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Feel The Power of Crystals - With Lauren D'Silva

Feel The Power of Crystals - With Lauren D'Silva

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Lauren D’Silva – an experienced healer, teacher, and author of several crystal therapy books. She walked us through the basics of crystal healing and shared a lot of details about her crystal therapy sessions.

When did you first realize that you have a special gift, and how did it come about?

I do not consider it a special gift; I feel everybody has got abilities. The ability to do crystal healing is something I have developed over time, rather than something that I just woke up to one day and had a big realization about.

As you go along and work with your skills more talents and abilities do emerge. So what looks like a very special gift, in reality, comes from years of working with it. I always knew I wanted to help people. I had an aspiration to become a therapist, so I tried a few things out. I was interested in feng shui, space clearing, and aromatherapy. My mother had a yoga teacher who was training as a crystal therapist and she needed case studies and asked if I would be one.

At the time I was skeptical, I had no idea about crystal healing, and I thought that it sounded highly unlikely, but I went along. I laid on her couch and the first healing broke me open emotionally. I had been keeping my emotions pushed down. All these tears came from nowhere, I had a very cathartic release which surprised me and a massive realization about what I wanted to do.

It got me interested in crystals – I was wondering what it was about crystals that opened me in a way that other things hadn’t. As I was laying on the couch, I could feel energy moving, which was something new and exciting for me. I went on a night school course about crystal healing and I loved it.

After that, I found a two-year professional training course and studied to become a qualified crystal therapist.

What exactly is crystal therapy? How would you describe it?

Put simply, it is about placing healing crystals in a way that helps the client balance their energies. A lot of the time I am working with the chakras and meridians and the person’s aura.

Crystals hold a steady vibration, which can stay unchanged for millennia. We don’t stay unchanged in that way, our energies vary all the time. The crystals reintroduce the correct vibrations to our energy field.

It is about choosing the right crystals to bring the client’s energy body back into harmony, and then their emotions, thoughts and physical body will often follow.

Could you describe one of your crystal therapy sessions? What does it look like?

Before the pandemic, I would bring my client into my therapy room where I have a lot of crystals I can choose from. They would talk to me about what was going on for them, then I would invite them to lie on the couch.

I would help them relax and often lead them through a visualization to help them be present whilst I start to place the crystals. My clients generally get very relaxed and often fall into an altered state.

Sometimes they have dream-like visions, see colors, or receive intuitive guidance. And then, once the crystals have done their work, I’d remove them and gradually bring my client back into everyday consciousness.

When the pandemic hit, face-to-face therapies were legally shut down for a long time here in the UK. For a while, I stopped seeing my clients because of the restrictions. I realized I could develop online appointments for my clients and I started to offer my healing in that way.

Working online has also opened up more opportunities to work with clients who live overseas. I have transitioned into doing most of my sessions via Zoom these days. A lot of my online clients already have crystal collections and I find doing my style of healing with people from a distance is effective and satisfying.

What can a person expect from a crystal therapy session?

Much of my work is about helping people work through their emotional and relationship issues and supporting their spiritual development. People can get a lot of relief from the things that have been bothering them and find more self-worth and inner peace.

Also, they often have insights and guidance into what they need to be doing. Every client is an individual and each session is tailored to my client’s needs.

What do you love most about your profession?

I love the crystals! They have supported me through all kinds of emotional turmoil and change over the last twenty years.

Crystals are not just tools, they are allies in my life. I love the fact that you can keep learning about crystals forever. Crystal healing is a very broad subject; it is more than twenty years on and I’m still learning and deepening my knowledge and skills.

I love introducing crystal therapy to people in my teaching and through my books, and I remain very grateful that crystals are a part of my life.

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