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The Word of the Stars with Leslie Hale

The Word of the Stars with Leslie Hale

Astrologer, Leslie Hale specializes in astrological guidance to empower you with knowledge of future events, relationships, financial and major life situations.  In this interview Leslie shares with MysticMag her journey into astrology, her approach and significant events to look out.

When did you first become interested in astrology and what is it that resonates with you the most?

I became interested in astrology as a teenager. It seemed like a fascinating subject and so I began collecting all of the astrology books I could find. Later, when I went to college I took an astrology course. Astrology seemed so complex I never thought I would learn it and dropped out of the class! A few years later I met the person who became my astrology teacher and in the decades that have followed, I have never looked back. It is still just as fascinating as it was in the beginning, and although I have studied and practiced for years, I am still amazed.

Astrology shows us there is a method to the madness in our lives and the world, and that everything is working perfectly, right on time. Astrology is a complex science/art and is made up of cycles within cycles and when you learn to read the patterns and the aspects you realize there is a blueprint we can look at that will play out in our lives and in the world, and the timing is always perfect and we are where we are meant to be at any given time.

Are there any specific areas that you specialize in?

I love mundane astrology or the study of world events. Most people who call however are interested in events that affect them personally such as relationships or work so I have intensely studied synasty or the dynamics of two people who come together. In other words, ‘relationship astrology’ or compatibility and the chances of any given relationship lasting or working out. Money and jobs are also a topic I spend a great deal of time on as well as psychological astrology also called transpersonal astrology or what makes people tick!

What are some of the ways that you have found astrology to be a helpful tool for you in your life?

It’s really nice to know what your chances are of succeeding at something. I once had to go before the City council concerning a property issue. My chart didn’t look great and there was not a lot of ‘luck’ that appeared to benefit me. Knowing this, I still gave it my best but it allowed me to think about the fact that I might not win so prepare a Plan B. I didn’t win the case, but I wasn’t overly disappointed as I already felt that chances were good. There were however, some extenuating circumstances about the case, so while I didn’t technically win, I also didn’t walk away having completely failed and was prepared for the results so I could deal with them.

It’s good to know what kind of day, week or year lies ahead. Many people call me just for this when it is an important day. If something looks ‘off’ we can remain calm until it plays out. You don’t have to embrace negative or disruptive energy or have the worst possible outcome if you are aware of what to expect and this is a real plus.

How do you approach negative aspects?

There are always going to be negative aspects and while no one wants to hear this it is part of the overall plan the Universe presents to us, usually for personal growth. If I see a negative transit approaching my first question is, ‘how can this aspect be worked with to alter the results so it isn’t so negative? Alternatively, ‘what have I learned from this to avoid the same situation in the future?’

Otherwise, we all have certain negative experiences in life, no matter who you are, it is just part of life. There are some things we can change, and other things that are outside of our control we can only learn to live with. All things and situations pass, nothing lasts forever, and being aware of this always helps. Also, through astrology, you can see exactly when things will change and what you have to work with as well as what you can look forward to.

Lastly are there any significant upcoming astrological events that we should be aware of?

Yes, Saturn is approaching its final square to Uranus which began in 2021. The peak period for this is late September through mid-October. Saturn deals with our structures in life, and Uranus pertains to unexpected events and shocking change or things that seem to come out of the blue shaking us up. The closer we get to the ‘peak’ the more likely something unexpected is to happen. Since Taurus rules money, we could collectively experience some type of financial shakeup at this time along with inflation. Certainly, this won’t be just one event, but many. News will happen so quickly it will be hard to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

This aspect is already affecting us as we watch the turmoil it is causing with the war in Ukraine, inflation and political turmoil in the US and England along with many other things.

This powerful aspect can play out in many different ways in our personal lives depending on where it falls in your own chart. It could represent a job or relationship loss, move, financial loss or some other unexpected change. In some cases however, change may be anticipated.

In certain instances an aspect like this can represent the completion of a project or an ending to something you have been working on for a long time, at best.

This will affect all of us to some degree, some more than others. If you have planets in your personal chart in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo at roughly 16-20 degrees you will be impacted. Alternatively, if you were born (roughly) May 6-11, August 8-13, November 8-13 or February 4-9th, this transit will definitely affect your chart and some type of change is imminent.

If this does aspect something in your chart you are probably already aware or have a feeling of impending change. The best way to handle this energy is to look toward positive changes as opposed to negative. For example, if you work in a job that you know is ending, focus on a new opportunity. If a break up occurs in your personal life, the relationship has in all likelihood has outlived its purpose. Review the negative and the positive and focus on improving yourself or what you could do to find a more lasting and appropriate relationship in the future. In this way, we can make this transit less stressful. Focus your energy on something positive and productive that you want to change. This way you can control your own personal direction to a far greater degree than if you don’t. Most of all, remember to stay grounded and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and keep moving forward.

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