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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Communicating with pets and lions with Lisa Brown

Communicating with pets and lions with Lisa Brown

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked this week with Lisa Brown, from Best Day Healing. Lisa is a professional communicator and also evidential medium, energetic healer and ayurvedic practitioner. Check out this interview to know more about her work and also some awesome stories!

When did you discover your gift?

I have come to believe that the seeds of who we are meant to be are planted early. That would have been my case: I loved animals as a child. I had many animals, and my room was a menagerie.  But I forgot this, and I also developed allergies to animals.

I went into the working world of sales, and got caught up in that for drive for twenty-some years. Then, I took in a cat that was not doing very well; I was her fourth home.  I didn’t know what to do for her. Somebody suggested taking her to an animal communicator. I was really intrigued by that, and I did take her there.

That’s where I started, because not only was I fascinated about it, I was also told by my cat that she was my teacher, that she was there to help me, and that was what I was supposed to do. So, the discovery actually came from a cat, believe it or not!

I signed up for the woman’s class, which I thought was brilliant marketing, and right out of the gate I was tapped into it. So, I want to say it started very young, and then it went to sleep, and then it came back.


You mentioned in your website trips to study in safaris in Africa. What did this experience bring to your knowledge?

Going to Africa was ever a thought in my head, but it happened just like following a breadcrumb trail that leads you to a path. The very first thought in my head was: I am going to Palm Springs and take this animal communication retreat.

The retreat was a game changer: I met a woman who had been on safari with my teacher, Amelia Kinkade, the year before, and said it was life-altering. At that moment, I realized I was going to Africa.

The next year, I went to Africa. For 5 days I was out in the safari with an animal communicator, and the situations were such that the guide would validate things, or we would see the behavior in the animal reflecting what we intended and were asking, so we’d see where we really were communicating. It was absolutely mind-boggling, so I came back thinking: “this is it”.


When a pet owner comes to you, what are the main concerns and goals they want to achieve?

This is a very important clarification about animal communication. I’ve had dog trainers come to me who could not “train the problem out” of the dog. My job is not to get the animals to do what I want them to do.

If animals feel heard and we understand the problem correctly, it may get corrected, or they may want to change it because they feel heart. People often hire me because their animal is doing something in the house that is disruptive or their behavior is troubling.

But I am not here to “fix” the problem, but to understand it and to try to communicate it in a way that works for everybody. Also, they hire me about the animals at the end of their life, who they want to know the right timing, and what their wishes are. That is a real popular reason.


Is there a session that sticks to you when you think about your work?

I have a story that is always worth telling because it was another game changer for me. I had a little dog in Denver, Colorado, who, all of a sudden, for no reason they (the owners) could understand, refused to go for walks. They were really frustrated because this dog loved her walks.

When I checked in with her, she said “the other dogs don’t have to wear coats”. She’s having to wear these little coats that she feels rather embarrassed about. I asked her to show them to me in my mind: it was a little red cape, and I am like “Oh my God, girl, I am so sorry”.

Then, I said to the woman that the dog said she needed to wear a red coat when she went for a walk and that she felt the other dogs were making fun of her. The woman was so pleased and excited about the outfits, but I told her her dog was not having it.

It made me laugh so hard before I was even thinking, so I knew that: 1) when an animal makes me laugh, I know it’s them;  2) they are very opinionated and may be bothered by things that are sometimes oblivious to us

Also, I’d really like to tell a story about Africa that was a game changer.

Sure, go ahead

We were on our next to last day on the safari and there was an infamous lion in the safari park named Ginger. There had been an incident in which Ginger killed one of his lionesses and ate her, which was absolutely unheard of.

We were four animal communicators talking to Ginger about what happened. He shared that the lioness went crazy and was attacking him because her son, a young lion, was trying to take over the lion king’s role. We got validation from the guide, who said the lioness was thought to have clinical mental issues.

We never got to see Ginger in the safari and were very disappointed. So, three of us decided to telepathically communicate with him, wherever he was, that we were leaving the next day and we would be honored if he would let us see him before we went. We were hopeful to see him on our last safari ride.

That next morning at dawn, we were sitting by the watering hole at our camp, having tea, waiting for the guide to come. All of a sudden, we look up and see Ginger, the lion, and two lionesses coming to our camp from 2 miles away.

He sat down some 50 yards away, showing off, and then got up and walked away. Then, the guide came as he was walking away and said: “what is he doing here? He had to walk here!”  So, we told him, we asked him to come. That changed my world.

What do you have to say to pet owners all over the world that are reading this interview?

Your animals are here to teach you. They see you more clearly than you see yourself or that you are willing to see yourself sometimes. But if you let them, they can make a change in your world and your life. Animals are magnificent beings from wherever they come from.

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