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Understanding our Higher Self with Kerry Standfast

Understanding our Higher Self with Kerry Standfast

Kerry Standfast is a psychic medium based in the United Kingdom with a very interesting story and services offered for clients all over the world. Check below the interview for Mystic Mag’s blog to know more about Kerry, how she discovered and developed her gift and what she understands as a Higher Self.

When did you discover your gift and decided to pursue your journey?

I was really quite young. My Nan’ Joan, from my dad’s side, was a Spiritualist and she used to take me to Spiritual churches in London at the age of 6. We would have the most way-out conversations about Spiritualism.

When I was 13, I bought my very first Tarot cards. I was in Swanage at the time, on holiday with my dad. I started messing about the cards and didn’t really know what I was doing. Then, when I was about 16, I started doing the cards even more and one of my friends wanted to see what they were like. So, I got them out and told her to ask me a question in her mind without telling me what it was. So, she picked up a card and I intuitively read it for her. We’ve done this 4 times: the 4 times she asked the same question and 4 times she picked up the same card. It was incredible! She ran out of my house hysterically and it scared me, so I threw my cards away. Nowadays, I wish I hadn’t done that…

At 24, I’d just had my son, and a friend of mine passed into spirit. Then, my home started becoming very active. My son was 3 years old and hadn’t met my friend, but started having conversations in which he would even say his name. I was, then, ready to step into this because my friend really started to help me in the beginning of my journey, which is very daunting. I would see spirit since I was very young and think it was normal, but as you get older, in some families and friends’ circles, you get a bit conditioned.

So, I “switched it off” a little bit, but I thought I needed to do this when my friend started contacting my son constantly trying to get messages to me. That’s when I set up my first spiritual development circle. I remember coming out of it, sitting in my car and crying – it was the first time I felt home.

You offer readings, psychic guidance and hybrid reading. Can you walk us through your services?

There are many different ways of working. Working as a psychic – and we are all psychic but it depends on how far we want to develop that –, I offer life guidance of hope and inspiration to help people. Life can be challenging at times and sometimes we all need a bit of guidance on what path we should follow. Sometimes, as psychics, we can open someone’s mind to a different possibility of what they anticipated.

Psychic readings are about life. Mediumship, on the other hand, is completely different from that. It is direct communication with people’s friends and families in the spirit world.

You also can have a hybrid reading, which many people prefer because they get a little bit of both: the initial connection with spirit and then dropping into a psychic for life guidance.

I also offer soul readings, which are very different as well. They are very much more in-depth. I actually look into the soul of somebody and understand even different trauma connected to past lives brought to the present life. Sometimes people want an understanding of that. When you go into the soul, that’s where all this information is stored. Soul readings help people understand trauma, anxiety and fear and their souls’ purpose.

Do you believe everyone has an intuitive side that can be developed?

Absolutely. The reason why I say that is because we are naturally born with this gift of, how we say in England, having a gut feeling about something. That is your psychic awareness. It’s an energy space. Everyone has that gift, but it depends on how much the individual  wants to develop that and then bring psychic awareness for somebody else.

I also believe that everyone has the capability of connection with their loved ones within the spiritual world, because there’s a soul connection, a thread of energy. So, everyone in their own right is a medium but only for their family on account of that soul connection. But not everyone can be a medium for somebody else and deliver a message from the spirit world to a thousand people.

Did you create the Academy of Spirituality on account of that perception?

Yes! I am really proud of my academy. I teach online and in person and I do personal mentorships. A mentorship is very different from a workshop. It is an intimate, small group, not bigger than 5 people.

The Academy is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to really step into the spiritual journey and excel and understand more. I offer soul mentorships. Understanding your soul is so important – we understand the mechanics of ourselves. I teach soul mentorships and also about the Higher Self, of which I am very passionate. Understanding our Higher Self changes our life and how we live it.

I teach psychic awareness and help people to really fine tune the natural-born gift of being a psychic as well. So, it’s an array of different mentorships and workshops. Once people sign into one of these workshops or tutoring, they enter a private community where there’s continuous support. I’ve been doing this for many years and feel like there’s a link missing in Spirituality: people go to workshops and don’t know where to go from there. The Academy keeps you involved and with continuous support.

There’s also the Soul Circle, which is an initiative in partnership with 2 other mediums. We are all psychic mediums who teach a different array of things. It’s a monthly membership that gives access to 4 development circles a week. There are also downloadable year-long courses.

Do you have examples of the work you do regarding the Higher Self?

We are so much more than the physical being. This is merely a vessel to get us around within this world and life. What really resides inside of us is our power or Higher Self. Some people call it as our own spirit. The brain is attached to the physical being, whereas the mind is attached to the spiritual being and Higher Self.

When we actually take the time to sit within that nice stillness of our soul and go into our mind and connect with it, we then understand the 4 dynamics of our energy. We are our own powerhouse. A cell phone doesn’t work properly without a chip and, in the same fashion, our “chip” is the Higher Self.

I am so passionate about teaching this matter because it changes the perspective of life. It makes you look at how we are so much more than what you perceive. In my opinion, every medium should understand their Higher Self because you need to understand your own energy to then understand the energy of Spirit.

What are the main issues and concerns people bring to you?

Many things. I do forensic evidence as well, which means people come to me with someone missing and ask me for help. I can also help who wouldn’t find the perpetrator of someone who got murdered. That’s one avenue of work.

As a psychic and medium, people come to me because they are searching for understanding of what happened to their loved ones – if they are safe or where they are, for example. As a medium, that’s my main part – to bring evidence of the continuation of the soul. People at the grief stage want to have that communication.

As a psychic, a lot of people come to me for life guidance. They tend to be at a crossroad in life or unhappy with their situation at home, their relationship or their career, and need some help to have clarity. Psychics will always see at least 2 paths for somebody because we are not here to tell people what to do, but to give guidance and support.

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