years later. The damaged energy field will, more often than not, manifest into the physical.

What happens once healing has taken place – both in the
physical and spiritual realms?

Once the energy has been released from the root cause, whether it be from this lifetime or
another, the body then has the ability to heal itself. Our bodies are like computers and the only
reason we don’t heal is because of the things we put into our bodies (what we eat, drink,
breathe etc…). If we can find more of an equilibrium, create an alkaline environment for our
bodies, and if we can release anything that is blocking these energy pathways, eventually this
manifests in the physical body and this is where we start to see transformations within a person.
If we believe it can happen the results can be phenomenal.

What is your relationship with the NHS (if any)?

I do not work alongside the NHS, but I offer a discount to any clients who work for the NHS. I do
actually have quite a lot of NHS workers as clients and firemen and policemen so I feel I am
giving something back to those who sometimes devote their lives to the community.

Want to find out more about Kerry Bavin and Soul Triage Quantum Healing, visit
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